How many times in an average day do we experience frustrating aggravations and/or disappointments? I dare say most active people experience such unpleasant events many times each day. In my own personal life, while working in my gardens, I will notice at least a hundred daily—something is always snagged, out of line, or won’t function the way I want.

So, with that little intro, how should we react to such situations and, more importantly, why. Before we can logically address those questions, we must consider their source—and what is their source? God’s Perfection.

To help clarify and fully understand, let’s review what God’s Perfection is. I have defined God’s essence as ‘A Perfect Rational Being’ with no equal nor superior. That Perfect Rationality is exhibited by each tiny particle of energy of which everything in ‘our universe’ is made—notice, I said our universe. I am not suggesting there are other universes, but I can’t exclude the possibility. However, if such were the case, that universe would likely be the result of another Perfect Rationality with a different nature from ours. In other words, truth that pertains in our universe would not apply in the other. Sound crazy? Well maybe but hear me out.

The totality of knowledge (truth) in our universe is contained in all the quanta of energy of which everything is made and represents, not only the totality of our God’s Perfect Intellect, but also the imprint of his Perfect Will, The Holy Spirit. So, everything that happens in our universe is perfect for its set of circumstances. Furthermore, none of that would apply in a different universe where a different knowledge base (truth system) exists. In fact, it is entirely possible that neither would recognize the other or, even know the other exists.

All that talk about another universe with a different perfect rationality is, of course, purely speculative. Despite that fact, if another universe exists with the identical Truth System as ours, it would necessarily be generated by the same Perfect Rationality as ours—our God.

So, let’s get back to the nuances of everyday life. Before I became aware of our God’s essence, I reacted to them with anger, frustration, disappointment, disillusionment etc.—I simply didn’t want those frustrations. However, with my current understanding, I realized most of them were caused by me and my rebellious nature—I didn’t understand God’s Perfect rationality.

Now, I have to chuckle to myself and say, “that’s another example of God’s Perfection”. That ideation doesn’t lighten the workload, but it helps me to be more careful and patient. As an afterthought, I spend at least half my time talking to myself saying the same thing, “it’s God’s Perfection”.

I am constantly reminding myself that, if all those untoward actions and reactions did not occur and always in perfect fashion, nothing in this universe could or would be reliable and functional—everything would be a complete failure from its inception. That, of course, means we, nor anything we know of would be here.

It is God’s perfect knowledge-based truth system which makes everything possible including all our frustrations. Simultaneously, it is that same system which makes possible all the joy and happiness we experience for having accomplished something worthwhile using that identical system.

The System is Perfect—we just got to understand it and respect it for what it is— our God. We will never know and understand it all, but as a world society, we are learning more and more of God’s perfection daily. Meanwhile, that same knowledge has made it more likely that we may soon self-destruct, and for what reason? —power, control, and riches (money). The logical question then is, how did we come to this point?

The answer to that question is multifaceted, indeed, but from my perspective, the least common denominator of it all is lack of like mindedness about our creator God—our Perfect Rational Being. Every god of any kind ever suggested is a pure myth. Each person has his own god just as each child has its own Santa. Most of those gods have been deemed to be vengeful and demanding appeasement—and ‘religion’ came into being. One might think and certainly would hope that religion would be an ameliorating factor in promoting like mindedness. However, vast experience has shown us just the opposite. Religion of any and all kinds has been the most divisive factor of all. Not only has it fostered and promoted perpetual hostilities among themselves worldwide but, by its basic irrational nature, it has enticed solution-seekers to dream up more destructive schemes of societal function such as socialism and communism.

Just look at our globe today—it could go up in a giant fireball any second. And who is to blame? —irrational religion and ideologies. All religion is irrational because none I am aware of recognizes and respects our Perfect Rational Being as God. Until they  humble themselves to that recognition, there can be no like mindedness—therefore, no peace. Of course, doing so would negate the need for their existence, and that’s not likely to happen anyways soon.

So, having said all that, you can help the cause of like mindedness and peace immeasurably by doing the following: when anything you attempt hits a snag such as inadvertently setting a cup too close to the edge and have it crash into pieces, or slip on an icy step and sustain an injury, or playing with your phone while driving, wreck your car, or grapple with a piece of netting hanging one time after another, or a billion other such adversities, just quietly chuckle and say to yourself, “it’s God’s Perfection”. Then we are becoming more tolerant of our own and each other’s deficiencies—just as Jesus commanded, we are loving our God and our neighbor as ourselves.

I have written extensively on these subjects. If you have not already read Wilderness cry, please do so. Then Peace in Spirituality and Provocative Catholic will ring true for you. Growing Up In Fancy Farm Kentucky will tickle your fancy.

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