God is all powerful—How many times we have heard and thought that exact concept! But have we ever wondered how and why that is? I have shown in previous writings how and why God cannot just ‘silly-willy’ do anything he wants (what we think he may want). Of course, there is a reason for everything, and there is a distinct reason for God’s seeming impotence. Most of what we have been taught that God can do is pure nonsense, and here’s why.

All knowledge in this universe exists in God’s one singular vision with his Perfect Intellect—that vision was all the tiniest particles of energy which make up everything in gravid existence. Those particles were willed by God’s Perfect Will, The Holy Spirit, to come into existence at one instance known as ‘the big bang’. Each particle is perfect in both form and function, and is neither changing nor changeable—each has and will always, do exactly what God commissioned it to do.

God cannot possibly ‘change his mind’—remember, something perfect cannot possibly be augmented, degraded, or altered in any way. Any alteration in the form, or function of God’s perfect particles would cause an immediate disruption of our universal system—our universe would immediately implode, and God with it. So, where does God’s power come from?

God’s power exists in particles of energy, known as quanta, which he envisioned with his Perfect Intellect, and chose (loved, willed) with his Holy Spirit, The Will of God. Mind you, our sun, which is only one of trillions and trillions and trillions in our universe, has a remaining life expectancy of about 4.5-5 billion years. It has been in existence about 5 billion years already. So, it is middle-aged. Where then does the sun get its light, heat. and gravitational pull? It gets it all from its massive fusion reactions which convert Hydrogen into Helium.

Likely, everyone has heard of a ‘hydrogen bomb’. It is many times more powerful that an ‘atom bomb’. In an atom bomb, a large atom is split into many smaller ones with the release of energy—that is known as a ‘fission reaction’. In a hydrogen bomb, two hydrogen molecules are forced to fuse into a helium atom with the release of many times more energy—a ‘fusion reaction.

Now picture this: our sun is 1.3 million times larger than our earth. Try to imagine a hydrogen bomb the size of our earth. Now, try to imagine a hydrogen bomb 1.3 million times that large. Now try to visualize a hydrogen bomb a trillion-trillion times that large. Now try to imagine 100-trillion-trillion other celestial bodies of various forms and functions. Of course, we cannot wrap our minds around such magnitude. We are, however, gaining a glimpse into the magnitude of God’s power—his Spirit, The Holy Spirit, The Will of God is imprinted upon each of those particles. That Holy Spirit keeps each of them Perfect in both Form and Function just as God is Perfect.

Now, with that understanding, do you think God is All-powerful? —I do. However, despite that unthinkable power, God’s Perfection allows for no change. Any slightest change would obviate his perfection.

So, what are the implications of that understanding? From the very beginning of recorded human history, people have been taught that there were ‘string pulling’ gods who were controlling our every move. Most of those teachings and beliefs led to the formation of a religion designed to ‘appease’ those gods in hopes of gaining favor. The Hebrews, while recognizing ‘one true God’, were no different. They saw themselves as being able to ‘bargain’ with their God down to the last penny.

When Jesus came along, he could clearly see how the corrupt leaders were bilking their subjects of their hard-earned money under the guise of appeasing God. He went about in the ‘shadows’ attempting to teach his followers that God was ‘all love’—“Hear ye, oh Israel, I give you two commandments—thou shalt love your God with your all, and thou shalt love thy neighbor as yourself” (paraphrased). Jesus was a genius. He knew instinctively that God was in everything, else it could not be. Jesus refused to condemn anyone. Did he not forgive the harlot, Mary Magdalene, and the ‘woman at the well’ who had many husbands? Jesus could see how religion was being used to instill extreme guilt in people for being ‘perfectly normal’ as God had designed. The concept of sin was a ‘manufactured ploy’ aimed at control, power and money—it still is.

Jesus knew that breeches of societal regulation must be handled humanely, but not in the name of religion. His sole purpose and intention was to liberate people from the terrible blanket of guilt which had been pulled over them by religion, all for control.

It seems certain that we will never know how successful he was in his educational efforts. By the time Emperor Constantine called the first Council at Nicaea in the year 325 AD, there were 1800 so-called bishops under his domain. They were constantly squabbling and bickering with each other about what Jesus said and did. It seems very likely that each bishop altered the written word to suit his own whims. In any event, 180 of those bishops met and formed the Holy Roman Catholic Church. Totally ignoring Jesus’ teachings of God’s Love, they patterned the new religion exactly after Judaism—and the control, power and money extraction persists to this day. In fact, there are 33,000 of those money factories worldwide.

You might ask; “What does all that rambling have to do with The All-Powerful God?” And I would answer; “Everything”. I must confess that I am not intimately familiar with the teaching of every so-called Christian sect. However, I am familiar enough to observe the perpetuation of the ‘big lie’ that God can, and does, ‘change his mind’ and perform miracles for some. Of course, all the ‘big lie’ is mediated through churches which demand our attendance, attention, and most of all, our money.

Above, I have shown clearly that none of that money-grabbing teaching is possible. God cannot possibly change anything. That means that all the praying, begging, and paying is total nonsense.

Now, mind you, I am no fool. I am fully aware, that all that guilt and associated praying and paying are an ‘anxiety reliever’ for many—such is their sense of self-deprecation, guilt and oftentimes worthlessness. Also, there are many that would ‘swear on a stack of bibles’ that God worked a miracle just for them, and oftentimes for a trivial request.

In summary, then: God is all powerful in his domain in which we exist. However, his power, enormous as it is, has limits confined to his Perfection. He cannot possibly change anything.

With that in mind, our only justifiable prayer is this; Thank you Lord God, Jesus and Holy Spirit for my existence, my sustenance, and my eternal existence with you.

I have expounded this philosophy in depth in my books, Wilderness Cry, Peace in Spirituality, and Provocative Catholic. In addition, I have published a semi-autobiography of the first twenty-two years of my life which you may enjoy, Growing Up In Fancy Farm Kentucky. Amazon-Kindle, and from me (handg@comcast.net).

As a footnote, I am aware that other religions, namely Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism have been trapped by some of that same delusional thinking.

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  1. Dr. Hunt- just now getting my settings changed on LinkedIn after I retired and had another hip replacement surgery. Like this article, the last two summary paragraphs make perfectly logical sense. I am looking seriously into doing some freelance writing myself, would like to meet with you again to discuss your experience with the writing world.
    Hope you are doing well- Best wishes, Richard Noss


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