Have you ever been deceived? I have many times. And it’s always irritating to discover the deceit, but often, more irritating to learn the reason behind it. Whatever the reason, the deceiver wants you to believe something that is untrue.

Politicians routinely lie to us as though we were kindergarteners, and in truth, many of us fit that mold nicely — so they succeed — we lose much of the time, but not always. Here’s the hooker –they give us a little taste of something good while simultaneously ‘stabbing us in the back’ with things very distasteful and undesirable. Very likely, we all have experienced such deceitful betrayal.

It happens in all walks of life and in all situations — someone attempting to deceive us for their own personal gain. That gain may pertain to an individual, a group, an organization, or a government. The net result is the same –someone, some group, some organization, or some government deceiving or attempting deceit of us for their own gain which very often translates into control over us.

The deceit I wish to address today is the subtle belying the Roman Catholic Church imposes on its unsuspecting constituents. I dare say, that unless people have taken the time to research and study history, they would not know that the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church, Vatican City, is a Church State with the Pope as its institutional head — a Theocratic State just as Iran. Unlike Iran, it has no military — it depends on God for its protection –It took a lot of ‘knee bending’ by Pope Pius X11 to Hitler during WW2 to save its hide –it succeeded. After all, Hitler considered himself to be a ‘god’ of sorts.

The bottom line is this; all religion worldwide is based on mythology, astrology, superstition, and witchcraft all of which were based on mankind’s imagination. Of course, with no scientific understanding at all, they did the best they could, but mind you, mostly under a blanket of deceit for their own personal and/or tribal gain.

So, as we go through history, we see how the Egyptians were the first recorded group to recognize gods and goddesses. They understood that there must be ‘higher powers’ than themselves controlling things; so, they gave them names –many, many names. They connected the dots between stars and created the Zodiac. Later, the Israelites came to recognize a singular God who was in charge of everything. However, famine forced them into ensnarement by the Egyptians for forty years. While there, they learned about Baptism and seemingly adopted it into their daily lives. This explains why John Mark, who wrote the first Gospel, seems to casually mention that John was baptizing in the Jordan when Jesus walked by — likely an everyday routine.

You will recall that Jesus appeared, he ‘took extreme issue with the Israelite King, High priest, and Sanhedrin’ about their god and how he was to be recognized and revered. The Jewish hierarchy didn’t appreciate Jesus’ exposing their deceit one bit — so, they hung him on a tree for the whole world to see. So, guess what, 325 years later, those ‘bishops?’ who formed the Holy Roman Catholic Church, used the exact Jewish model of deceit which Jesus exposed, and which got him killed 2000 years ago — the lie goes on.

It’s all about power, control, and money. It was then — it still is.

Now to the ‘point at hand’. Recognizing that all religion was formed, cultivated, and propagated through ignorance, astrology, superstition, tradition, witchcraft, and mythology, it seems very obvious that, as people become more educated, they see through the bogus pretexts of all religions and cease attendance at their services. That translates into ‘loss of income’. So, the Catholic Church has continued resorting to its skillful process of deceitful pretension by gently ‘sweeping their astrology, mythology, and ignorance under the rug’ as though it never happened.

A ‘case in point is the Eucharistic prayer’ said by Catholic priests at the offertory of the mass. For as long as I can remember until about twenty years or so ago, the Eucharistic prayer always contained this statement, “From age to age you gather a people unto yourself so that from east to west a perfect offering may be made to the glory of your name.” About twenty years ago, I began noticing how the Eucharistic prayer was changed to read, “From the rising of the sun to its setting, you gather a people to yourself so that a perfect offering may be made……”. Just recently, I noticed the subtle but distinct change in the prayer saying, “From the rising of the son to its setting, you gather a people to yourself so that a pure offering may be made ……”.

To the casual and unconcerned observer, those changes would not be noticed, but if they were noticed, likely, they would have no specific significance — most aren’t paying attention to the monotonous repetition anyway. But I believe without doubt they represent the Church’s sly attempt to bury their astrological, Zodiacal and mythological origin. The “age to age” stems from and refers directly to the Zodiac ages which are derivatives of astrology. The “perfect offering” is a direct hold-over correlation to the Jewish High Priests making a fortune with his ‘perfect offerings’ — Jesus despised such and even overturned the money changer’s tables — that ‘last straw’ got him arrested and crucified.

