As we plod along through our daily lives, we are being continually bombarded with threats to our happiness, our livelihood, our safety, and even our existence itself. We are being threatened from all sides by discord, disagreements, and hostilities of one kind or another, all of which make it difficult for us to lead relaxed, settled lives. Our TVs are spewing controversy after controversy on a twenty-four-hour-a-day basis.

 Much of that reporting describes wars and threats of wars which have far reaching implications for us all. Still more, they are describing rioting, looting and civil unrest, including gun violence and murder, besetting our cities here in the US on nearly a daily basis.

So, with that continual bombardment of unpleasantness and even threats to our lives, it seems logical to ask ourselves where all that unpleasantness and fear-generating activity comes from. What or who is responsible for the perpetual unrest and turmoil which seems to exist worldwide? The answer to that simple, straightforward question, at first glance, might seem involved and complicated. However, a simple perusal of world history from ancient to modern tells the same story.

Literally, from day one, someone, some clan, some king, some group, or some nation has been involved in hostilities toward its neighbors. In the beginning, many disputes evolved over presumed ‘territorial rights’. So, kings and clans alike were obliged to defend themselves and their territory. The obvious problem arose when their neighbors refused to honor those presumed territorial boundaries. Occasionally, negotiation succeeded, but not often — witness the Trojan Horse.

Later, colonization of one kind or another became the God-given right of nations —note the colonizing activity of European nations in the newly discovered West and the far East once they knew the ‘earth was round’ and not flat as had been assumed before. And who were responsible for the assumption that it was, not only justified but, basically mandated to ‘confiscate land from savages and Aboriginal people who were considered to be less than human? It was mainly the Kings and Queens of European nations. And just where did they obtain their authority? You guessed it — directly from the Pope. Not only that, but it was the Catholic Church and later literally all Protestant Churches who condoned slavery of black Africans who also were considered to be less than human.

So, here we are today, a nation beset by rebellious black Americans who for suitable reasons have felt disenfranchised and, thereby, feel it to be their God-given right to shower that anger and frustration on the basically ’white’ American community who brought them here as mere animals. Mind you, not one of us white people alive today had anything to do with that atrocious activity but, guess what, we are guilty by inheritance. We inherited that gut-wrenching ‘Original Sin’ which all Christianity clings to. Only this ‘Original Sin” is the sin of Christianity better known as racism. It was the Popes and later all religions who sanctioned and encouraged that atrocious activity —and they have the audacity to call themselves ‘holy’. I may be deafer than my wife asserts, but I have never heard one word of apology or remorse from any pulpit either in my church or on TV by so-called evangelists.

Of note, regarding Colonialism, is the recent discovery of a Spanish galleon sunk off the coast of Columbia in the early 1700’s. It reportedly contains $ 17 billion worth of gold and silver. Can you imagine the clamor over ownership claims and their attendant lawsuits to come?

The net result is this; it is religion which is responsible for all the world’s strife and discord. From day one of recorded history, the known inhabitants of this earth have been squabbling and fighting in defense if their god(s). Oh, there have been periods of near tranquility from time to time worldwide, but those periods were almost always short-lived. As established religions fragmented into various factions, disharmony and bickering ensued as each unit attempted to proselytize the other’s constituents. While interreligious squabbles are a little more civil today, a silent undercurrent continues — a smug self-righteousness persists everywhere one looks.

Once upon a time, the Catholic Church despised Judaism—I was taught in Catholic Catechism class in the 1940’s that Jews were evil people. However, with the rise of hostile Islam, a sudden coziness developed between Judaism and all Christianity. The net result is a wall of hostility between Theocratic Islam and Judeo-Christianity— strange bedfellows. In fact, the radical Islamist have declared everyone else to be infidels which mandates their extermination and, of course, with that religious profession, peace is not possible.

So, worldwide, here we are embroiled in conflict and turmoil, almost all of which can be traced directly to religion and/or ideology which is basically religion without a god. The next question then is why are there so many religions? — 33,000 Christian factions alone? The answer to that question is very simple. Almost from the time of Moses onward, the ‘God-given’ power bestowed by religion has been the best means of control and money extraction the world has ever known. Furthermore, not one of those religions is willing to relinquish that control and, thereby forsake its wealth. The simple truth is this, not a single one of those religions is justified or legitimate because, none of them can define the essence of the god it worships — they all worship a mythical god. If they would define the essence of their god irrefutably, as I have, their purpose would be instantly nullified.

