Jesus Of Nazareth–Thwarted Liberator of Mankind–Hilary L Hunt MD

We have just completed celebrating part of what I believe to be the greatest myth ever perpetrated on the human race. It begins with the myth of the birth of Jesus of Nazareth to a virgin and continues with an equally fabricated myth of his resurrection and culminates with a fairy tale of his ascension into heaven where he is seated at God the Father’s right hand. Neither God nor Jesus has a physical form. Therefore, seats, sides and directions in eternity represent the fanciful imagination of some writers, and furthermore, such ideation exposes their ignorance to the core.

And I can hear you now, screaming and tearing your garments and calling me every known unkind name, including blasphemer and heretic of the worst kind. Likely, if you were a giant cobra snake with twelve heads, you would bite me with all twelve of them incessantly until I was dead—such hatred for me. But I say, “wait a minute, you know all those fairy tales like ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and ‘Alice in wonderland’ are true also, don’t you?” And you would likely say “Of course, I know they aren’t. They’re just fairy tales for little children.” In retort, I would say, “yes, I know. They were taught to us as little children, but most of us didn’t believe them because we already knew better. They were told to us just to tickle our fantasy imagination.” So, I would ask, “why should we believe the fairy tales about Jesus?” And you might respond, “I was taught it in Catechism class or RCIA, or Sunday school, or at home, or my preacher said so because it’s in the Bible”. And I would say, “well, just who wrote the Bible and where did they get their information?”

Now, we’re getting somewhere—where did the biblical writers and rewriters and rewriters and rewriters ad infinitum get their information? That, my friends, is the sixty-four trillion-dollar question, and I say trillion advisedly, because that number would likely pale in the face of the total amount of money which organized religion has extracted from humanity. And, because it is so expensive, it deserves a thorough historical review.

One of the best references I have been able to discover is a super-educated student of ‘life and customs’ in Jesus’ time, Reza Aslan. In his through book, ZEALOT- The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth, Mr. Aslan explores the history of Jesus’ days in detail. He shows how the Jews had fallen under rule and control of the Roman Empire, how Rome agreed to allow the Jewish hierarchy to continue religious control of their people while, simultaneously, the poor Jewish peasantry were being oppressed by both Jerusalem and Rome. That oppression was so great that there were literally hundreds of insurgents going around Judea performing miracles (magic) in hopes of gaining a following for the express purpose of overthrowing both Jerusalem and Rome. Of course, they all met the same fate, which was reserved explicitly for traitors, crucifixion.

Jesus, however, had a different perspective which demanded a completely different goal. With his genius mind, he recognized the fallacy of the Jewish religion. He clearly saw that God did not exist in a ‘dualist’ state, wherein, God is here, and his creation is over there. He readily saw how God must be present in all his creation including Jesus, himself, and all humanity. Not only that, but he also saw how God’s love is perfect and therefore, God cannot possibly reject anyone or anything. Jesus recognized how and why Moses created the concept of sin and made it ‘civil law’ for purposes of control, and how, later the established hierarchy created the very lucrative business of offering ‘perfect sacrifices’ to their God as a means of appeasement of ‘guilt’ for their misdeeds. Jesus only purpose was to remove that terrible, persecuting blanket of guilt by explaining to his people that they were guilty of nothing but being God’s perfectly loved people.

Jesus knew he was teaching heresy and that he would be killed for teaching a concept of love—God and neighbor. The hierarchy wanted no part of that teaching. It would have destroyed their money machine—they had him killed as a common traitor. But can you find in the bible exactly why the Jewish hierarchy wanted Jesus killed? I can’t. The writers of the bible we have now knew better than to expose the hierarchies’ intentions directly. It would have betrayed them and their clandestine desire to stay in control—bedamned with Jesus. He was just a great ‘talking point’.

On the other hand, I can find no direct quote by Jesus, himself, in the Bible where he says explicitly that he came into this world to die for the direct forgiveness if all mankind’s sins. My understanding is that theology gradually crept into Christian philosophy over a several hundred-year period. I am convinced that Jesus only purpose was to be our liberator from the guilt imposed by the oppressive Jewish religion by explaining to us how and why God’s love is perfect — we are guilty of nothing except being part of God’s continuing creation.

Jesus’ teachings coincide exactly with my singular definition of our God’s essence: God is A Perfect Rational Being. That Perfect Rationality cannot possibly change nor be changed. That means virgin conceptions, resurrections, and ascensions into heaven are impossible. Furthermore, those concepts represented the collective imaginations of those in charge. In fact, it might not have been so much imagination as it was ‘determination’ to have all the myths which had been created before in the Old Testament come true. In the meantime, the money machines are thriving.

So determined were they to have their mythical fantasies come true, that almost three hundred years after his death, the Jewish Christians who formed the first official Christian religion at Nicaea, did so with utter disregard for Jesus and his teachings. In doing so they plagiarized his name—they crucified him again in perpetuity.

Jesus only intent was to liberate us from the persecuting blanket of guilt imposed by the Jewish hierarchy. Sadly, like all other zealots of his day, he failed miserably. To this very day, there are over 33,000 religions worldwide plagiarizing Jesus’ name—Just like the Jewish hierarchy of Jesus’ day, all for power, control and, most importantly, money.

Does anyone on the face of this earth see what I see? Have we all been so deeply brainwashed that our eyes and minds are closed? Have we been so indoctrinated that we dare not ask a question for fear of reprisal or ridicule? Are we afraid to investigate, or are we like infants with open hungry mouths accepting whatever someone puts in them? I’m not. In fact, I have written three books regarding this vital subject, Wilderness Cry, Peace in Spirituality, and Provocative Catholic. In Wilderness Cry, I describe the process of developing doubt, determination to resolve that doubt, and the miraculous discovery of God’s essence through an encounter with Quantum Mechanics through which we learn that in the particle world, everything is perfect, unchanging, and unchangeable—Perfect Rationality—God.

In Peace in Spirituality and Provocative Catholic, I explore many of God’s attributes—explicitly, an absolute certain pathway to worldwide peace. In that light, a few years ago I issued a call for The Worldwide Communion Of Spirituality which means the understanding and acceptance that the Will of God, The Holy Spirit, is imprinted onto every particle of energy in existence. Otherwise, none could be.

In addition, I have published a semi historical, semi autobiographic little book, Growing Up in Fancy farm Kentucky. I am aware that thousands of you, worldwide have read my books, but I mention them for sake of others. Amazon-Kindle

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