I have observed and pointed out many, many times such sly attempts by the Church to disassociate itself from its astrological and mythical foundations and pretend its foundation has always rested in science which is truth. The Church knows that only the keenly observant old folks such as I will know the difference. They also know that we will soon be gone, and our knowledge and concern will be gone with us. The younger set are only vaguely interested in what’s going on now and have little or no curiosity to study and know how things used to be.

The saddest thing rests in the fact that Jesus’s teaching of love was completely ignored by the framers of Christianity. As a result, millions of people have been tormented and killed by an illegitimate institution which never should have been in the first place. Hundreds of thousands were burned to death by the Inquisitions. Hundreds of thousands more have commit suicide because of guilt and depression generated by religion. Billions more have been tormented by the Church’s restrictions on sex, the most normal natural instinct instilled in us by God. It was used as a tool of control by imposing a fear of damnation into hell forever. All that has long since been buried by the Church. Devorce, birth control, and even abortion is condoned now, seemingly by skillful neglect of the Church hierarchy — I haven’t heard the word abortion mentioned from a pulpit in twenty years or more. I think I know why — there seems to be a collusion between Rome and the Catholic White House. Millions of illegal immigrants, mostly Roman Catholic, are streaming across our southern border basically uncontested and mostly unconstrained. Of course, the White House is extremely pro-abortion.

The fact remains that officially, none of the Catholic Church rules have changed but, few are enforced. Shortly after Pope Francis was elected, there was a lot of open controversy in the Church pertaining to sex related matters. In order to squelch adverse public opinion of the Church generated by this controversy, Pope Francis was prompted to say, “None of the rules have changed. Weve just got to stop talking about them (paraphrased)”. The meaning there seemed to me to be quite clear — no talk, no notice — the old folks who do notice will soon be dead and the indifferent young folks won’t care — soon the understanding will be, ‘it’s always been this way’– subtle deceit.

Of course, most people would consider those changes desirable, humane, and mandatory. Why haven’t they always been that way? After all, the Church set itself up to be the ‘almighty authority’ with indisputable Magisterium. From my perspective, that answer is obvious — power, control, money. The power comes from their self-proclaimed almighty authority. The control stems from use of the best tool ever, restrictions on sex and fear of damnation into hell forever for violation of those restrictions (Church Laws). The money comes from the sheer numbers of the flock — no legitimate birth control — the babies keep coming. That old dog won’t hunt any more. Young people are ignoring those rules and quitting the Church. So, the Church has to pretend that the ‘rules do not exist’ — we just got to stop talking about them.

I am aware that many of my readers are not Catholic and would not necessarily know of these Church laws. However, any of you older non-Catholics who have been involved in mixed marriages with Catholic partners, know the wedding was not allowed inside a Catholic church building. Additionally, the non-Catholic partner had to agree for all children to be raised Catholic. My research indicates it was not until the late 1950’s that the Church reluctantly began allowing mixed Christian marriages inside both Catholic and Protestant Church buildings. I am also aware that now, marriages of all mixes are taking place at all sorts of venues other than the bride’s home Catholic church building.

Gordon Rattray Taylor, in his thorough book, Sex in History, relates that, in early Catholic Church history, weddings inside a Catholic Church building were strictly prohibited. The reason being that sex smells emanating from the bride would attract too many devils and thereby, irretrievably contaminate the Church building — such ignorance and stupidity. Weddings were presided over by a priest but were held at the Church door or in the Church courtyard. I might add that every religion of any type or variety is based on such ignorance and superstition– witness the ‘Salem witch trials’ in this nation’s early history.

There is a sanity in this universe and people, while they may not know its exact location, are gradually drifting away from irrational religion and unwittingly, are migrating toward that sanity. You will definitely make that trek to rational understanding much simpler and more straightforward by reading my little book Wilderness Cry – A scientific and philosophical approach to understanding God and the universe. You will definitely want to read its sequel, Provocative Catholic. A precursor to Provocative Catholic is Peace in Spirituality. All are written by me, who was raised in Fancy Farm Kentucky, a %100 Catholic community at that time. I had nineteen years of Catholic education and was very versed in the tenants of the Church. I believe you will thoroughly enjoy my little semi historical, semi auto bibliographical book, Growing Up in Fanch Farm Kentucky. All are available Amazon-Kindle and from me —

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In addition to four books, I have published near 350 blogs on WordPress. You may access them all at my blog site URL All comments and questions are encouraged and welcomed.

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