God and Science-Wilderness Cry-Hilary L Hunt M.D.

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngThe basic problem that exists in all three Abrahamic religions, which generates perpetual hostilities, is their concept of God. All three follow the aristillian philosophy that God exists in substantial form separate from all other existences (creation). Science has shown us clearly that all substantial existences are composed of the same identical particles of energy collectively known as quanta. Each of its kind is perfect in form and function. Additionally, not one more or less exists today that did not exist from the inception of the universe. That knowledge, of course, alludes to the perfection of its creator and the perfect  intelligence which imagined them and the perfect will which maintains them. That understanding not only justifies but demands my definition of the essence of God. God is a perfect rational being. That understanding demands that the Spirit (Will, Brand) of God is imprinted on each particle, and obviously demands the recognition and acceptance that God is not separate from his creation, but rather is intimately connected to it. In fact, it demands recognition and acceptance that God is his creation in all its environs. We humans and all creation are one in God—we all have the same essence as God. Our specific identity comes from our individual accidents which make any two identicals impossible. Such understanding and acceptance makes all religion totally misguided, but also demonstrates the cause of perpetual hostilities generated by religion. Each religion professes a better way to “appease” God than all others. Do you see that fallacy? Is it possible that God needs to appease himself?—I think not. Since God exists in everything in existence, there is perfect order in the natural universe because God is nature.   God is not here  and his creation over there. God is the universal creation. So obviously all the bible thumpers and sacrificial worshipers are off the deep end. Once we come to that understanding, we become spiritual, and not until. It is only through universal spirituality that Peace can be achieved. I have spelled these concepts out exhaustively in my book, Wilderness Cry, and my soon to be released book Peace in Spirituality. Both are published by Covenant Books and are available world-wide.

God’s Love-Wilderness Cry- Hilary l. Hunt M.D.

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngGod’s Love for each of us is immeasurable. You might question that since we see so many terrible commits world wide daily. If we understand that God has Perfect Love, then we must admit that it is impossible for God to have disdain for anyone he has allowed to be created. Perfect Love means “acceptance without conditions”. Please do not let anyone, preacher or otherwise tell you that you are evil in God’s eye. You may be evil in the eyes of the world but never to God—you are his child and he can do nothing but Love you as he does everything in creation. Jesus told us that in no uncertain terms—he never condemned anyone. The bible we have now has been so corrupted by those who didn’t want to hear Jesus’ message—they didn’t want an all loving God—they insisted on an Old Testament God, dreamed up by the Israelites, who was morose and vengeful. That God served their purpose exactly—it kept them in control of our lives.  They killed Jesus for teaching otherwise—he was a traitor and a treasonists. So he got the treatment all traitors got—crucifixion. Jesus knew it was to be his fate, but he wanted to get his message out before he died. We have no clear-cut evidence that his illiterate apostles understood and accepted his teachings. We do know for a fact that the bibles we have now have been corrupted by individual zealots who have altered it to their liking over and over again—all for power, money and control. In the first place every bible in existence stemmed from a single copy made from many altered copies 200-300 after the original writing. Biblical scholars have shown conclusively that only % 30 of the writings we have now were actually written by the titled author. In addition, Jerome’s translation of the Greek into the Roman Vulgate was changed dramatically. He became a hermit of the utmost kind—he despised the female sex. He had four or five women with him but he made them dress as men and stay filthy dirty and deshelled. He scolded one of his women for weeping over the death of her child saying she should be glad—she would have more time to devote to prayer. In his translation to the Vulgate, each time a woman was referenced favorably, he changed it to a negative connotation—such was his disdain of female sex. The truth is, there were 10 commandments, but the only sins concerned the sex commandments. So each translator of the bible, has added his own slant so that now we have dozens of bibles with differing language subject to differing interpretations. All of that, of course, was designed to suit the imagination of the writer who had an “axe to grind” with the establishment. However, the end result was always the same—a different sect hammering out “power, money, control”. The net effect is we now have as of 2014, 33,000 so called Christian religions—and each one of them claiming the exclusive right for control of our souls. I would suggest to you, its more about controlling your “pocket book”. I’ll guarantee you one thing, if the money flow dried up, your soul could “go to hell”. Your preacher would vanish like a ghost in the night. The writer Paul is the only writer who echoes Jesus sentiments, but even he was terribly confused. He was told by the people he was persecuting that Jesus was coming right back—of course that was the Jew’s expectation—they thought the earth , paradise, and all was just for them—does it get any more selfish than that?—to hell with the other billions of people. It’s been nearly 2000 years and no second coming—I’m here to tell you, there never will be. Jesus’ “second coming” will be in the recognition by all that the spirit of God is imprinted on every particle of energy which makes up everything in this universe(s). When we come to that recognition, then we will feel and know the true love of a perfect God—God cannot possibly hate—he is Perfect Love. We are the haters—we are the ones trying to take advantage of each other—we are the ones looking at each other with glaring, jaundiced eyes—we are the ones who “lack love”.—our dear God is all love. For full elucidation of the above, please read Wilderness Cry—Covenant Book.

