Do you have expectations? Of course, you do. Almost every living entity in the universe has expectations. And just what is an ‘expectation’? It is a strong belief or anticipation that something will happen in the future. That ‘future’ may entail any timeframe from a nanosecond to billions or trillions of years. And where do expectations come from? Very simply, all expectations come from preconditioning generated by every one of that being’s previous experiences. For rational and irrational creatures alike, that composite of experiences amounts to each creature’s total psychic or personality development. As Popeye would say, “I yam what I yam and that’s all that I yam. I’m Popeye the sailor man”. For so-called irrational creatures, the farther removed from rationality in the evolutionary scale one goes, the less obvious those characteristics become, but they are there, nonetheless.

All expectations are based on learned experiences and each individual, rational or irrational, has millions or, possibly billions of them. For instance, most entities have an expectation that the sun will rise daily. However, there are some animals which have no such expectation because they live in total darkness—they never see light. Most expect that food, water and shelter will be available on a timely basis, but not all, because many have no guaranteed supply; note the number of homeless humans and stray animals.

On a more intimate note, seemingly, when a human couple marry, they expect to stay married forever—the high divorce rate says differently. Canada geese do, in fact, mate for life. If one of them dies from any cause, the remaining mate will wander the flyways continually looking for its mate. I and my hunting companions observed what appeared to be the same goose over a ten-year period, flying and honking incessantly, always out of gun range and never responding to our decoys or calling—not knowing what death is, it was continually searching for its lost mate. On the other hand, I have witnessed as many as five green headed male mallard ducks mate with a single female, in rapid-fire fashion, with little resistance on her part—obviously, different species are programmed differently.

I could rattle on and on about expectations—we all have millions which have been programed into is by our learning experiences, and no where is that more obvious than in the field of religion. It is likely, that most of us have been programmed with certain expectations through religious training. And, since there are likely as many as one hundred thousand religions in the world, with each one teaching a different ideation about a mythical god, it is an absolute guarantee that no two individuals have identical expectations from that god.

Like most trained in other religions, I was rigorously trained in Roman Catholicism by my Catholic sister teachers. I was taught that basically every God-given instinct in me was extremely sinful, and if I gave in to any natural instinct, I would go straight to hell and burn forever, if I died before I confessed that sin to a priest. I was taught to pray to all the so-called saints and Virgin Mary to intercede for me so that God would be less angry with me and that he would even protect me from terrible storms etc. I observed that as our entire Catholic community came together often and prayed for God to perform a miracle and make it rain, or to stop the rain and flooding, or cure someone’s terrible ailment, nothing ever happened—our prayers were never answered. It became obvious to me that God was not the least bit interested in satisfying our expectations. When I asked my priest why God wouldn’t answer our prayers, because, after all, we were ‘God’s elite’, he said to me. “It is God’s will”.

That singular three-word statement told me that literally everything I had been taught was incorrect—therefore, all my expectations about God were bogus. I was thirteen years old at the time, and not knowing how it would happen, I determined right then to discover the ‘truth’ about God. At that moment, I ‘embarked on a journey of understanding’, That journey led me to an entirely different understanding of God and, of course, an entirely different ‘set of expectations’ concerning him. My journey of understanding lasted sixty years. That is when I discovered Quantum Mechanics (particle physics). Particle physics demonstrates that everything in this universe is made of particle of energy which are perfect in both form and function, are indistinguishable from their counterparts, are unchanging and unchangeable and can be in innumerable places simultaneously—they exhibit a perfect rationality— they exist in eternity—they are God. Immediately the lights came on in my understanding. Finally, I knew who God is and literally all my expectations about him and religion did an about-face.

God is a Perfect Rational being. That understanding told me that each expectation I had been taught about God was totally erroneous. Consequently, all religion I am aware of is in total error. With that understanding, my journey took a sudden change of course—I must tell the world. I had done something never before done—I had defined the essence of God—the world must know immediately.

Accordingly, I sat right down and began penning my little book WILDERNESS CRY-A scientific and philosophical Approach to Understanding God and The Universe. In that book I explain my journey of understanding, and I explore the basic principles emanating from it. The implications of God’s Essence are staggering and literally shred all concepts of mythical religions which includes every religion known to me. One momentous derivative of God’s Perfection is his Perfect love. Perfect Love is defined as ‘acceptance without expectations’. SO, God loves us unconditionally which means he expects nothing from us in return. Jesus told us that; ‘love your God with your all and love your neighbor as yourself (paraphrased).

In my books Peace in Spirituality and Provocative Catholic, I carry many of God’s Perfect Attributes to their logical conclusion. In previous blogs, I expound on God’s Attributes of All-powerful, All-knowing, and All-Loving

Religion has thrown a massive blanket of guilt with resultant impending punishment over us. In its inception, religion might have been well intentioned and wrought through ignorance, but rapidly became a massive tool used by those in command to maintain their power over us and exercise control while simultaneously extracting our hard-earned wherewithal, all for their own edification—all under the guise of pleasing God and avoiding his wrath.

If you have not done so, you would do yourself a great service by reading Wilderness Cry. Go to Amazon, look it up and read the reviews—you will be impressed. In the meantime, expect nothing that your life’s experiences and common sense haven’t shown you.

For a little fun, check out Growing up in Fancy Farm Kentucky.

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