If someone were to ask you what God looks like, what would you tell them? How would you describe God to that person?  What kind of verbal picture would you paint, or, if you were to attempt a drawing, how would your God’s image appear on paper?

            As a child, I remember well what my God looked like because my classmates and I were presented with a myriad of images of God in our various Roman Catholic Catechism and bible studies. Most often, God was presented in bust form, nestled in a cloud situated a moderate distance above the earth. He always had mid-length grey-white hair and sported a similar colored beard. Sometimes he was smiling, sometimes he was scowling, but often he presented an angry demeanor. Of course, those pictures of God were the Church’s attempt to instill in our young minds the fact that God was a human-like figure who lived in heaven somewhere in the sky.

            Later images of God, made after Jesus’ crucifixion, death, and resurrection, depicted God as a grey headed and grey-bearded old man in regal attire sitting on a massive throne with Jesus, his little boy, sitting in a subservient position at his right side– The Holy Ghost was never depicted.

            Contrarily, as a sidelight, the devil was always presented as a black, odd-looking, human-form, with red eyes, often with horns, and almost always carrying a three-pronged pitchfork. He resided in the netherworld (hell) below the earth along with thousands of other devils. Many of them were constantly roaming the earth, tempting us humans to sin and join them there in hell.

            The point of all this discussion is to show the imagery the Church had of God. The Church Fathers had that exact ideation about God’s person and persona. All that imagery stems from many varied sources, but most is rooted in ancient Egyptian mythological thinking which was projected through the centuries to other pagan societies and kingdoms who, also presented images of their multiple pagan gods as human-like figures. By Moses’ time that understanding was a given. Not only was God a human-like individual, but he also would speak to certain individual such as Moses, give them commands, and even bargain with them.

            Because of such thinking, it was deemed necessary to appease that vengeful God, and, therefore, sacrificial religion was born. Simultaneously, pagan gods were being appeased also, occasionally with human sacrifice.

            As I matured and studied, I became aware that all religion was rooted in mythology, astrology, superstition, tradition, and imagination, and, therefore, had to be a hoax. Consequently, I embarked on ‘a journey of understanding’ that I might discover ‘truth’. That journey took many twists and turns but eventually led me to discover who God is and what he looks like. I want to share that information with you today, but first we must review some basic background information before you can understand.

            I am assuming that almost everyone by now has been expose to at least a rudimentary understanding of chemistry. WE know through chemistry that everything in this universe is made of atoms. Atoms are the small basic particles of all elements which react with each other to form all matter. As atoms continue to act and react with each other they create a state of being of constant change, and therefore exist in a temporal state. On the other hand, we accept that God lives (exists) in ‘eternity’ which is a state of being with no beginning nor end and in which no change is possible—therefore God cannot possibly change.

            For the longest time it was thought that atoms were the smallest particles in existence. Then it was discovered that atoms could be split. A high energy particle could be shot into a large Uranium atom and split it into multiple smaller atoms such as hydrogen, sulfur, iron etc. with a massive release of energy—the Atom bomb was invented. Before long it was discovered that the smaller hydrogen atoms could be fused into larger helium atoms with a much greater release of energy—the much more powerful Hydrogen bomb was developed.

            So, knowing that atoms are composed of protons, neutrons, and electrons, then the question is ‘what are the protons and neutrons made of’? It was already known that electrons could not be further subdivided. And that is where the science of Quantum Mechanics (particle physics) enters the picture and gives us the answer to the puzzle for ‘what God looks like’.

WE know that protons and neutrons are made of indivisible particles of energy called quarks. Quarks, along with many other particles such as electrons, photons bosons etc., are called quanta (pleural for quantum), and, in fact are the smallest particles of energy which cannot be further subdivided. In addition, each quantum particle is perfect in both form and function, each is indistinguishable from its counterparts, each is unchanging and unchangeable, and not one exists today than existed at the instant of the Big Bang 13.7-8 billion years ago. Now, given that knowledge and understanding, are we not talking about eternity? All the particles of energy which make up everything in our changing universe, themselves exist in an unchanging state we call eternity. Yet everything they make up exists in a constantly changing temporal world.

