Collusion may be defined as a conspiracy between people or groups to cheat or otherwise deceive others under the guise of authenticity. You may be wondering what my interest in that subject is. Well, I believe, without doubt, we are witnessing a major collusion between two governments which is both grossly illegal and hypocritical. I am referring to the massive illegal entry of migrants through our southern border and the hypocritical actions of Pope Francis in, not only blessing, but also giving communion to two of the highest officials in the United States government. Those two officials, our President and Speaker of the House openly profess to be Roman Catholic while simultaneously pushing one of the gravest sins a Catholic can commit – abortion.

I’ll guarantee you, if any one of us peons were to do so, we would be severely ostracized and likely excommunicated from the Church if we persisted in such activity. However, our top officials are allowed to do so with impunity – there is a reason.

It is a known fact that attendance at all religious services in the USA has steadily dropped during the last fifty years, and Catholic services have not been exempted from that drop. It is also a known fact that most of those illegal immigrants crossing our border are from Central and South America and are Catholic – at least in name. I see a two-fold intent here. One is to bolster the Catholic church-going numbers with the hope for eventual financial gain for the Church. The other is the belief that those immigrants will vote, legally or illegally, Democrat. In addition, no doubt, our President, and Speaker believe and hope that by gaining the Pope’s blessing, many would-be Catholic Republican voters would feel inclined to vote Democrat—ultimate hypocrisy and deceit.

Some time ago, maybe two or three years, I read a speech given by Pope Francis regarding immigration. I regret that I cannot recall the specific place and date, but I do remember well what he said. Paraphrasing, he said he dreamed of the day when the world would be borderless. That sent shock waves through me. Anyone with the meagerest historical understanding remembers when basically all the western world was Catholic, and the Pope was supreme ruler of all. He marched the kings of Europe around like they were five-year-olds. Remember how he ordered them to war during the Crusades? – he even led some of the Crusades himself. You don’t suppose those grandiose ideas are resurfacing in Pope Francis’ ego, do you? – I suspect so.

For you non-Catholics and younger Catholics who do not know Church history, prior to a few short years ago, every deviation from strict Church law was a mortal sin and would send you straight to hell if you died before confessing that sin. For instance, a divorced person could not remarry in the Church without obtaining an annulment – that process took a minimum of two years in the Dioceses of Owensboro, Kentucky. In the meantime, if one remarried before that annulment was obtained, that person was not allowed to receive communion. Also, artificial birth control in any form was strictly prohibited – the dastardliest of all was abortion. I have not heard either of those words uttered from any Catholic pulpit in thirty to forty years – I think I know why – it’s called money.

The Church has become keenly aware that their strict laws concerning anything sexual have led to a mass dropout of members. Those laws were made in the first place to control people. As young people have become more educated and intuitive, they are finding restrictive religion irrelevant. They know God is Love, and not a vengeful dictator – so they quit. The Church Empire is slowly crumbling. If you have read my little book, Wilderness Cry, you know I have predicted the total demise of so-called Christianity in one hundred to five hundred years depending on the outcome of inevitable future wars. If Christianity were based on Jesus’ real teaching of love of God and neighbor, likely everyone in the world would eventually be Christian. But that would require an abrupt change of course for all so-called Christianity. ‘It isn’t going to happen’ – too much loss of money, power, control – to hell with love and acceptance.

What is going on now may be likened to smearing horse manure in our faces and telling us it both smells and tastes good – eat up and be happy simpletons.

If you have not read my little book, Wilderness Cry, and its sequels, Peace in Spirituality, and Provocative Catholic, please do so for your better understanding and peace of mind – you’ll never regret it. It will open your eyes to a different world of love rather than ‘guilt and control’. For a better understanding of me, you may like my little book, Growing up in Fancy Farm Kentucky.

Btw, all my books are available from Amazon-Kindle and from me,

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