Today I will address the subject of gender in both its broadest sense and in its essential sense. Concerning that ‘broadest sense’; in today’s world, gender has come to be known as the sexual preference people may feel regardless of their specific genital identity of female or male. Thus, we have an entire group of varied sexual identities who have become collectively known as the ‘LGBT’ community. So, even though those individuals may have specific genitals dictating a specific sex, they have a sexual preference different from the strict heterosexual group.

According to a recent poll published in 2021, % 5.6 of the population identify themselves as one or another of the LGBT group. Most of those individuals identify themselves as either Lesbian, Gay, or Bisexual, while only % 0 .3 identify as Transgender. That means % 94.4 identify themselves as heterosexual.

If then, we wished to measure the intensity of everyone’s sex drive or urge, we would likely find such drive intensity fits nicely on a classic bell-shaped distribution curve. % 66.67 % would form the apex and shoulders of the bell while the other % 33.3 would be evenly divided on either side from weakest on one side to strongest on the other side tapering to % 0.0 while forming the steep drop-off of the bell’s sides and curving outward to the flare of the bell-shaped graph.

We know from observation that such distribution occurs with almost everything material in this universe. For instance, the size of all the known stars from largest to smallest would likely fit that curved graph very nicely. Likewise, if one should measure the length of each hair on an opossum, the findings would be an identical bell-shaped graph with the longest on one side, the shortest on the other side, and two thirds in the center.

Believe it or not, the same principle applies to sexuality in all its aspects. Some people are highly sexed, while others are hardly sexed. Some have slight or no attraction to their same sex, while others have intense same sex attraction, and so on.

The problem society has had with this God-ordained distribution of sexuality has been generated and perpetuated by religion. Because, at least from the time of Moses and the Ten Commandments until today, prohibitions against normal God-given sexual instincts and impulses have been used as a tool for controlling people, society has been forced to adapt to a ‘one size fits all’ attitude about sex and sexuality. As a consequence, most people who have fallen outside that central two thirds in their sexuality have been severely ostracized. Some religions have declared them as intrinsically evil. Other religions have gone so far as to put them to death. My understanding is that ten nations still hold that view and practice of the death penalty

The psychological effects on those ‘deviate people’ have been so great as to promote suicide in many. Others have resorted to drugs. Many have felt more comfortable leaving their home society and living elsewhere so their activities would not be perpetually ridiculed and criticized by family, friends, and acquaintances.  

It is my understanding that the Ancient Greeks and Romans recognized those sexual preferences differences to be normal and acceptable. If my information is correct, the word lesbian stems from the fact that homosexual women frequently congregated on the Greek island of Lesbos and did their thing in obscurity. Consequently, they became known as lesbians.

The truth is that gay people can no more change their sexual feelings and drives than can heterosexuals. They simply are the victims, if you will, of God’s perfect distribution plan. Because of ill-directed, and/or ignorant church teachings, many, if not most, LGBT people have been forced to live a life of ‘hell on earth’. There is little doubt that many have sought hiding places such as religious ministries, priesthoods, nunneries, brotherhoods, monasteries etc. The irony lies in the fact that in those places, they are perpetuating the persecution of their own kind by the religion they are forced to teach and preach.

Because that same Puritanistic attitude has long since infiltrated our legal and social systems, LGBT people have had little quarter in either society, religion, or politics – they just suffer.

Now, to the essence of sexuality. To my knowledge, no human male has ever had a baby. Likewise, to my knowledge, every female with normal external and internal genitals is capable of producing a baby once sexual maturity has been reached. Therefore, the only God-given essential purpose of the female is to produce offspring. Likewise, the only essential purpose of the male is to fertilize the female so she may become pregnant and produce offspring. God cares naught about how that happens.

All the words, put into God’s mouth by people, were put there by those who wanted to control their subjects. Time has shown that sex has been the best tool ever discovered for executing that control. Not only that but sex has been the best tool for extracting our money.

Please, always remember this: there is no truth in this universe outside God’s Perfect Truth System. Furthermore, all that truth was released at the moment of the Big Bang 13.7-8 billion years ago in the form of all the perfect particles of energy which make up everything gravid in existence. Each of those particles was commissioned by The Will of God, The Holy Spirit, to be perfect and remain perfect in both form and function – that they have done. They contain all of God’s perfect Truth. Everything that has ever happened since those particles’ release has been the direct consequence of their perfect activity. So, everything that has ever happened in this universe has been the consequence of what went before and has always been perfect for its set of circumstances. Since that instant of The Big Bang, God has taken a ‘hands off’ attitude – he had nothing to add – all his Perfect Truth was released at once.

The conclusion from all this should be obvious. That Perfect Truth demanded the evolution of living things which needed a method for propagation. From the tiniest to the greatest, from the dumbest to the most intelligent, God’s Perfect Truth System demanded a method and means of propagation for each species. We can observe those methods in most species. God’s Perfect Truth System demands the male fertilize the female and that demand is insured and satisfied by an insatiable drive. In some species it is so intense that males are willing to give their lives in that process of sharing. For instance, the female Praying Mantis eats the head off the male while mating, and the male bee which fertilizes the queen dies immediately thereafter. Some extremely lower-class animals divide and reproduce asexually, but they came equipped with a method for doing that.

Those who wish to control us, beginning with Moses, have used God as a threat to us for that purpose. That threat is known as, and masquerades under the guise of, ‘religion’ – that has caused basically all the world’s major problems, but that matters little – it is alive and well. However, as of late, religion has softened its approach for rather obvious reasons — loss of both money and control. More and more people are finding religion too restrictive on themselves and, consequently, it has become irrelevant in their lives – attendance at religious services is in sharp decline.

In the meantime, it behooves us all to have a clearer understanding of our own sexuality. It is, in fact, ours and ours alone. It may be similar to, slightly different from, or grossly different from our neighbor’s. Therefore, it demands us to not be judgmental. Always remember, “people who live on glass houses should not throw stones”. Instead, we must be tolerant and understanding of other’s sexuality, a task that may be difficult, indeed, because we have become so prejudiced by religious teaching. To put it bluntly, religion needs to ‘get the hell out’ of people’s sex lives. And, by the way, so should government – how about a comfortable place in God’s Perfect Universe for everyone?

The supporting arguments for these and many more controversial ideas concerning a philosophy of God and his universe are to be found on my books, Wilderness Cry, Peace in Spirituality, and Provocative Catholic. In addition, you may find out more about me and my upbringing in my little book, Growing Up in Fancy Farm Kentucky. All are available Amazon-Kindle and from me –

Coincidentally, the world-famous Fancy Farm picnic is tomorrow, Saturday, August 6, 2022. The political speaking is usually televised by KET and C-SPAN.

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