You may be scandalized by what I’m about to say but “God’s power in our universe is limited”. It is limited by his own reflection of himself. For at least 13.8 billion years it has been limited by the Perfect Truth System which he designed and released into this universe. That system is composed of all the perfect particles of his energy known as quanta. More importantly, that perfect truth system contains all truth which exists in this universe. 

While we have no way of knowing, God may have trillions of other truth systems in other universes. However, we would not be able to recognize or understand any truth in any other system because it would be grossly different from ours — neither could we even know another system exists. The world-renowned scientist, Stephen Hawking, postulated that since a single electron can be in 10- to -the exponential -power -of- 50 (1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000) places simultaneously –some imponderable number, each of those places represents a different universe in existence — each with its own individual truth system different from ours. If it were the same as ours, it would not be a separate universe — it would, by necessity, be in our universe. 

When God designed our universe, he established it with Perfect Truth which means no truth can be changed and no truth can be added or subtracted. If any ‘truth ‘could be changed, it would no longer fit into our Perfect Truth System. Furthermore, any change would immediately disrupt the entire system and it would immediately and completely implode. Therefore, God is powerless to change anything. 

The implications of that understanding are staggering. They uproot, negate, and nullify all known concepts of God and religion — all are invalid because none ‘knows God’ — all have professed a God who can do whatever they want him to do. That represents pure child-like imagination which has been built on imagination, superstition, astrology, and mythology over the centuries but continues to be universally professed, promulgated, and practiced worldwide.  

In ancient times, they even professed that they talked with God, bargained with him, and created pacts with him — such was, and still is, their imagination. They proposed and believed that by begging God incessantly, they can coax him to ‘perform a miracle’ just for their selfish selves. The Bible as well as the history of so-called Christian churches have professed innumerable instances of physical miracles — all based on ignorance, superstition, and I suspect in many instances, self-serving interests. 

Here is why physical miracles are a philosophic and scientific impossibility. God is a Perfect Rational Being. With his Perfect Intellect, he envisioned all the perfect particles of energy which constitute the quantum substrate of every gravid entity in this universe. Everything in this universe is composed of those perfect particles. Those particles are perfect in both form and function, they are indistinguishable from their counterparts, they are unchanging and unchangeable, and can neither be created, nor destroyed nor further subdivided by man. Therefore, just as God is perfect and unchanging, they all exist in eternity — they are God’s reflection — they are God. 

So, suppose God attempted to honor one of our prayers and change his basic nature (perform a miracle) at our insistence just to ‘honor our will’ (our begging and pleading), what would happen? Well, in the first instance, God is perfect and cannot change, and secondly, assuming that he could and did, everything in the universe would instantly be destroyed — the Perfect Truth System would cease to exist because the perfect nature of everything would instantly become so distorted as to be nonfunctional — it would be instantly destroyed — not a chance. 

So where did these ideas of miracles come from anyway. I’ll tell you my conclusion. They came straight from the human imaginations which fashioned their ‘one true God’ after their own, very imperfect, nature’ — with pleasure, joy, anger, vengeance, wrath, befriending, scorning, loving, hating, accepting, rejecting, judging, bargaining, happiness, sadness, grief, greed, envy, jealousy, demanding, justifying, an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth. In simple terms, the image of God portrayed to us from all time carries the implications of every ‘human emotion’ known or imagined. 

Consequently, with that in mind, it is understandable that the Israelites would fashion a religion of ‘sacrificial appeasement’ based on their concept of God. As that religion evolved over the centuries, the Jewish hierarchy began to see how their religious practices could be profitable to them. Number one, only the High Priest could make the sacrificial offering. Number two, the offering had to be a ‘perfect specimen’. Number three, that ‘perfect’ specimen could be provided only by the High Priest, and he charged heavily for his specimens and his services. The poor peasants were being oppressed mercilessly by their own government and religion as well as by the Romans under whose domain they struggled. Their religion forced a perpetual blanket of sin and guilt on them, and the Romans oppressed them with taxation — a double whammy. 

