Today, I will discuss with you another of God’s attributes, his Perfect Intelligence which perceived all. Often, we have heard that God is all-knowing and that is true. He is all-knowing because his Perfect Intelligence envisioned all knowledge at once. That knowledge stems from God’s only creation which is all the tiny particles of energy which make up every tangible existence. Collectively, those particles are known as quanta which is the plural of quantum and represents the smallest particle which cannot be further subdivided.

Quanta come in many different varieties each of which has specific characteristics and activities. However, each particle of any variety is indistinguishable from its counterparts, each is perfect in both form and function, and each is unchanging and unchangeable. In total, they represent God’s Perfect Intelligence. Just as important, they are God’s mirror image, and represent the Second Person of the Trinity. Because they are the sum-total of God’s intelligence, they are God—Just as God the father, their generator, they do now, always have, and always will exist in eternity.

Quanta have been given different names by particle physicists—names such as photon, electron, quark, boson, etc., and each has specific characteristics and duties. For instance, a photon is the basic unit of light—unless absorbed, it will travel through space incessantly at the speed of 186,000 miles/second. Quarks make up the protons and neutrons in the nuclei of atoms, and electrons spin around those nuclei to complete the atomic complex. The great particle physicist, Stephen Hawking, proved scientifically that an electron can be in 5 x 1050 places simultaneously. That understanding led him to suggest that each of those places represents a different universe. So, we are speaking of a Perfect rational being of incomprehensible knowledge, and dimension. Try to imagine a number like 50 with fifty zeros attached—that number is probably too small to encompass God.

 I would have to conclude that God has no limits. Because he is those particles, he knows exactly what each has done and will do forever—hence the source of his perfect knowledge. He set them in motion and created time nearly fourteen billion years ago. Knowledgeable scientists tell us he will recall them into a singularity seventy-five billion years hence.

So, the implications of God’s perfect Intellect are many. I will list a few that may resonate with you. Because God’s Perfect Intellect espouses Perfect Love, he cannot hate—he accepts all his creation without expectations. Therefore, hell is an impossibility. Because God’s nature is unchangeable and unchanging, physical miracles are an impossibility. There is natural explanation for all such events—we simply have not discovered it yet. Incessantly begging God to make something unnatural happen (asking for a miracle) borders on blasphemy because we are asking God to change his nature for us rather than humbling ourselves to accept our plight. In my opinion, our only justifiable prayer is a great big thank you God for my existence, my sustenance, and your love.

One could ramble on forever about the implications of God’s perfect Intellect, but these few examples should be sufficient to make it clear.

This is an entirely new philosophy which I was able to derive from my definition of God’s essence: God is a Perfect Rational Being—who can refute that?

My complete philosophy is spelled out in my Books, Wilderness Cry, Peace in Spirituality, and my latest, Provocative Catholic. Wilderness Cry is an absolute mandatory read for your understanding—you will then want to read the others. If you would like to know more about the author, Growing Up in Fancy Farm Kentucky will tickle your insights. All are available from Amazon and Kindle.

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