God’s Perfect Intelligence-Wilderness Cry- Hilary L. Hunt M.D.

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngWe oft have heard the assertion that God knows everything including future events. I wonder if anyone could paint a verbal picture of how that might be or how it works—I suspect not. The reason for that assertion is my recognition that no one knows who God is—no one but me, that is. Because I am the only person to ever define the essence of God, I am the only person qualified to speak to such a consideration. I have defined the essence of God thusly: God is a perfect rational being. That definition means that God’s rationality (Spirit) is imprinted onto each and every quantum of energy which makes up the entire universe(s). Intelligence is energy—therefore God is energy. When God converted his perfection into visible particulate matter (quanta), with his perfect will, he commissioned each particle to act and react exactly as it was designed to do—and always perfectly. Since God is in each particle, his perfect intellect knows exactly what each will do and what places it will be forever—if he did not know, his intellect could not be considered perfect. Therefore, God knows everything that will ever happen. However, he is not directly causing it to happen—he simply is allowing  it to happen. Some people want to think of their existence as predetermine—that is illogical thinking. Just because God knows what’s going to happen, he isn’t directly causing it to happen.  I explain that supposition this way. Someone comes to visit me; we talk for a while and do whatever; I am certain that sooner or later, dead or alive, that person is going to leave. However, because I know that truth, I’m not causing it. So God knows what is going to happen because he is allowing his energy particles to do what they were designed to do uninhibited. That brings us to the irrational concept of a vengeful God as depicted in the Old Testament and perpetuated in the New Testament and in Abrahamic religions in general. God’s perfect love (acceptance) precludes any possibility of punishment. God knows that all energy is his and furthermore, most of it will ultimately and perpetually be directed for selfish causes, some more selfish than others. That foreknowledge combined with his perfect love prohibit any retribution. God demonstrated his perfect love through the death of  his genius human image, Jesus. Seems strange considering the way we have been indoctrinated to think of a hostile, vengeful God—no way. Full elucidation of these concepts in my little book, Wilderness Cry, republished by Covenant Books.

Spirit Of God- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt M.D.

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngSpirit Of God: what does that designation mean to you? Have you ever used the term and if so how did you imagine its meaning? I strongly suspect that people worldwide of all religions and faiths have a vague individualistic idea which likely they could not clearly explain to another person. The reason I am allowed to say that is very clear. No one except me has defined the “essence of God (Allah, Yahweh. Brahma, Buddha, etc.). Without an essential definition, all mention of God and its attributes is jargonistic minutia.

Science has shown us clearly that everything in existence is made of identical tiniest particles of energy collectively known as quanta, but with specific individual group names such as photons, quarks, leptons, etc. Each individual in any group is identical to its counterparts—each is perfect in form and function. Furthermore, not one more or less is in existence now than 13.7 billion years ago. So what does that have to do with the Spirit of God?—everything. My definition of God’s essence as A Perfect Rational Being mandates a Perfect Intellect which envisioned each of these particles and a perfect Will  (love, choice, spirit) which mandated their existence and keeps each perfect just as their Creator is perfect.  So when we say Spirit of God (Holy Spirit), we are speaking of God’s Will (love, acceptance, choice). That Love of course permeates every grain of sand, tree leaf, snake, fox, cloud, sun, and yes human in existence. Since God’s Love (Spirit) is Perfect, there is absolutely no way we nor anything else could be rejected by it.

