God is All Knowing. How many thousands of times have we heard and, possibly, used that term? Have you ever pondered how or why that is? I suspect most of us have been taught that from an early age and just accepted it without question. Probably, also we have been led to believe that God can do anything he wants, or better still, do anything we want him to do. Well, I’m here to tell you that neither of those assertions are true and I will explain why and how those false assumption came to be.

We will begin to understand that falsehood when we come to realize that all knowledge was released in one simultaneous instant—the moment of the Big Bang. Prior to that, there was no time. God existed in eternity, but all his knowledge was stored in his singularity—it had nor been released or exposed.

The instant God chose to expose (release) his knowledge, it was done in the form and fashion of a ‘big bang’. And what was the ‘big bang’? Simply stated, it was the instant in which God imagined with his Perfect Intellect all the particles of energy (quanta) and chose (loved, accepted) them with his Holy Will to be released throughout the entire universe(s)—Trinity God became evident.

Immediately, those particles began performing the task for which they were designed—Time was instituted. They began making things—protons and neutrons which along with electrons formed atoms. They did, and are still doing, their given task in perfect fashion. They are unrelenting, unchanging, and unchangeable in both their form their and task—they exist in eternity—they are God.

Collectively, those little particles encompass the entirety of rationality—they represent everything God imagined—they are the totality of truth—they are the totality of knowledge.

Of course, the atoms formed from God’s particulate energy, have continued to act, and react with each other to form every gravid object in existence. As explained in previous communications, each of those entities exhibit an unfulfilled need which I have labeled selfishness. That selfishness is what perpetuates time (change) in the exhibition of God’s ultimate goal—his demonstration of Perfect Love which is his unrelenting acceptance of us and all creation.

It should be obvious, then, that God’s Knowledge cannot possibly be changed. God is not capable of rejecting his own Perfection. Therefore, there is nothing new in the universe. However, nearly everything in the universe is yet to be discoverer, uncovered, exposed by us. We have just begun to make those exposures.

Remember, just a few centuries ago, the earth was flat, the earth was the center of the universe, sex was evil, witches roamed the earth, and men had the right to conquer and enslave each other.

To stoke your memory further, I’ll ask one simple question; “Who perpetuated those myths?” And I’ll give you a very short and simple answer; “Religion”. In the western world it was and is the Holy Roman Catholic Church which was commissioned by the Roman Emperor Constantine in 325 AD and has been perpetuated in diluted and strangulating form by them and the other thirty-three thousand so-called Christian religions ever since.

Collectively, they may now admit that the earth is round, that the sun is center of our solar system (universe), witches are a myth, sex is a ‘necessary evil’, and that colonization is immoral. They admit to those considerations only because they are ‘proven facts’—they are a sample of God’s Perfect Rationality. However, they have not and will not admit that the ‘colonization’ of our minds through the myth that God’s Perfect Intellect can be changed is a gross refutation of God’s Perfection.

God is Perfect in all respects and, therefore, cannot possibly change anything.

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Seemingly, not a day goes by that I don’t see someone’s post on Facebook asking for ‘prayer warriors’ or anyone and everyone for prayers for some cause of theirs. Always, I must immediately ask myself; “what do they want? —are they asking me to ask God to change his mind, or are they simply asking for my kind wishes?” I get the distinct idea that they are asking for God to change his mind and ‘perform a miracle’ just for them, which, I have just shown, is impossible. They always have my kindest considerations and best wishes but that’s as far as it can rationally go.

Who’s at fault here? Quite obviously, it is the churches and their preachers who instill delusional ideas into our minds for one simple reason—control of our minds and pocketbooks. Instead of preaching God’s Perfection which includes his Perfect Love, they thrive on lathering us with the guilt-ridden Old Testament myths of a vengeful God who can be influenced by ‘sacrifice and begging.

Likely, the people who wrote such nonsense were trying to understand their Higher Power, but because of total ignorance they had no possible chance of making intelligent assessments, but society has been stuck with that irrationality ever since. It did, in fact, eventually become extremely profitable for its perpetrators—guess what? —it still is.

In my original dissertation on this subject in my book, Wilderness Cry, published in 2016, I make what should be an accepted fact that our ‘only justifiable prayer’ is a ‘great big thank you Lord God for my life, my sustenance, and for your perfect love of me’.

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My books Peace in Spirituality and Provocative Catholic extensively elaborate on God’s Essence and his accidents (attributes).

In addition, an historic and humorous account of my pioneer life and upbringing is Growing Up In Fancy Farm Kentucky and has been enhanced with many pertinent photos of the time. They are all available from me and Amazon-Kindle.

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