How many hundred, maybe thousands, of times have we heard the term ‘God’s Will’? More importantly, how have we understood or interpreted that term? — just what exactly is God’s Will?

In my writings, I have explained God’s Will many times. However, I am dedicating this post exclusively to that subject. To understand God’s will, one must by necessity both understand and have a clear mental and philosophical picture of both the Trinity and rationality. Of course, we all have been told innumerable times that the Trinity is not understandable by us mere mortals — I can prove that idea to be completely erroneous.

I am not taking total credit for defining Trinity, but I am takin exclusive credit for both understanding and demonstrating scientifically and philosophically how Trinity works. The basic definition was presented to me by a young Jesuit priest who was retreat-master for our Saint Louis University Medical School graduating class in 1958. He explained to me and two of my classmates how Trinity God should be understood and visualized.

                God, the Father should be thought of as a Perfect Intellect.

When that Perfect Intellect reflects upon itself, it sees a mirror image which, being in the supernatural, is a living person identical to the Father — The Son — second person of Trinity.

Then, what choice do two Perfect Intellects viewing each other perpetually have except to love,

choose, accept, will, each other? — obviously none. That loving, choosing, accepting, willing each other carries the exact image of its generators and is The Holy Spirit — The Will of God.

Now we have three identical persons but only one God.

So, there you have an easy to visualize Trinity God — but how is that Trinity exhibited in the real universe? That is where the concept of Perfect Rationality coupled with knowledge of Quantum Mechanics (particle physics) enter the picture of understanding.

Let’s tackle Perfect Rationality first. We humans are rational, but our rationality is very imperfect because we do not know everything that is available to be known in this universe — its designer does. Brute animals and even one cell animals seem to have a rationality also — they act and react to stimuli also. It would seem, however, that they lack the ability to cipher.

Philosophically, me must admit that the Perfect Intellect who we call God, who designed every building block in this universe, loved, chose, accepted, and willed those building blocks into being. That loving, choosing, accepting, willing by that Perfect Intellect, the Will of that God, is the Holy Spirit— the driving force which, not only brought them into existence, but maintains them perfectly — they are branded, so to speak, with The Will of God. Those building blocks are a mirror image of their imaginer — they are the Son, the second person of Trinity.

Now, let’s apply that understanding to God’s Perfect Truth System—Quantum Mechanics. A quantum is the smallest particle of energy in existence. Each quantum has the following characteristics: each is perfect in both form and function, each is unchanging and unchangeable, each is indistinguishable from its counterparts, none exists today than at the moment of their creation roughly 13.8 billion years ago, and none can be destroyed or created by man. There are many varieties of quanta, each with specific duties and actions. Some you are likely familiar with — electron and photons — some less familiar are bosons, quarks, fermions, gluons, neutrinos, etc.  Because of their characteristics, just as God, they exist in eternity, they are a mirror reflection of God, they are God. Collectively quanta comprise the substrate for every atom in existence — atoms can be split, quanta cannot. Furthermore, quanta provided all light and thermoelectric energy in the universe. All truth is contained in them. Collectively, they constitute a Perfect Truth System — there is no truth in our universe outside the Perfect Truth System of God’s reflection.  That truth is there for us to discover. I seriously doubt we have discovered one ten-trillionth of that truth so far.

 No one can prove or disprove the existence of God — that is the only faith we must have. However, we can certainly demonstrate conclusively, the Perfect Rationality which pervades the limits of our universe. The great particle physicists, Stephen Hawking suggested that the universe could have just ‘happened’, Big Bang and all. And that may be true. However, Quantum Mechanics demonstrates clearly that a Perfect Rationality exists in our universe and that Perfect Rationality  encompasses all truth —it is a Perfect Truth system. Any consideration of God must encompass the concept of a Perfect Rationality as its designer and sustainer which negates the validity of all religion.

If there is God, and I accept that there is, it must be a Perfect Rational Being. A perfect Rationality encompasses Perfect Love. Perfect Love has no expectations — concepts of hell, sin, purgatory, limbo, an earth-like heaven, and the like are pure nonsense. All the Old Testament and most of New Testament are pure fairy tales emanating from some ignorant (not knowing), superstitious imaginations, and have absolutely nothing to do with reality.

 We have absolutely no way of knowing what Jesus actually did and said, but one thing seems clear — he understood that God existed in all things. Furthermore, he clearly saw the collusion between Judaism and Rome which collectively were oppressing his people. He recognized the Spirit of God within himself. It is possible Jesus was a mad-man, but his understanding and insight drove him to call the Jewish hierarchy what he saw — a brood of vipers — a den of thieves. He knew he would be hanged on a tree for his heresy, but he was determined to pull the terrible, controlling ‘blanket of guilt, imposed by religion, off the world. He had hoped to educate his followers so they might spread the word worldwide — obviously, he was almost a total, failure.

Throughout the centuries many great thinkers have recognized God’s presence in everything. As far as I can tell, Jesus was the first — ‘split a piece of wood and I’ll be there. Lift a rock and find me there’ (paraphrased). Other notables were Saint Francis of Assisi and Meister Eckart, a famous German theologian. Likely there were many others but for fear of excommunication or burning at the stake, they kept it to themselves.

I sincerely trust I have made this rather complicated subject clear for your understanding.

Now I shall revert to that ‘retreat’ in 1958. The young Jesuit who painted the picture of Trinity for me and two of my classmates cautioned us sternly to tell no one. I did not understand his cautious approach to such a startling understanding that day.  It was sixty-five years later when I encountered Quantum Mechanics, that I was suddenly able to do something never before done, define the Essence of God — Instantly, God became a Perfect Rational being — the young Jesuit’s definition suddenly rang true. That definition and understanding had devastating implications for all religion—all became illegitimate — all suddenly were cultist— none knew the mythical god they worshiped — all had false expectations and understanding of God — all were basically worshiping Zeus and Apollo.

That young priest knew what his fate would be if he dared to confront his Church and superiors with his knowledge— he would have immediately been excommunicated from the Catholic Church, as well as be expelled from the Jesuit Order of priests. But he was brilliant — I can never thank him enough for his candor and courage.

Most of you reading this know that I have written extensively about this and related subjects. My First book, Wilderness Cry was met with many emotions, including exhilaration by many, bewilderment by others, disbelief by a few, expanded clarification by others (still going on), but absolutely no attempt at refutation. Amazon Books basically called it a masterpiece of courage and understanding. Covenant Books called it a ‘Beacon of Enlightenment.’. My second and third books, Peace in Spirituality and Provocative Catholic, expand and expound on God’s attributes and offer a failproof pathway to world peace. It is only through The Worldwide Communion of Spirituality, which I called for three years ago, that peace can be achieved. That concept entails a like-minded understanding and acceptance by everyone that the Holy Spirit of God (God’s Will) is stamped onto every perfect particle of energy in this universe. As such, all are brothers and sisters in the Substance of God. Irrational religion must go. Rational Love and Praise of God, plus acceptance of each other must take its place.

Growing Up in Fancy Farm Kentucky was written under duress, so to speak — my hunting buddies kept insisting. So, I had to do it. I hope you will find it entertaining.

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