We may define a ‘truth’ as any consequence logically emanating from a given fact or set of known facts. For instance, we know, factually, that one mole (gram molecular weight) of NaCl (table salt) is composed of one mole of sodium and one mole of Chlorine. Also, we know, factually, that both a feather and a fifty-pound lead ball, falling in a vacuum in the earth’s atmosphere, fall exactly sixteen feet the first second after their release. Furthermore, we know those truths and millions more by virtue of the ‘scientific process’ which is exemplified by postulation, experimentation, observation, and repetition producing identical results. That process would be meaningless and nonsensical if we and it did not exist in a ‘perfect truth system’. And just what is a ‘perfect truth system? It is a system composed of fundamental truths outside of which there can be no recognizable truth.

And where do those fundamental truths come from. Explicitly, they come from the perfect truth found in each fundamental particle of energy in our universe. Notice I said, ‘our universe’. If there are other universes, as Stephen Hawking suggested, and they are using the identical truth system as ours, it is likely, but not certain, they would already have been discovered. There may be billions, or trillions of universes intermingled with ours. If so, each would likely be using a different ‘truth system’ which would not be readily recognized, or recognizable at all, by us—our truths represent ‘our scientific knowledge base—our ‘language’, so to speak, and each of theirs would have a different type of knowledge base or ‘truth system’. Likely, we would not be able to have an awareness of their existence and vice versa.

So, where did out ‘truth system come from and how did it come to be? Did it just happen, or is there someone or something responsible for it? Our scientists have been debating that question for centuries.

 Near-ancient people, knowing no science, attributed it to a god, or many gods. Centuries later, whoever authored the Book of Genesis, presumably a Hebrew, deduced there was a ‘singular God’ responsible for it all. In their total ignorance of any scientific facts, the Hebrews ascribed all sorts of attributes to their God—all powerful, all-knowing, loving, just, wrathful, demanding, and, most importantly, negotiable. At their negotiating table, they worked out pacts or treaties, known as covenants, with ‘him’. Notice I said, ‘him’—God had to be male— a female’s standing in society was lower than common slaves. First, the Hebrews became God’s ‘chosen’ people, to the abandonment of all others. After their first contract failed—not certain which side broke it— God unleashed his wrath onto them. But then God repented and, while negotiating a new contract with them, he promised to never again abandon them. Furthermore, he promised to send a messiah who would ‘restore paradise’ just for them. However, once again, they surmised that their wrathful God needed appeasement as an enticement to keep his word. That assumption generated the need for sacrificial religion, and four to five thousand years later, it is still alive and well.

So, with that short overlay review, we see one side of the debate covered—God was responsible for it all. However, no person nor group has been able to define the essence of that (their) God. On the other hand, those who study such things scientifically have been skeptical of such a god—most of them surmised it all just happened.

 As scientific investigation and understanding have plodded along, it does seem certain that the scientists have one thing correct—it all started with a ‘Big Bang’ which amounted to the instantaneous and simultaneous release of all ‘truth particles’ of energy in our universe. Those particles of energy contain all the knowledge existent in our ‘Perfect Truth System’. They exist in several different species such as photons, electrons, quarks, bosons, etc. Each particle is perfect in both form and function, each is indistinguishable from its counterparts, none is changing nor changeable, not one, more nor less, exists today than existed at the time if the Big Bang 13.8 billion years ago. They all are said to have been released from ‘The Singularity’. That Singularity, I call God.

Collectively, all particles represent and exhibit a ‘Perfect Rationality in our ‘Truth System’. That observation and understanding lent credence to me for accepting the existence of a Perfect Rational Being who I call God, because that term is recognized worldwide. Not only that, but that understanding mandated my definition of my God’s essence—God is a Perfect Rational Being. Absolutely nothing can be added nor subtracted from that ‘essential definition’. The implications of that definition are staggering. That definition of God’s essence invalidates all religion—it invalidates most of the Bible (there are a few statements in the New Testament which seem to be true) —it makes physical miracles an absolute impossibility. It demonstrates that all present concepts of God are pure myth based on ignorance, superstition, astrology, and imagination, none of which have any relevance in our ‘Perfect Truth System’. Collectively, those Perfect Particles of Energy exist in eternity—they are God.

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It is my understanding that, as the fields of Quantum Mechanics, Cosmology, Astrophysics, and related sciences have been steadily developed, an increasing number of scientists are accepting the concept of a Perfect Rational Being, a Supreme Being, or God. Of course, no one can prove or disprove God’s existence—that is the one thing we must either accept or reject as a matter of faith—I choose to accept it.

The New Testament of the Bible contains various and varying accounts of the Life of Jesus of Nazareth. I sincerely believe that most of what was/is written has been done by ignorant people who had a bias about what they wrote. The one thing that Jesus seemed to understand well was that God is in all things and all things are in God. Also, Jesus knew that God, his Father, and our Father, is Perfect Love. Jesus despised religion—he knew it was bogus and freely said so—they killed him for that. He told us that love was our only duty—love God and love our neighbor.

 Yesterday’s homily, delivered by my pastor at Sunday morning mass, explicitly stated those same sentiments about God and his Perfect Love—it is the very first time I have ever heard that from any pulpit or seen it in any writing. I was never taught those concepts in my religious discipline, which amounted to fifteen years of rigorous training—hurrah, hurrah, hurrah for my pastor—he broke the mold.

Now back to the possibility of other Truth Systems. If any such exist, it would, by necessity, constitute another universe different from ours. Likewise, the Perfect Rationality exhibited in that universe would, by necessity, represent another Perfect but different Rational Being, and it would only have domain in that universe. Likely, we will never know. However, never is a terribly long time—the codebreakers have an eternity to get the job done. Obviously, none of us need busy our little minds worrying about it.

All we need be concerned about is keeping Jesus commands for us to love our God with our all , and to love our neighbor as ourselves—whew!!!. What a task!!!.

As most of you know, I have written extensively about our God and his Perfect Truth System. For those of you who have not been exposed to them, my books Wilderness Cry, Peace in Spirituality, and Provocative Catholic develop that philosophy quite succinctly. All are available Amazon-Kindle and at handg@Comcast.net. In addition, you might enjoy my little semi-autobiography, Growing Up in Fancy Farm Kentucky.

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