Communion-Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngCOMMUNION: in its usual sense this word means ‘a coming or being together’ in either body or spirit or both. It is generally used in a religious or spiritual sense–for instance we frequently hear of ‘the communion of saints’–more often we are presented with the sacrament of Eucharist which is commonly referred to as ‘Holy Communion”. The latter terms  typically are used by the ‘sacrificial’ Christians–Catholics, Episcopals, Lutherans, etc.

I am not certain how the term Eucharist became equilibrated with Holy Communion. The word eucharist means ‘thanksgiving’ whereas the term Holy Communion refers to the eating of the body and blood of Jesus by the community of believers. This latter matter is what I wish to address today. The afore mentioned group of ‘sacrificial  Christians’ believe that by saying the words of consecration, ordinary bread and wine are turned transsubstantially into the actual body and blood of Jesus. This ritual is a direct hold-over from the Jewish High priest who made IMG_0082a ‘perfect sacrificial offering’ to a vengeful God as an appeasement.

Religions and religious leaders are free to profess and believe what they wish, as well they do. Consequently, as of 2014 there were 33,000 so-called Christian denominations with each claiming absolute validity and authority–that’s religion for you.

Now, lets put some sense to all of this. Presuming that the Particle Physicists are correct, we know the following—every gravid object of any kind in this universe is composed of the same identical particles of energy. Those particles have different identities, but each of its kind is identical and perfect in both form and function to its counterparts. Furthermore, there is not one particle more or less in existence now than roughly 13.7 billion years ago at the time of the ‘big bang’. Collectively, these particles are known as quanta (pleural for quantum). A quantum is the smallest particle which cannot be farther subdivided. Each particle has remained perfect since the moment of its creation. With that knowledge and understanding, two logical assumptions may be made—1-those particles were imagined and designed by a ‘perfect intellect’—2-those particles are maintained and kept perfect by a ‘perfect will’. That perfect intellect and will comprise a Perfect Rationality which has been called by a thousand different names—some of the more familial are God, Allah, Yahweh, Brahma, Buddha, Zeus, etc.—‘a IMG_1065rose by any other name is still a rose’.

So, what does all that have to do with ‘communion’?—I say everything. And by everything, I mean ‘everything’. If the scientists are correct, and I have no reason to doubt that they are, then everything in existence is in %100 communion with everything else. Jesus, we say, was/is God—so are we—so is every grain of sand, every drop of water, every leaf. Everything is ‘branded’ with the Will (Holy Spirit, Love, Choice) of God—therefore ‘all’ is God and God is ‘all’.

Then, what we see in ‘religion’ is an exclusionary attitude—you may not partake of the God in you unless you are ‘branded’ by ‘our’ doctrine. Does it get any more ‘selfish’? And for what reason?—power, money, control. Just look around you and what do you see?—‘missionaries’ of every sort and description scouring the earth in desperate attempt at converting the unaware to their way of thinking (believing).

All of this display clearly demonstrates two vital points. Number one, not a single religious leader has ever defined the ‘essence of God’—consequently, not a single one of them knows the God about whom they so vehemently preach. Number two, that unrelenting attempt at ‘stealing’ other group’s members always has and always will create unrelenting hostilities.

So where does that leave you and me? I don’t know about you but I certainly know about me—it left me ‘crying out for truth from a wilderness of mythology, superstition, ignorance, and deceit. It prompted me to do something never before done—define in irrefutable terms the ‘Essence Of God’. As a consequence it allowed me to lay out an absolute pathway to ‘permanent peace’. Those two unimaginably important concepts plus dozens more are spelled out explicitly in my two books, Wilderness Cry and Peace in Spirituality. Press Releases and short video trailers for both books are attached below.

906242_Press Release for Wilderness Cry

Press Release for Peace in Spiritiality

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