You may wonder at the validity of this title – just what does it mean. Well, selfishness may be defined as ‘anything directed at self’. So, as we observe and investigate, we note that literally nothing escapes that singular notation. And, of course, as with every truth in this universe, selfishness is no different –God made it ‘to be that way’.

It is likely that, just as I, you were taught and led to believe that selfishness was a sin. That’s because we did not understand the parameters of selfishness or sin. We know that the concept of sin was introduced by Moses to help him in the civil management of his flock. So, considering that, let’s examine the parameters of selfishness.

Every living thing in this universe has needs —food, hydration, shelter, reproduction. For those needs to be fulfilled, it is an absolute necessity that those requirements be directed at self. So, are they to be categorized as sin? – I think not. Extremes of selfishness which we call greed has not been catalogued by the Catholic Church as one of the seven Cardinal Sins — Pride, Covetousness, Lust, Anger, Gluttony, Envy and Sloth. However, I’d bet a bunch that the cataloguers squabbled quite a bit about whether or not it should be.

Sin, of course, was/is considered to be an offense against God — we hurt God’s feelings — make him unhappy — displeased him. I have shown many, many times in my books and other writings that such ideation is pure foolishness. God is A Perfect Rational Being and, as such, cannot possibly be hurt, displeased, or pleased. Such change in demeanor or attitude would immediately negate God’s perfection and, would, simultaneously, bring him out of eternity — remember, change equals time — there is no time in eternity.

 What we are doing with extremes of greed, and any other activities known as sin, is hurting and displeasing our fellow man —we are sinning against our neighbor —we are violating ‘The Golden Rule” and Jesus’ command for us to love our neighbor as ourselves. Again, I have shown that we do not have to ‘like’ (like implies a pleasant sensual experience) anyone or anything, but we must ‘love’ (accept) our neighbor as he/she is.

Then, how is everything in the universe selfish? Again, I have shown in my writings how that even inanimate entities are perpetually selfish. Every grain of sand is constantly bearing down on its neighbors in an attempt to create a bigger, better spot for itself. Likewise, ever solid gravid object is doing the same. Gases will distribute themselves evenly throughout the extent of any space. The elements of wind and precipitation are gradually wearing away the rocks, mountains, and any structure which attempts to block their paths — in time, all will be reduced to a flat surface which offers no resistance. Why do you suppose that is? Without doubt, if there is a God, and I believe there is, it is because God allowed his universe to begin and evolve through a process of built-in imbalance called entropy. That imbalance ensures that change is perpetual — everything is changing in an attempt to come to an equilibrium.

That imbalance(entropy) creates a perpetual ‘need’ in everything. Those needs demand change, and change is measured in units which we call ‘time’. Consider this; if there were no needs, there would be no change; if no change, there would be no time; if no time, only ‘eternity’. We know that God exists in eternity. We also seem to know that at the moment of the ‘big bang’ God release his energy in the form of quanta of several different types. A quantum is the smallest particle of energy, which is perfect in both form and function, is unchanging and unchangeable, is indistinguishable from its counterparts, can neither be created nor destroyed by man, and cannot be further subdivided. As such, each exist in eternity just as God — collectively, they are God.

At the moment of their release, they instantly went about doing perfectly what they were designed to do — they formed the protons and neutrons which make up the nuclei of every atom, and together with electrons, they ultimately formed all the atoms of every element in the universe. Those atoms, of course, have needs and thereby react with other atoms to form compounds of all sorts and descriptions, and ultimately formed all the structures in our universe today. More importantly, at the moment of their release, change in the universe, time, began.

So, here we are nearly fourteen billion years later, and perpetual change continues. Knowledgeable physicists tell us that the universe will likely last another 75 to 100 billion years before it finally ‘balances itself’, and selfishness and time ceases — all will have returned to the ‘singularity (God) from whence they came.

So, you see, without selfishness, we, nor anything else, would be here. Likewise, do you see how ignorant, superstitious, and greedy men have created innumerable cultist religions, all feigning an attempt to appease an angry God?

The native Americans and many other cultures recognized the presence of God in everything. They had no scientific knowledge, but their instincts told them so.

It is scandalous to say the least, but I’ll have to ‘cut the early Israelites a little slack’ — they were stone-cold ignorant — they knew not one basic scientific fact. However, the King, High Priest, and Sanhedrin soon discover how lucrative their religion could be. Guess what — they seized upon that discovery with selfish ’greed’. Remember what Jesus had to say about them? He called them ‘a den of thieves’ — a brood of vipers — he overturned their moneychangers’ tables and drove them from the temple — such was his zeal.

Three hundred years later, those who formed the Holy Roman Catholic(universal) Church at the behest of Emperor Constantine, totally ignored Jesus’ teaching of an all-loving God, and, while using his name as a shield, fashioned a church exactly after the format of Judaism — with them in total control, of course —I doubt their sincerity.

I cannot, however, cut modern-day churches any slack. The science has been exposed now — ignorance, mythology, superstition, astrology, and witchcraft have long-since gone ‘out the window’. They persist, however, in religion — I wonder why.

Have you ever taken note that power and control = money?  I have, and I’ll bet my last dollar that, if the ‘money-well dried up’, those who masquerade as our ‘spiritual caretakers’ would vanish like ghosts in the night. What do you think?

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