By defining God’s essence as ‘a Perfect Rational Being’, I have shown conclusively how and why all of God’s accidents (attributes),’God is All Knowing, All Powerful, All Loving’, stem directly from his essence of Perfect Rationality. There is absolutely nothing that can justifiably be said about God that in not included in that essential understanding and its attendant attributes.

Throughout recorded history, mankind, in his ignorance of God’s essence, has ascribed all sorts of illegitimate attributes to God. I say ‘ignorance’ because, in the beginning, it was truly lack of any knowledge, and it remained so until near-modern times. Mankind was simply trying to interpret the cause-effect relationship of events in their lives. Over the eons, many myths developed which, when combined with superstition, generated a whole host of irrational attributes of God. Of course, those perceptions became reality in their minds, and became the guiding forces in their behavior.

Eventually, many of those irrational perceptions became edicts of their rulers. Ultimately, those edicts were perceived as ‘handy tools’ of ultimate power exercised for total control which made extraction of their subjects’ hard-earned money and resources, not only possible, but rather, mandatory. I have searched far and wide for years and have been unable to discover any perceptibly meaningful change—that irrationality not only persists but seems to be thriving, albeit at a slower pace. In general, I perceive that people are becoming more and more skeptical of religion, but most seem not to know why—they have yet to read my philosophy books, Wilderness Cry, Peace in Spirituality, and Provocative Catholic. When they do, they will learn the basis for their skepticism.

So, let’s examine some of those myths. For starters, we begin with the ‘Adam and Eve’ story with its attendant ‘Original Sin’ concept. Augustine, Ambrose, Jerome, and other ascetics conveniently used that idea to explain mankind’s inherited sinful nature. They defined sin as an offense against God—something that hurts and displeases God and warrants God’s wrath. I have shown those concepts to be in error on two fronts—God’s Perfection negates any possibility of his being hurt or displeased—God’s Perfect Love negates any possibility of his hating or hurting anyone or anything for any reason.

Of course, Augustine was attempting to ‘justify’ that concept of sin’s origin but, more importantly, justify his position as Bishop or Sheppard of his flock—after all, he was a ‘big figure with a big stick’. Remember, he had spent his entire life as a debauch, womanizing and, simultaneously, sampling almost every known religion. Just as important, he was perpetuating the ‘absolute truth’ that woman was the seat of all evil—she, of course, tempted Adam to sin. Suddenly, he ‘got real religion’ and immediately was consecrated Bishop of Hippo in northern Africa.

 I have shown that the idea of ‘sin’ was/is a man-made concept aimed at controlling man’s God-given animal nature which is no different from any other animal except for our rationality—I suspect we should not be so cock-sure about that either. Just how rational are we? —at times, seemingly, extremely irrational.

Jesus recognized mankind’s ‘animal nature’ which is exhibited in many different forms due to individual personality development. He also recognized God’s Perfect Love—his only two commandments paraphrased were ‘Love your God with your all and love your neighbor as yourself’. Jesus condemned no one. He called out some as ‘hypocrites’—others he labeled a ‘brood of vipers’ or ‘a den of thieves’.

What religion has labeled as ‘sin’, should, for the most part, be of civil consideration only. Human society makes its own rules regarding many things and major breeches of those rules are managed in a court of law, not a court in heaven.

On another front, we are routinely presented with the myth of ‘miracles’. I have shown conclusively that physical miracles are a distinct impossibility—God is Perfect and cannot possibly change anything about himself. In this universe, all knowledge, all power, and all love (acceptance) are perfectly preserved by their generator, God’s Perfect Rationality. For God to ‘unknow, unlove, uncontrol’ anything would require a complete breakdown of his Perfection—not a possibility. So, miracles represent one of two scenarios, either wishful thinking or misappropriation (misinterpretation) of events as perceived. A natural explanation exists for every event of any kind—it may not be obvious and therefore becomes subject to either wishful thinking or misinterpretation. I suspect it is often a convenience contrivance used for an ulterior purpose.  

Prayer of any kind except ‘thanksgiving’ is a total waste of time and energy and borders on blasphemy because it is asking God to submit his Perfect Will to us rather than we submitting our wills to him. You might say, “what about prayers of contrition?” And I say you would do better for yourselves if you confessed with a contrite heart to a civil judge and vowed to not severely breech the law again.

Perfect Love allows for no possibility of hate or rejection. Likewise, since all existences are ‘part of God’, he cannot possibly reject or discard part of himself. Neither can he allow any part of himself to be separated. So, it is easy to see how these concepts came to be—they are contrivances designed to instill fear and guilt in us for purposes of ultimate control by their designers, the founders of religion. In the case of Christianity, it all stems from Constantine’s mandate for formation of The Holy Roman Catholic Church which was patterned exactly after the Judaism that Jesus despised.

Then there is the rite of Baptism which is generally accepted as a fundamental requirement for becoming a Christian. Likely, most people would be shocked and amazed to learn that Baptism was instituted by the Egyptians thousands of years ago as a ritual cleansing in the waters of the Nile River. Remember, the Israelites were enslaved by the Egyptians for forty years. During those years, they adopted the Egyptians ritual cleansing—likely, they were forced into it. That understanding explains the biblical narrative of, “John was baptizing in the Jordan”, with no further explanation. Is seems obvious that the author of that narrative expected all his readers to understand baptism to be a normal Jewish ritual which had been part of their lives for centuries. It had/has absolutely nothing to do with our relationship with God. It does have everything to do with a membership in a ready-made, controlling, influence peddling, money-machine.

I could go on and on, but it suffices to say that nearly every concept of modern-day, so-called, Christianity is in total conflict with God’s Perfection. All are based on the irrational teaching stemming from the Jews, that our God is a vengeful God, demanding sacrifice, and ready and willing to deliver his wrath on all. He can be merciful, but seldom loving. His ‘mercy stems from the fact that we have ‘offended, hurt, displeased’ him. We are guilty, but if we beg enough and give our money to him (?), he will temporarily forgive us. However, we must never let our guard down—we are condemned to live under a blanket of guilt and fear. I can tell you with certainty, ‘I know no such God’. My God is Perfect Love—he accepts you and me unconditionally.

So, in simple summary—all rationality in our universe is exhibited in God’s perfect particulate energy (quanta) which is demonstrated in all knowledge, all power , and all love (acceptance).

It seems to me that the Hindus and Buddhists, for the most part, have been engaged in attempts at understanding God’s essence rather than developing schemes of ‘bargaining’ with him. Of course, they also failed in their efforts at defining God’s essence because of lack of scientific understanding.

If you have not already done so, please read my books explaining this philosophy completely—you must read Wilderness Cry first. Then, you will understand the others.

If you would like to know more about me, Growing Up In Fancy Farm Kentucky is for you—Amazon-Kindle and

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