By Jesus’ time, the oppression was unmerciful. There were zealots everywhere inciting riots hoping to overthrow both governments —they all failed — all were crucified. Jesus knew that. He also knew that the picture of God painted by the Jewish religion was a sham. He knew God was in everything and that God was all Love. He tried to educate his chosen apostles and followers to that fact in hopes they would spread that Good News (gospel) to all the world after his death. He knew he would be crucified but he was determined. It is very obvious that he was a total failure. 


I am allowed and even mandated to say ‘total failure’ for the following reasons. Jesus despised religion and openly said so. He called the hierarchy ‘hypocrites’, a ‘brood of vipers’ and ‘a den of thieves. He overturned their money-changers tables and drove them from the temple. He knew his days were numbered but his zeal overwhelmed him – he knew the real God was within him and all creation and he was determined that all the world would have that knowledge also. He was determined to liberate his brothers and sisters in God from the guilt imposed on them by the Jewish religion for simply being the human animal God designed them to be.

During the three hundred years after Jesus’ death, all sorts of ideas and teachings regarding Jesus, his words, and activities sprang up. So determined were the Jews to have a ‘recreated paradise just for themselves’, they obviously fabricated all sorts of stories about his Resurrection, Ascension, and his expected return to earth to finish the job – two-thousand years and nothing yet — don’t hold your breath – ‘it aint gonna happen’.

As noted above, those events are an impossibility – God would need to ‘change his nature’ – not a chance. Emperor Constantine, noting all the discord and constant haggling among the 1800 bishops, which was contributing to the ‘Christians’ lack of productivity in his domain, wisely decided to make a Chirstian religion the official ‘State Religion of the Roman Empire’. Consequently, he called those bishops into council at the ancient Turkish city of Nicaea – only 180 or so attended. Constantine commissioned them to form a Christian religion of their liking –it would be the official State religion enforced by the Roman army. Any dissenter had two choices, instant beheading or banishment to the wilds. After much haggling, with some being excommunicated, they reached a consensus – the Holy Roman Catholic Church was formed.

 Totally ignoring Jesus’ teachings of love and acceptance, they formed a church patterned exactly after the Jewish God, a God of ‘Mercy and Justice’ rather than Jesus’ God of Love. They created a liturgy exactly as the Jews – a sacrificial ritual intended to ‘appease’ an angry God. They used Jesus’ name to give it authority, but they did not use Jesus’ teachings of love – Jesus failed – he is failing still.

Jesus keen insights told him that the Jewish God was nonsense. Their God was sitting in heaven ‘up there’ over-lording his creation, always ready and willing to wreak havoc on any and all parts of it which were ‘down here’. Jesus’ God was ‘in all things’ — all things were/are a reflection of their creator — ‘See the lilies of the field…..’.

It should be rather obvious then that God’s mind cannot be changed –it has been set in stone from/for all eternity. All the begging and pleading for God to change his nature and ‘bend his will’ to ours is senseless – we must submit our wills to him and willingly accept our fate.

Our only justifiable prayer is ‘Thank you God’. When we congregate, our eucharist should be a communal praising and thanking God for our existence, our sustenance and for our eternal destiny in him.  Our communion must be a recognition we are one with all creation – our spirit and the spirit of all creation are one in the Holy Spirit, the Eternal Will of God. That recognition and understanding is Spirituality.  In that light we could all become like-minded in God – peace could prevail. So, once again, I call for the acceptance of The Worldwide Communion of Spirituality which recognizes and accepts that understanding. It is our only hope for peace.  Irrational religion must be replaced with a rational understanding of God.

We must change – God is powerless to change.

As many of you know, I have written extensively about these subjects. In Wilderness Cry, I define the Essence of God. In Peace in Spirituality and Provocative Catholic, I elaborate on many, many subjects emanating from that definition of God’s essence — most importantly, I define Spirituality and its necessity for peace to prevail. In addition, Growing Up In Fancy Farm Kentucky, will give you both an historical and humorous insight into my upbringings and childhood exploits through my first year of Medical School.

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