The word trust has various meanings depending upon the intention of the user. For instance, we may speak of a ‘bank trust’, a ‘trust bank’, ‘an estate planning trust’, etc. The ‘trust’ I wish to address today is ‘a firm belief in the ability, reliability, truth, or strength of something or someone’. Daily, our lives are built on trust in literally hundreds, thousands, or even millions of ways, and most of those are dictated by previous learned experiences. For instance, I doubt there is a sane person in existence who doesn’t trust the sun to rise in the morning and set in the evening. Likewise, little children raised in a secure environment, trust their parents will provide them with food, clothing, and shelter. Until we learn better by cold, hard experience, we trust people to speak truth to us as best they understand truth — no deliberate lies.

As little children, we soon learn the difference between a fantasy ‘fairy tale’ and basic truth. Fairy tales, in general, are used to tickle the imagination and curiosity of a little child while simultaneously holding his/her attention. As they learn more truths, they soon realize the untruth in a fairy tale — Santa Claus.

Now, the trust I wish to address today concerns religion and it’s absolute and complete failure in espousing truth. We know from history how throughout the ages homo sapiens has universally recognized higher powers than themselves. Universally, while knowing almost no scientific fact, they steadfastly ascribed names, sex, and duties to each of them. There was a god or goddess for literally every known function. We also know from biblical history that some ten thousand years after the beginning of recorded history, the Hebrews recognized a singular god who was, not only in control of everything, but also, the creator of everything in existence. In their ignorance, they assumed the earth to be the center of god’s creation. Not only that, but they were certain that they and the earth were god’s only ‘real concern’ with his creation — no lack of self-righteousness there. Factually, all they had to go on was their imagination coupled with developed myths and superstition. They did have one ‘factually reliable truth’ — the sun rose and set every day.

Instead of ascribing certain aspects of their existence to other gods and goddesses as their ancestors and neighbors had done and were still doing, they surmised that the stars had significant influence on themselves — a little Egyptian astrology and the Zodiac wouldn’t hurt. We know from ‘biblical history that they got deeply entangled with the Egyptians for forty years due to a great famine — they learned about baptism, astrology, Zodiacal influences, and even ‘trinity god’. It was only after their escape, and while wandering haplessly in the desert, they learned about a wrathful, vengeful god— Moses’ weapon — sin and sacrificial appeasement of that angry god were invented— so also the weapons of power, control, and fleecing of money —they’re called sin and religion.

So, let’s fast-forward a few thousand years till Jesus’ time. The Jews had been under Roman control for several decades. The Jewish peasants had been hit with a double whammy — bilking by the High Priest for his ‘perfect offerings’ while, simultaneously sharing what little they had left with Rome. Aslan, in his very astute book, Zealot, shows that in Jesus’ time, Judea was rampant with insurrectionists going about ‘performing miracles’ (slight-of-hand magic) in an attempt to recruit an army for purpose of overthrowing both The Hebrew King and the Roman Emperor. They all met the same fate— crucifixion displayed to travelers at Golgotha. They were, in fact, traitors —crucifixion was reserved strictly for traitors — everyone knew that. Their suppression by both Rome and their King was so unbearable, they risked it anyway.

Even though Jesus was not attempting to recruit an insurrection army, he was doing something many times worse —he was attempting to eliminate the false religion of the Jews. He knew he would be killed —his zeal was so strong. He wanted the world to know once and for all that God is ‘all love’—not a vengeful, wrathful, unaccepting god. Jesus was determined to pull the blanket of guilt off the entire human race by telling them who God is. He knew he would be killed but he was depending on his twelve apostle and many, many disciples to spreads his word worldwide — unbelievably, he was and still is a total failure.

Those who wrote the New Testament were so determined to have their ‘childhood fairy tales ‘of a new paradise here on earth just for themselves come true that, after Jesus’ death, they fabricated all sorts of ‘Alice in Wonderland ‘tales about his miracles, both before and after his death —Virgin birth, Star of Bethlehem, Angle Apparitions, Resurrection, Ascension, God speaking from clouds, etc. One need not be a genius to put Luke’s and Matthew’s versions of Jesus’ birth side by side and immediately note major, irrefutable differences. Luke says Joseph and Mary took Jesus directly back to Nazareth after the days of purification. Mathew, on the other hand, exposing his bias for astrology, paints a picture of astrologers — Magi — Wise Men being led by Jesus’ star with the resultant slaughter of the innocents by Herod, and Mary and Joseph fleeing to the desert with Jesus, likely into Egypt, for twelve years before finding it safe to return home.

