Christ-Wilderness Cry- Hilary L. Hunt M.D.

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngChrist: what does that word mean to you? From my 80 years of observation, I am very suspicious that many, maybe most, think of it as Jesus’ last name. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The word Christ means anointed one or messiah. So exactly how did Jesus come by that title as Christ. Very specifically, he gave it to himself. Jesus in his infinite, brilliant insight and wisdom recognized that he was the the only one knew and understood God’s Kingdom. He scorned the simplistic idea that God was a King of sorts residing on a throne in some mysterious place. He recognized without doubt that God was not separated from his creation, but rather resided and became manifest in every particle of his creation. Jesus recognized that his creator resided in him and all things. He completely understood that God was all good, and that being so made it impossible for him to hate or condemn, no matter what the offense. He fully understood that he, himself was the Messiah, the Christ, the One Chosen, the Messenger whose duty and obligation it was to tell all the world the good news—the gospel. “I am the light of the world” he said, meaning that my spirit and the spirit of our Creator shines in every tiny particle of energy that make up the universe(s). He spoke freely of the Holy Ghost, because he recognized that a perfect rationality as exhibited in the Creator not only allowed for but mandated the concept of Trinity. A perfect Intelligence (God) reflecting itself into the universe (s) (Son) could have no choice but to love (accept, choose) that reflection (Holy Ghost)—One God, three identical persons.

So then, how should we reconsider the term Christ? Definitely it is not Jesus Christ. Rather it is Jesus, the Christ—God’s universal light in all creation. Jesus’ death which was not only unavoidable, but mandated so that God could demonstrate to the entire world his unrelenting love for all its creation even to the point of death in perfect humility and acceptance.

I hope this little dissertation gives you pause—something to seriously consider as you glibly use the term Jesus Christ. For a complete and clear understanding, read my book Wilderness Cry.

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