We all know what an expectation is. It is an innate understanding that something will happen or come to fruition in a future timeframe. We humans have generated a culture of expectations throughout recorded history and, of course, that has created a tumult of disappointment through loss of friendships, loss of money and financial support, and all sort of losses including even loss of life. There is a trite but true saying that ‘perception is reality to any individual’, but what happens when that perception is based on ignorance, unrealistic desire, or a possible host of erroneous premises. In short, ‘all hell breaks loose’. Then wisdom speaks from nowhere; ‘experience is the best teacher’.

            So, what about God’s expectations of us and our expectations of God? My perception (reality) is twofold. Number one, God has absolutely no expectation of us and number two, any expectation we may have of God is based on misinformation and/or ignorance, or both. Please allow me to explain.

            From day one of recorded history, homo sapiens has imagined some sort of higher power who controlled some part or all the universe. In the English language, those deities are known as gods. In addition, they each had a sex, some male and some female. Typically, each had specific powers which were directed at various human behaviors. Those gods dictated literally every aspect of human existence and behavior. Eventually, the Hebrews came to recognize a singular God who created and controlled the entire universe which amounted to the sun, moon, earth, the stars of the Milky Way with an occasional comet or meteorite.

 As their perceptions dictated, their God was a human-like figure with human-like attitudes. Of course, he was male, all-powerful, and extremely moody. However, he could be bargained with to the point of making deals. In fact, he made two such deals with the Israelites – he would do ‘this and that’ if they would do ‘such and such’. The first deal fell through, and God unleashed his wrath on them unmercifully. But then God repented of his harshness and moodiness and agreed to another deal. He would never again abandon them or scourge them as he had before. However, despite his seeming change of heart, the Israelites imagination deemed their God to be greedy to the point of demanding a sacrifice of part of their hard-earned goods. Those sacrifices must be of perfect specimens which could only be provided by, as well as offered by, the High Priest – a very convenient method of bilking the commoner.

Another very important part of God’s last contract with the Israelites was a promise to send a Messiah who would restore the Kingdom of Paradise just for them – to hell with everyone else. After many centuries of long-suffered waiting and expectation, Jesus of Nazareth appears and proclaimed himself to be that Messiah. But Jesus turned out to be a big disappointment. He quickly alienated himself from the Jewish rulers while simultaneously confounding his followers with his teachings. Furthermore, he disappointed his followers by telling them that he must first die before he returned to restore the kingdom – we’re still waiting.

For centuries the Jews had been indoctrinated about a vengeful God who was full of expectations. He was very demanding of them and expected them each to offer perfect sacrifices to him in atonement for their sinfulness. Of course, the Jewish rulers had long since established that only the High Priest was allowed to make those offerings in their name and, more importantly, only the High Priest could provide such a perfect specimen for offering at their behest – a real money-making racket. The poor commoners were forced to buy those perfect offerings at an extortionate price. Indeed, religion was profitable then. I haven’t detected any change to this date – have you?

The Jews were astonished when their new-found Messiah began teaching about Love –God’s Love. Jesus told them God had no expectations of them except to love him with their all and to love their neighbor as themselves. Of course, that teaching was frank heresy and amounted to open treason. Jesus knew the consequence of treason was crucifixion, but he was determined to liberate his brethren from the terrible persecuting blanket of guilt and fear which Moses had thrown over them – all for control, power, and ultimately, money. Jesus reassured them that God was all love and could not possibly reject them.

However, totally ignoring Jesus’ teaching while conveniently using his name, those who formulated the Holy Roman Catholic Church at the behest of Emperor Constantine in 325 A D, patterned it exactly after the religion and sacrificial ritual of the Jews. The only difference being that the Jews’ sacrifices were often bloody animal sacrifices, whereas the new religion offered a perfect unbloody sacrifice of Jesus himself. However, the money kept rolling in as the hundreds of monstrous edifices built worldwide attest – God still needed to be appeased and pleased. I say sham.

I am no fool. I am fully aware that most of you reading this have been indoctrinated and vilified to the hilt with some version of false teaching about Jesus of Nazareth. You have been made to feel guilty in one way or another for being ‘God’s child. We have all been taught that God made us to be one way, but he expects us to be a different way. Jesus says that concept is nonsense.

In my little book, Wilderness Cry, in detail I show philosophically, scientifically, and historically, how and why all world religion is bogus. I demonstrate conclusively how and why our perfect God has no expectations. More importantly, I show how and why God’s perfect love precludes any possibility of his not loving us.

In my books Peace in Spirituality and Provocative Catholic, I demonstrate clearly, how organized religion has been, and still is, the major deterrent to world peace. Furthermore, I offer a foolproof plan for permanent peace based on obvious extrapolations of God’s Perfect Love. You would do yourself an act of kindness by bringing peace and joy to yourself through their reading and study.

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