Christianity has an entire ritualistic period of worship and understanding based on Matthew’s ‘fairy tale’. I ask you one simple, straight-forward question. Whom do you trust and what are your sound logical reason for any trust in such fairy tales?

The Old and New Testaments each are rife with fairy tale miracles attributable to God. In my humble estimation and understanding, Jesus’ attempt to educate the world about a ‘Perfect, all Loving God’ is literally the only thing worthy of note in either Old or knew Testament. However, as I have stated innumerable times, the bible we now have to reference has been rewritten and altered so many times, we simply cannot know what was originally said. As we read each writer’s accounts of Jesus’ life, we see how each writer ‘flavors’ that account to hos own wishes or expectations, and imagination. However, none seem to be willing to give up on the idea of a ‘new paradise’ here on earth just for themselves – Jesus had to come back and do that just for them —such was their determination to make God’s Old Testament promise to them to ‘Restore the Kingdom’ come true.

I believe without doubt, that singular Santa Clause fairy tale has caused all the world’s strife. Hindus and Buddhists never accepted it; Muslims rejected it; Christians fragmented it to the tune of at least 33,000 versions. Mind you, not one of any of the world’s religious sects, accepted Jesus only meaningful teaching—God is all love and we, in turn, must be all love.

The ‘money machine and control device’ of religion which Moses and the Jewish hierarchy created were way too precious to allow peace and harmony through accepting Jesus’ commands of love get in the way. So, the world remains in perpetual turmoil with more wars and threats of wars. Those threats are much more serious now that we have weapons of mass destruction.

It is through science that we have learned more about God’s Perfect Truth and his Perfect Truth System. Through my exposure to Quantum Mechanics (particle physics), I attained a glimpse into God’s real nature. Through that encounter, I was able to instantly define God’s Essence:  God is a Perfect Rational being. God’s Perfect Rationality pervades every existence, otherwise, nothing could be.

 We soon discovered that the understanding of God’s Perfect Truth allowed us to create and manufacture weapons of mass destruction which, used improperly, could wipe out every living thing on this earth. Conversely, we know that same identical knowledge can and is used for wonderful peaceful purposes of generating electricity, treating many different diseases, and a myriad of other beneficial purposes.

Very subtly, religion has taught humanity to be competitive—remember, you’re competing for ‘a higher place in heaven’. Believing such nonsense shows how ignorant we are and how arrogant and distrustful religion is for propagating such a lie. Consider this; if religion acknowledged God’s essence, all of them would instantly become superfluous, useless, nonessential, and proven erroneous. None will acknowledge it because of one, simple, greedy, principle —power, control, and money. Collectively, religions are the biggest money-making machine the world has ever known.

So, with that knowledge and understanding, whom can you trust? It broke my heart to discover the religion I was raised in, and all other religions were a complete hoax. I can legitimately say that because none of them can define the essence of their God — without an essential definition, nothing has meaning.

 And many of my acquaintances ask me, “why do you still go to church?”. And I give them each the same concrete, straight forward answer. I go and take the bread in open recognition that I am in communion (have commonality) with every gravid entity in God’s universe.

 Jesus, Francis of Assisi, and Meister Eckert are others before me who had taught that same recognition. Jesus was crucified for saying it; Saint Francis had such a following, that the Church grudgingly tolerated him; Meister Eckert was pronounced to be a heretic by the Inquisition but, thankfully, he died of natural causes before he could be burned at the stake.

If you are satisfied with living under a blanket of guilt, or if you have been led to smugly believe that you are saved while others are not, or if you have been led to believe that only your set of believers will enter heaven, then so be it. I am here to tell you, “It makes no difference”— God loves each of us and everything in his created domain equally—all are of God’s substance. Can God reject himself? I don’t think so.

Given that understanding, I have one trust only and it is in my Perfect Rational Being—God.

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I pondered, mulled over, and ground on those ideas for seventy years before the ‘lights finally came on’ and I was at last able to comprehend and define in irrefutable terms the essence of the God I worshiped. It has been six years since I published my thesis in a little book titled Wilderness Cry and, even though it is distributed worldwide, no one has come forward to argue with me — no one can. Since publishing Wilderness Cry, I have published two more books which outline and explain obvious derivatives of God’s essence —his Perfect Rationality. They are Peace in Spirituality and Provocative Catholic.  In addition, I have published a semi historical, semibiographical little book, Growing Up in Fancy Farm Kentucky. All are available from me and Amazon-Kindle.

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