Because they refuse to honor the legitimate definition of God’s essence, Religions, especially Roman Catholicism, are walking a perpetual tightrope of deceit by pretending their atrocities did not happen. They succeed only through the ignorance and apathy of their constituents. Almost all children are brainwashed from very early childhood in the tenants of some religion or another. Consequently, they find little cause to question the validity of those teachings. Those who do question are typically ignored or scorned — the beat goes on uninterrupted. Years ago, I found myself questioning many things, the most important of which was the very essence of the God we worship. To my amazement, I discovered that no one had ever defined that essence. It took me 65 or so years of research and study before I was able to do so.

God is a Perfect Rational Being, period. That definition of God’s essence nullifies all known religion. Not only that, but it, mandates Jesus’ command for us all to Love (accept) God with our all, and to love (accept) our neighbor as ourselves. Accordingly, our only justifiable prayer is an expression of gratitude to God; thank you God for my life, my sustenance, and my eternal life with you. Mind you, God is Perfect and cannot be pleased or displeased. Therefore, he expects nothing. However, that prayer would ingrain in us a vein of humility and gratitude and help us be ever aware of God’s Perfect Love.

Then and only then will there ever be peace. That understanding and attitude must be promulgated worldwide so we all may become like-minded. If we are like-minded, we have no major differences. With that in mind, four years ago, I called for the Worldwide Communion of Spirituality which means the understanding and acceptance that the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit, the Will of God is imprinted onto every perfect particle of energy of which every gravid object in the universe is composed. Therefore, everything in existence has a communion (commonality) with and in God.

That understanding negates and nullifies all cultist religions worldwide. More importantly, with that understanding and acceptance, Peace would break out immediately and persist forever.

NB: please don’t hold your breath. Remember, power, control and money are intoxicating —all religions are drunk on them and are in no mood to sober up—likely, they never will.

However, never is a long time but it means nothing to God because he is Perfect and never changing in eternity. Dreadfully, it is likely that, sooner or later, some mad (irrational) person will ‘push the red button’ just for the thrill and will trigger a nuclear outburst sufficient to wipe out every living entity on this earth. Possibly, some withered blade of grass or some animal entity will survive but will be so genetically altered as to be unrecognizable. As it survives and mutates, a ‘new intelligence’ may emerge and, over a period of thousands or millions of years come to a rational understanding of its God and neighbors. That would be an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ scenario indeed but because it transpires within the Perfect Rationality of God, it is possible.

I have often noted that everything possible to happen in our universe will eventually happen, and always in perfect fashion.  If it can hang, it will and must hang—God’s Perfection at work. Remember, dinosaurs roamed this earth 252-66 million years ago. The oldest recorded human history so far discovered are Egyptian hieroglyphics believed to be made 3400 BC. So, humanity is a relative newcomer on this planet but, ironically, has already developed the technology to destroy it. Of course, that technology represents a mere ‘scratch’ on the surface of God’s giant ball of Perfect Knowledge.

I have written extensively about all these matters in my three books and in my 350 WordPress blogs. In Wilderness Cry I show conclusively how I was able to define the ever elusive ‘essence of God’. That definition is possible only through the knowledge and understanding of the basic particulate makeup of the entire universe; God is a Perfect Rational Being. In Peace in Spirituality and ProvocativeCatholic, I explore many of God’s essential attributes, all of which nullify and revoke the legitimacy of all known religions – all are cultist hoaxes because none knows or will admit to our real God of Perfect Truth.

I am aware that thousands have read my books, and for that, I am grateful. However, many more have not yet been exposed. Most, who have read my little book, Growing Up in Fancy Farm Kentucky, report amusement and delight. All books are available Amazon-Kindle and from me, handg@comcast.net.

If you follow this blog to its very end, it will direct you to other of my blogs with similar meaning and content and, ultimately, to all my blogs free of charge.

All meaningful questions and comments are welcome, and I will respond.

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