The catastrophic events of last Saturday evening (12-11-21), involving massive tornadoes sweeping across five states causing death and destruction, have generated an immediate query in my mind about how you or your preacher may interpret God’s intention in allowing or even causing such events to happen. I suspect there may be as many opinions as there are preachers and individuals—so, let’s explore a few.

Some may consider those events as modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah treatment of Mayfield, Bowling Green, and Dawson Springs, Kentucky, plus many places in other states. Others may say God wanted to see who is faithful to him and is willing to beg him for protection, and, if they escape unscathed, to know that their prayers were answered—they had favor with God. The implication of that kind of thinking is, either those affected didn’t pray, or, if they did pray, God didn’t like them, so he ignored their prayers. In other words, God deliberately performed a miracle for some, but made a direct, intentional hit on others.

My suspicion is that most priests and preachers, except the most radical, would completely ignore the ‘why’ of God’s intention. If they say it is God’s will, they are setting a trap for themselves because they must explain why God would ‘will’ such a hurt on anyone or even an entire city. They can’t explain what God’s Will is because they do not know who God is—they cannot define God’s essence. If they did, in fact, define God’s essence as I have (God is a Perfect Rational Being), they would automatically eliminate the need for their existence in their present role as preacher, priest or rabbi. So, likely little is said—and that is sad.

What I have observed on social media is a flourish of ‘praying’ for the afflicted. The logical question then immediately arises—what are they praying for? What are their expectations? Are they expecting God to reverse his position and restore everything like nothing ever happened? Are they asking the very God who allowed this death and destruction to occur to suddenly, miraculously, put food, water, shelter, and clothing on the very people he nearly destroyed? Seems to me like that’s like trying to put air back into a busted balloon.

Obviously, all that praying is a total waste of time and energy because the God who willed that torment is not about to ‘change his mind’—he can’t—he’s Perfect.

So, what’s the praying about? I am proposing that it is a terribly misguided sense of expectation generated by religion—the absolute false belief that God can change his mind. If God could reverse 13.8 billion years of truth, neither he nor his truth would be Perfect—he would be an imposter—not a chance of that.

What, then, should we be doing? I believe we should feel and express our deepest sympathy for the unfortunate—we should immediately offer our assistance in whatever way possible. For most of us that would be financial aid supplied through reputable agencies. Many able-bodied people could offer physical assistance through hands-on manual labor and/or clearing equipment guided by designated managers. Mostly, we should stay out of the way of the assistance and clean-up effort—do not hamper the appropriate agencies efforts by being a nosey busybody.

Now let’s get back to the ‘why it happened’. Recognizing that our God is a Perfect Rational Being and knowing that 13.8 billion years ago our Perfect Being visualized every perfect particle of energy in existence and Loved them into being with his Perfect Will, the Holy Spirit, time began. Immediately, those particles began doing perfectly what they were designed to do and have continued to do so in perfect fashion ever since. Everything that has happened since and everything that will ever happen is a direct consequence of those particles ‘first move’.

So, after 13.8 billion years, the atmosphere in our area was so imbalanced, with high pressure in one area rushing to fill the relative void of low pressure in the other, the resultant ‘balancing act’ of nature created the catastrophe we have observed—and to think, it occurred after all these billions of years as a direct result of the trillions and trillions of consequences that went before—that is God’s perfection. Those similar ‘balancing acts’ of God’s Nature have occurred and will occur many more times, but never again in identical fashion—similar, yes, but never again identical. In fact, similar activity is occurring simultaneously worldwide on a regular and perpetual basis.

 When one throws a rock into a pack of dogs, the only dog that yelps is the one the rock hits—God’s perfection is perpetually throwing stones at us dogs. The entire universe is continually attempting to balance itself. God created it in an imbalanced attitude so change would be mandatory, and time would exist. If it ever succeeds in balancing itself, time will cease, and eternity will continue just as it was before God released his energy in the form of all the quanta in the universe 13.8 billion years ago. I read somewhere recently that some cosmologists are predicting our part of the universe will live another 100 trillion years before balancing itself—a number no one can comprehend. And the Jews carried the God of that creation around on their shoulders in a box (Arc of The Covenant)? —are you kidding me???

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So then, how can our priest or preacher explain the cause of such events, and furthermore, advise us how to think about them. If they tell us, “it is God’s Will”, which it absolutely is, they have ‘cooked their own goose’. All their preaching is senseless unless directed at the fact that God’s Will is ‘set in stone’—perfect, unchanging, and unchangeable, meaning prayers are useless. But they never admit to that. They are constantly bombarding us with guilt-driving concepts derived from the Bible and speculative theology, all for power, control, and money. Such preaching might even give some listeners a false sense of security and cause them to fail in taking proper precautions.

Our only justifiable prayers should be ‘thanks to God for giving us the intelligence to recognize his unrelenting Perfection, and the common sense to accept and cherish it’. Should we be angry with God? I think not. We simply must be aware that God’s perfection demands such events and be prepared to protect ourselves as best we can. That is the message our advisers (ministers) should be delivering to us. God’s perfection requires a perpetual litany of tumultuous, violent atmospheric, geologic, and cosmic events. No number of senseless prayers can change God’s mind (Will)—it has been pre-set from all eternity and is totally indiscriminate. God plays no favorites— never allow yourself to believe you are more special in God’s mind than anyone or anything that has ever existed or will ever exist.

When we as an entire human race come to that realization (meaning become likeminded), we can have peace. That like mindedness requires both an understanding and acceptance that the Spirit of God, The Holy Spirit, God’s Will, the Existence-giving Principle of everything, is imprinted onto every particle of energy of which everything in our universe is made. I call that ‘Spirituality’. Considering that understanding, several years ago, I called for ‘The Worldwide Communion of Spirituality’—our only pathway to peace.

I realize I’m ‘hard on religion’ but it’s for a very specific reason. I see religion as the cause of most or all the earth’s strife. I see religion as having it roots in the ignorance-stall of mythology, astrology, and superstition—it cannot possibly ‘bear truth’. Our preachers speak of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Who is the God of all the other billions and billions of people who have populated this earth— do they not have a God? I say yes—we all have the same identical God, the one and only Perfect Rational Being.

 But no religion I’m aware of knows that Perfect Rational Being. Due to ignorance, mythology, astrology, and superstition, every religion in the world has a different god. Guess what—those gods have been fighting and keeping the earth in perpetual turmoil since the beginning of recorded history. Each god is attempting to gain mastery over all others—and the beat goes on with strife, turmoil, grief, suffering and death as the consequence. Each god is envious of all others. Each is willing to fight to the bitter end to attain complete mastery over all for attainment of complete power and total control over all others for purposes of extracting their hard-earned money.

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So, can we ever become likeminded in The Worldwide Communion of Spirituality? Regrettably, it seems highly unlikely. That complete philosophy is presented and developed in my three books Wilderness Cry, Peace in Spirituality, and Provocative Catholic. You may learn more about me by reading Growing Up in Fancy Farm Kentucky. All are available Amazon-Kindle.

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