God’s Perfect Intelligence-Wilderness Cry- Hilary L. Hunt M.D.

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngWe oft have heard the assertion that God knows everything including future events. I wonder if anyone could paint a verbal picture of how that might be or how it works—I suspect not. The reason for that assertion is my recognition that no one knows who God is—no one but me, that is. Because I am the only person to ever define the essence of God, I am the only person qualified to speak to such a consideration. I have defined the essence of God thusly: God is a perfect rational being. That definition means that God’s rationality (Spirit) is imprinted onto each and every quantum of energy which makes up the entire universe(s). Intelligence is energy—therefore God is energy. When God converted his perfection into visible particulate matter (quanta), with his perfect will, he commissioned each particle to act and react exactly as it was designed to do—and always perfectly. Since God is in each particle, his perfect intellect knows exactly what each will do and what places it will be forever—if he did not know, his intellect could not be considered perfect. Therefore, God knows everything that will ever happen. However, he is not directly causing it to happen—he simply is allowing  it to happen. Some people want to think of their existence as predetermine—that is illogical thinking. Just because God knows what’s going to happen, he isn’t directly causing it to happen.  I explain that supposition this way. Someone comes to visit me; we talk for a while and do whatever; I am certain that sooner or later, dead or alive, that person is going to leave. However, because I know that truth, I’m not causing it. So God knows what is going to happen because he is allowing his energy particles to do what they were designed to do uninhibited. That brings us to the irrational concept of a vengeful God as depicted in the Old Testament and perpetuated in the New Testament and in Abrahamic religions in general. God’s perfect love (acceptance) precludes any possibility of punishment. God knows that all energy is his and furthermore, most of it will ultimately and perpetually be directed for selfish causes, some more selfish than others. That foreknowledge combined with his perfect love prohibit any retribution. God demonstrated his perfect love through the death of  his genius human image, Jesus. Seems strange considering the way we have been indoctrinated to think of a hostile, vengeful God—no way. Full elucidation of these concepts in my little book, Wilderness Cry, republished by Covenant Books.

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