The Christian world just entered the season of Lent yesterday with Ash Wednesday. Historically and currently, that season typically has exhorted us to fast, abstain from meat, do extra penance, etc. in hopes of “APPEASING” God and hopefully securing our salvation. Of course, God being Perfect cannot possibly be appeased, pleased or hurt—that was the god of the Israelites, of some pagan gods, and yes, our Christian God. What a terrible misplacement, and misunderstanding of God’s essence. I will submit to you that Lent should be a time of extreme personal and communal rejoicing because Jesus, the brilliant carpenter frim Nazareth, recognized God’s presence (light) in everything. He went about vigorously attempting to educate some to that fact—I’m not convinced he succeeded with any of them. The only real indication that someone caught on is Paul’s letters. He seems to understand the concept reasonably well and preached it vigorously to any and all. Of course, both Jesus’ and Paul’s teachings were pure heresy to the Jews—both were killed for their treason. Jesus showed us that we are intricately connected to everything through the Spirit Of God—that was his gospel (good news) that he wanted preached to the entire world. God cannot possibly be separated from himself. However in the post-Nicaean era, religion took the stance that it was in control of God’s location, thoughts, and actions. Religion speaks of the Spirit of God, God’s Will, and Holy Spirit, but never has been able to tell us what or what those entities are nor where they reside.

So Lent should be a time of great celebration, of extreme happiness and joy for the glorious gift of Jesus who showed us the Christ (the light of the world). It is not a time of self diminution in the false belief that we can influence God’s mind (Will)—it is Perfect and Eternal and not subject to change.

For a complete understanding of these concepts, read Wilderness Cry and Peace in Spirituality (to be released in a few months).

Christ-Wilderness Cry- Hilary L. Hunt M.D.

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngChrist: what does that word mean to you? From my 80 years of observation, I am very suspicious that many, maybe most, think of it as Jesus’ last name. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The word Christ means anointed one or messiah. So exactly how did Jesus come by that title as Christ. Very specifically, he gave it to himself. Jesus in his infinite, brilliant insight and wisdom recognized that he was the the only one knew and understood God’s Kingdom. He scorned the simplistic idea that God was a King of sorts residing on a throne in some mysterious place. He recognized without doubt that God was not separated from his creation, but rather resided and became manifest in every particle of his creation. Jesus recognized that his creator resided in him and all things. He completely understood that God was all good, and that being so made it impossible for him to hate or condemn, no matter what the offense. He fully understood that he, himself was the Messiah, the Christ, the One Chosen, the Messenger whose duty and obligation it was to tell all the world the good news—the gospel. “I am the light of the world” he said, meaning that my spirit and the spirit of our Creator shines in every tiny particle of energy that make up the universe(s). He spoke freely of the Holy Ghost, because he recognized that a perfect rationality as exhibited in the Creator not only allowed for but mandated the concept of Trinity. A perfect Intelligence (God) reflecting itself into the universe (s) (Son) could have no choice but to love (accept, choose) that reflection (Holy Ghost)—One God, three identical persons.

So then, how should we reconsider the term Christ? Definitely it is not Jesus Christ. Rather it is Jesus, the Christ—God’s universal light in all creation. Jesus’ death which was not only unavoidable, but mandated so that God could demonstrate to the entire world his unrelenting love for all its creation even to the point of death in perfect humility and acceptance.

I hope this little dissertation gives you pause—something to seriously consider as you glibly use the term Jesus Christ. For a complete and clear understanding, read my book Wilderness Cry.

Kingdom Of God-Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt M.D.

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngThe Kingdom Of God: how many thousand, maybe millions of times have we heard that expression—and what does it mean to you? I would suggest to you that likely it has a different meaning for each person alive, or who ever lived. I am allowed to say that because, definitely, each person  has a different mental picture from any other. It’s sort of like Santa Clause to a four or five year old—each one has its own image. The reason for that malady is identical for each entity. No one has ever defined the “essence” of Santa—neither has anyone before me ever defined the “essence” of God. It goes without saying that, without an “essential definition”, no clear, identical picture is possible. Therein lies all the conflict our earth has experienced since the beginning of recorded history. The earth has been in perpetual conflict and discord over one concept, God and its Kingdom. Millions of people have been killed, with many as sacrificial offerings to that God.

The obvious question is why are we and have we been fighting over the same idea. The obvious answer is, we are not. What we are, and have been, doing forever is fighting over an un-described and indescribable idea which has been named variously from Zeus to Allah to God, etc. If there had ever been an “essential definition” applied to that deity entity, then there would be no room for opinions, only truthful recognition, and, therefore, no discord nor lack of understanding. We would all be like-minded. Why have we not and still are not fighting over the concept that 2+2=4. Simply because it is a mathematical truth which not even the most simple minded can deny—we have like-mindedness, and therefore peace over that matter.

