In my last correspondence, I explored mankind’s erroneous understanding of God’s expectations of us. I explained that since God is a Perfect Rational Being, there is no possibility of God having any expectation of any kind. With his perfect intellect and will, God has ‘set in stone’ how every particle of perfect energy will behave – no variance or deviation allowed or possible. Each of us, as well as everything in existence, is composed of those same identical particles.

Today, I will show that all expectations of humans are generated by each person’s understanding of how things should be and, furthermore, who is or should be responsible for those decisions.

Throughout recorded history mankind has recognized the desirability of social order. Gradually, as civilization became the norm, a power base became established either through force or negotiation – even the native savages of the Americas had a Chief and, usually, a council for making and enforcing rules for their societies.

The Old Testament tells us that Moses and his brother Aaron were the established leaders of the Israelites at the time of their escape from imprisonment in Egypt. For whatever reason, God selected Moses for that job. What the Good Book doesn’t tell us is how that came about. It does tell us that Moses was a murderer and, consequently, was forced into exile for eighteen to twenty years. While he was there, God appeared to Moses and had lengthy discourses with him about his designated task of leading the Israelites out of Egypt.

You may recall that, on their way to the Promised Land, as the Israelites became stranded in the desert, they lost faith in Moses’ leadership. They abandoned their One True God and began worshiping pagan gods. In addition, they turned to a life of debauchery. Moses, who was obviously an intelligent person, sat down and wrote out what he considered to be the expected civil norms for their society – The Ten Commandments. When he presented them to his brethren, they just laughed at him and continued their merry way of life. That angered Moses. So, he broke the stones upon which his rules were written and promptly wrote a new set on new stones. Only this time, he presented them as God’s rules with the warning that any violators would be punished directly by God, himself. At that moment, sin was invented.

In addition, it was surmised that those sin breaches angered God. Therefore, God must be appeased by sacrificial offerings –religion was invented. Of course, the writer(s) of that book recognized the need for Divine support for their rules. So, they concocted stories of numerous interactions with God including bargaining with him. Not only did they firmly establish expectations of themselves but, more importantly, they concocted word and action expectations of God – religion needed a firm footing.

As it turned out, some of those Moses-generated rules of civil expectations have stood the test of time. Most present-day societies use Commandments 5, 7, and 8 as the basis for their legal system. The other seven have generated the tens of thousands of religions in existence – the real profit-makers. So, 5,7, and 8 represent the expectations we have of each other, and the other seven constitute the basis for our unrealistic expectations of God and God’s supposed expectations of us.

 Those latter seven commandments have generated the largest money machine the world has ever known, while, simultaneously, generating the greatest cause of civil unrest the world has ever known – all because of ignorance. Not one of their proponents knows God.  Not one of them knows or is willing to admit that God is a Perfect Rational Being.  If they did, their purpose and position in life would instantly be obviated. They would know that God has no expectations of us, and we should have no expectations of him, except that his Will is ‘set in stone’ and is unchanging and unchangeable. His Will, The Holy Spirit chose and keeps perfect each particle of energy, of which everything in this universe is composed. That happened at the instant of the Big Bang 13.7-8 billion years ago.

If you would read and study my little book, Wilderness Cry, and its sequels, Peace in Spirituality, and Provocative Catholic, you would understand how and why that is true, and how and why that is the only truth in this universe. There is no truth outside the perfect rationality of the creator of the building blocks of the universe. Additionally, all truth in this universe is contained in those building blocks which collectively are known as quanta.

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