God’s Will is the other half of his Perfect Rationality. It is, in fact, the Holy Spirit. In our last correspondence, we discussed God’s Perfect Intellect which perceived and perceives all. That ‘all’ are the tiny particles of energy which make up every gravid existence and represents a ‘mirror image’ of their Generator whom we call God the Father. Cumulatively, those particles, being a mirror image of the Father, become God the Son. So, now we have two perfect, identical beings viewing each other. They have no choice except to ‘accept, love, choose, will’, each other. That is The Will of God—The Holy Spirit, the third person of the Trinity.

In former days, the Holy Spirit was called the Holy Ghost. I suspect that Holy Ghost stemmed from the superstition which pervaded early Christianity, as it still does. However, even though they had not the foggiest idea of what they were talking about, church leaders, a few years back, decided Ghost was a little too scary and replaced it with Spirit.

In my book Provocative catholic, I define spirit as ‘a driving force’, and the Holy Spirit as ‘The Existence Giving Principal’.

So, in simple language, with his Perfect Intellect God Perceived ‘all’ and said, “I like that “and with his Perfect Will, the Holy Spirit, he said “I will, love, choose” that ‘all’.

Thomas Aquinas’ philosophy which stems from Aristotle, and which was eagerly adopted by the Catholic Church, makes it appear that the intellect and will are independent of each other. That is to say, they operate totally independently of each other. I can prove to you that is incorrect. There is no such thing as ‘free will’. In a rational person, the will ‘must choose’ what the intellect perceives and presents to it as the ‘better of two choices’. In an irrational, psychotic, crazy, person, that is not the case. In fact, those people’s intellects frequently seem not to recognize the proper identity of things. Therefore, their choices do not meet the standards of rationality—they are ‘out of touch’ with reality, and they say and do things which are irrational.

You may say,” what about a murderer, rapist or bank robber. They make the choice to do those things?’ And I say, they make the choice because their intellect tells them that those choices are the better. That, of course, has to do with ‘personality development’.

That very concept goes to the heart of our western world legal system. Instinctively, we want revenge with punishment for criminals. Jesus never rejected anyone—he called some hypocrites, others, a ‘pit of vipers’, and still others ‘a den of thieves’ because of their using religion to bilk their subordinates. He was a traitor because he was preaching God’s Love versus their preaching a vengeful God who demanded sacrifice.

As a sidelight, a momentary comment about criminal management. They must be incarcerated with love until and if they can be rehabilitated to the point of seeing their criminal behavior as bad and unacceptable—that is possible through psychoanalytic psychotherapy.

Jesus, the ‘Great Liberator’ knew that we are all different personality-wise. He knew that peace could only be achieved by our accepting each other’s differences. That is why he gave us the two Great Commandments—Love God with our all and Love or neighbor as ourselves. That ‘love’ means ‘acceptance’.

I have shown how God, with his Perfect Love, accepts us unconditionally because we are made by him in his exact image—he cannot possibly reject, hate himself. With his Holy Spirit (Will) he keeps his ‘stamp of approval, acceptance, love’ on all his creation. Jesus knew that and he knew that his people ‘must be liberated’ from the oppressive, guilt purveyance of religion.

It was the Jewish religion he was decrying at the time. However, were he alive today, he would ‘be after ’all so-called Christianity because it is all patterned exactly after the Jewish template.

I have thoroughly elucidated this philosophy in my books, Wilderness Cry, Peace in Spirituality, and Provocative Catholic. If you would like to, know more about me personally, you would likely find my book, Growing Up in Fancy Farm Kentucky, to be very interesting and possibly spine-tingling. All books are available Amazon-Kindle and from me—

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