Now back to the subject of God and its Kingdom—we must define the “essence” of God so we may be like-minded about it and be at peace. That “essential definition” is as follows: God is a Perfect Rational Being— six simple words that say it all—no misunderstandings nor misgivings. That picture of essence removes all doubt about who/what God is, and more importantly what and where its Kingdom is. Science has shown us that everything in existence is made of identical particles of energy with different names, collectively known as quanta. We know that each if its kind is perfect in form and function. We also know that not a single one more nor less exists now that has not existed since the moment of the Big Bang 13.7 billion years ago. Each of those tinniest particles of energy continue to do in perfect fashion exactly what it was designed to do—the result is a constantly changing universe(s) which we call evolution. God with its Perfect Intellect decided to transform its invisible perfection into visible perfection for the world to see, recognize, respect, honor and be thankful for. So the Kingdom Of God is the Universe(s)—God’s Perfection is in all things and all things are in its Perfection. I should note here that because of the Patristic society which has prevailed for millenea, God has been given a gender designation of He/Him. Of course, God has no gender–it is not capable of breeding and producing other gods. Even if it were capable, what or with whom would it mate? So, it sounds crude to use the pronoun “it” to describe God, but it is mandatory.

All the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Islam, Christianity) have categorically separated their God from its creation. Likewise, they all have presumed a hostile, vengeful God who seemingly is looking for any chance possible to torture and torment us both in this life and hereafter. All of that ideology was/is based on their ignorance of the science of the universe in which they lived, and their minuscule interpretation of events in their lives. Considering the definition of God as Perfect in all respects mandates God’s Perfect Love—perfect love is acceptance without conditions. Therefore, it is impossible for God to do anything except “accept” us with open arms no mater what we do or don’t do. That was Jesus’ only message—Love of God and Love of neighbor. Jesus understood fully that God was in all and that all was/is in God. He was the messenger, the Messiah, the Christ, who gave us the “Good News”(gospel) about God’s love for us and everything in existence.He knew he would be considered a treasonist and would be crucified for his teachings. Therefore, he spent three years in the shadows and on the fringes attempting to spread his message to and through his apostles—I don’t believe any one of them fully grasped what he was saying. However, because the written word has been so distorted from that time on, we really don’t know whether they did or not. Certainly, organized religion does not.  When the apostles asked Jesus when was he going to restore the kingdom, he responded that “the Kingdom of God has already come; it is spread out all over the world around you and you do not see it” (paraphrased). We, along with every tree leaf, every grain of sand, every star, every bacterium, every molecule of oxygen we breath, and every entity in existence, are The Kingdom Of God. God is Perfect—therefore its creation is perfect. Is it possible for God to reject its own Perfection? I think not. When we, if ever, become like-minded about the “essence of God”, peace will prevail—not until. My book , Wilderness Cry, and my soon to be published book, Peace in Spirituality, spell it out precisely and concisely in irrefutable terms. You might want to investigate farther.

Joy- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt M.D.

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngJOY: a beautiful word with a glorious meaning—what does it mean to you? I would imagine that ten people might give ten different answers and the reason for that is clear. Literally all of us have been raised in an atmosphere of guilt—we all are bad and deserve punishment. Consequently, each of us has a basic morose subconscious attitude. that attitude manifests itself in every aspect of our existence. Because of our guilt, we cannot possibly be happy—oh, we try, but usually fail miserably. Nobody’s hair looks right; look at that dress, she thinks she’s hot stuff; boy, I told him off today; and on and on.

Lets try a different approach and see what happens. How about trying to ignore the externals we observe and begin to see what’s inside—the face of Jesus. Did you ever hear Jesus talk about someone’s dress or hair or anything personal. No, but you did hear him repeatedly talk about each person’s inner beauty. He never incriminated anyone. Rather he forgave everyone. Jesus knew full well that each of us is different outside, but beautiful and perfect inside. Jesus recognized that his spirit, our spirit, and the spirit of everything in existence mirrors the the spirit (image) of its creator. Jesus saw the absolute beauty in everyone and everything. He told his thick-headed apostles that the kingdom of God is spread out all over the earth about them, but they didn’t see it.

Once we begin to see the face and spirit of Jesus in everyone, true Joy is ours, because we are seeing the face of God. Let us all try to change our attitude and become joyous in the glory of our neighbor who is God. My book , Wilderness Cry, explains all.