            From the beginning of recorded history people have tried to know and understand God. In more modern time (three to four thousand years) thinkers, philosophers, and theologians have tried to understand their God. They knew that without an understanding of the ‘essence’ of their God, it had no meaning—God was a myth. Therefore many, many spent their entire lifetimes attempting to define the ‘essence of God’—they all failed—none knew particle physics. Had any one of them known particle physics, and had an open mind, defining God’s essence would have been a rather simple task.

            Accepting a concept of God demands one to accept that, at the moment of the Big Bang, God released his perfect energy in the form of the aforementioned perfect particles, collectively known as quanta, into a void universe. Those perfect energy particles instantaneously did what they were designed to do and formed the protons and neutrons which, along with electrons, formed all the atoms of all the basic elements of matter in our universe. Those atoms instantly began acting and reacting with each other to create the continuously changing and evolving universe which we know today.

            So, with that knowledge, I was able to define the ‘essence of God’ rather easily—God is A Perfect Rational Being. That Perfect Rationality pervades every existence in our universe. That pervasion stems from the Perfect Intellect of its designer and is kept perfect by the Perfect Will of its designer, The Holy Spirit (The Will of God).

            Jesus was the first person in recorded history to display that understanding and he had the forthright conviction and determination to profess it—the Good News—The Gospel. Sadly, the Jews killed him for it –he was a traitor to their moneymaking machine. Three hundred twenty-five after Jesus’ death, the formulators of modern-day Christianity completely scorned Jesus’ ‘Good News’. And while conveniently plagiarizing his name, they reverted to the ‘pagan’, sacrificial religion of the Jews and perpetuated their hierarchal domination and money-making machine. Remember, Jesus overturned their money changing tables once—his anger and frustration became overwhelming—he already knew his fate—one last lick—hurray for him.

            Many others accepted Jesus’ understanding. The most notable in my memory are Francis of Assisi and Meister Eckhart. Francis was grudgingly tolerated by the Church; Meister Eckhart escaped the Inquisition only by natural death.

            So, what does God look like? There is not enough paper or ink to paint a complete picture, but I’ll paint you a ‘glow in the dark’.

When you see a leaf on a tree, you see the face God.

When you see the tree on which that leaf grows, you see the Face of God.

When you see a blade of grass, you see the face of God.

 When you see a beautiful starry night, you see The Face of God.

When you see a beautiful ripe tomato, you see The Face of God.

When you see your neighbor, you see The Face of God.

When you see nurses and doctors laboring to care for you, you see The Face of God.

When you see your plumber, electrician, carpenter, etc., you see The Face of God.

When you see the elderly afflicted with dementia, you see The Face of God.

When you see a grizzly bear kill and eat a human, you see The Face of God.

When you see a stray mother dog suckling seven pups, you see The Face of God.

When you see any mother in labor, you see The Face of God.

When you see any irrational or hostile person, you see The Face of God.

When you see a distraught father caring for his family, you see The Face of God.

When you see a wine-o lying in the gutter, you see The Face of God.

When you see a beautiful new baby of any variety, you see The Face of God.

When you see a tornado, an earthquake, or volcano, you see The Face of God.

When you see a shipwreck, plane crash, or car wreck, you see The Face of God.

When you see a child afflicted with cerebral palsy, you see The Face of God.

When you see a loved one afflicted with incurable cancer, you see The Face of God.

When you see a disgruntled wife or husband, you’re seeing God’s face.

When you see your wife prepare you a wonderful meal, you see The Face of God.

When you see a starving child in Africa, you see The Face of God.

The bottom line is this: anything you see, feel, breath, hear, taste, smell or imagine is The Face of God. In addition, in God’s Perfect Truth System of Rationality, if it is possible to be, it will be and will always be The Face of God..

Quite obviously, this list could go on forever, as God is forever. However, this list only shows you that God is in all things and all things are in God, (“Split a piece of wood and I’ll be there. Lift a rock and you will find me there”), but also, there is no truth in this universe outside the perfect truth system of our Perfect Rational Being whom we call God. Everything else is pure mythology propagated by those who are either unscrupulously ignorant, or outright thieves—I suspect the later. Religion is the most divisive hoax the world has ever known. It causes nothing but strife, but guess what: when you see religion, at its worst, which it all is, you see The Face of God.

Because of that recognition, I have published three books on that subject. Wilderness Cry is my masterpiece. Peace in Spirituality and Provocative Catholic are extensions and explanations of that philosophy. They are available from me,, or from Amazon-Kindle.

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The Face of God

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