Did it ever occur to you to wonder what God eats? Sounds like a silly question, eh? Well, maybe it is not so silly after all. In my last communication, I demonstrated that the Face of God is on everything, and, knowing that every living thing must be nourished, we are justified in asking that question. The more important question might be, how any living thing knows what to eat and, more importantly yet, how and why an appropriate source of food for each entity comes to be available? In reality, those questions emanate from the most fundamental question of all—who is God?

Most of us have been indoctrinated with the idea that God is some human-like figure sitting in the clouds lording over his creation. In my book Wilderness Cry, I have shown both scientifically and philosophically that such ideation is pure nonsense. Particle physics has shown us there is a perfect rationality which pervades our entire universe and I have chosen to recognize that Perfect Rationality as a living being—God is a Perfect Rational Being. That definition dispels all other concepts of a god as well as all forms of worship heretofore, and presently, practiced—all are illegitimate. However, all are fostered for the selfish purpose of power, control, and money.

So, having established that God, with his Perfect Intellect imagined each perfect particle of energy in existence and with his Perfect Will, the Holy Spirit, he chose and keeps each perfect in both form and function, we can readily see that God’s existences in the temporal world must have nutrition. In short, God’s Perfect Rationality visualized and willed a self-contained system wherein he ‘feeds off himself’.

Three to four billion years ago the earth’s atmosphere contained no oxygen—only methane gas. The earth’s surface had gradually generated complex protein substrates which evolved into one-celled anaerobic bacteria which fed off the methane gas and, in the process, released oxygen into the atmosphere. Gradually the methane was consumed. The oxygen reacted with hydrogen in the atmosphere to form water and oceans were formed. They, in turn, generated one-celled bacteria which utilized the oxygen while releasing carbon dioxide in the process. Simultaneously, primitive spores arose which utilized the carbon dioxide, and the process of photosynthesis began.

As the evolutionary process continued, more complex animal and vegetable life-forms evolved. Each new evolutionary group found a ready food source available from the lower-class life around it. That process continued until this very day. Generally, it was the larger and stronger which preyed on the smaller and weaker. Then intelligent beings called homo sapiens appeared. Even though he was smaller and weaker than many animals and was subject to lethal attacks by many different species, his rationality enabled him to not only protect himself from such attacks but, also to outwit them, kill them, and use them for food, clothing and even fire.

It seems to have been rather easy for us to become entangled in a trap of conceit which allowed us to think of ourselves as the ultimate endpoint of God’s evolutionary process. However, such thinking only shows our lack of understanding of our Perfect Rational Being. God’s universe is only 13.7-8 billion years old. Knowledgeable scientists tell us it will last another seventy-five billion years. One can only imagine what might come after us many times over during that timeframe.

With our scientific understanding of the makeup of God’s universe so expansive that no human mind can comprehend it, and recognizing that a perfect rationality pervades it all, we must accept that God, who is Perfect Rationality resides in it all. Therefore, everything in existence represents the Face of God and all living things require food. So, God not only requires food but also, by necessity, feeds off himself—a true self-contained system of Perfect Rationality outside of which there is no truth.

You might wonder or ask what difference it makes whether we understand and/or accept it. And, I say it makes the most important difference. Unless each of us comes to the clear understanding that we and all things are mirror images of our Perfect Rational Being, there can never be peace among humans.

These concepts must be taught in our school systems universally. Mind you, they are not religion—far from it. They are science and philosophy at their deepest roots. Is that going to happen? It would be the miracle of all miracles—please don’t hold your breath. The constrictor, death grip, money machine of religion and ideology make that as likely as finding the proverbial snowball in hell. That fact, however, does not alter the fundamental truth.

I am fully aware that what I am telling you likely annoys you, mainly because it messes up your little playhouse. You do not want anyone suggesting that what you have been taught to believe is pure mythology which began from a combination of astrology, superstition, ignorance, and mythology, but soon became recognized as a near perfect tool for controlling you and extracting your hard-earned money. However, please take note: worldwide there are thousands and thousands of those money extractors. Why do you think that is? Would it not be miraculous and wonderful if there were only one? We could and would be like-minded. It is possible but so highly unlikely—power mongers relinquish their stranglehold grudgingly. Instead of relinquishing their hold, they strive constantly to increase it by stealing their competitors’ constituents – so, we have perpetual war and strife. The absolute only way that can change is at the grass roots level.

 Informed constituents from all sides must unite in a rebellion against tyrannical religion. That rebellion must begin with informed voters putting people in state houses and congress who daringly will redirect our education system to a true scientific and philosophic understanding of our existence. We simply must cease the Santa Claus presentation of our creator. We must recognize that our Perfect Rational Being made only one creation –the perfect tiniest particles of energy, quanta, of which everything in existence is made. That was the Prime Cause, The Big Bang. Those perfect little particles instantly began doing as they were commissioned to do and formed the protons and neutrons which make up the nuclei of every element in existence. From that instant onward, the result of every event has been a direct consequence of every event which went before –some call it evolution –I prefer to call it God’s continuing creation.

I will stop here with the urging that you to read and re-read my little book Wilderness Cry. Then follow up with Peace in Spirituality and Provocative Catholic. If you can stay openminded your eyes will be opened like never before.

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