Have you ever noticed that everything around you is constantly changing? Maybe more importantly, have you ever wondered why that change is taking place? For the longest time, in my formative years, I was educated to note change as a factual event. Sometimes, superficial descriptions of why some changes occurred were given, but seldom, if ever, was an in-depth analysis offered. For instance, those of us living in temperate and polar climes were made to take note of seasonal changes—longer, warmer days in summer, and shorter, colder days in winter. Similarly, we became aware that certain grasses and weeds stayed green and continued to grow in winter, while others turned brown and ceased to grow after repeated frosts began. We noted that, as the days got shorter, tree leaves lost their green luster, eventually turned brown, and dropped to the ground. We learned that a tree’s sap left its branches and trunk, and flowed down into its root system. Parenthetically, I was already a mature adult before it became apparent to me that, even in tropical and sub-tropical areas, tree underwent a, more or less, continual replacement of their leaves. But, no one ever gave me an in-depth explanation of the ultimate cause of those changes. Any educated botanist could have easily given me a scientific explanation. However, very likely, none would have been able to give me a satisfactory philosophical basis for those changes. I will attempt to do so now.

We note literally thousands, maybe millions, of visible changes in our lifetime. We see changes in the size and position of the moon and other celestial bodies on a regular recurring basis. Archeologists, paleontologists, biologists, and a host of other ‘…ologists’ have made us aware that over the eons, we humans have evolved from quadrupeds to bipeds to Homo Sapiens. Our astute cosmologists, astrophysicists and mathematicians suggest to us that our entire universe is in a constant flux of change. We know from the science of chemistry and physics that billions of physicochemical changes are occurring on a moment to moment basis everywhere—why do you suppose that is? I would propose to you that it is God’s, deliberately created, imbalanced, nature attempting to balance its own scales, thereby generating a ‘selfish’ need.

To my knowledge, no scientist or philosopher has ever offered a foolproof explanation for the basic essential cause of change—I did, and I have. That explanation has its roots in my irrefutable definition of the essence of God: God is a Perfect Rational Being. That Perfect Rationality translates into Perfect Love. Perfect Love translates into a Perfect Need (a perfect lovee). That perfect lovee translates into an entire universe(s) of evil (selfishness). Selfishness translates into need, and need translates into change. If there were no need, there would be no change and ,therefore, no time—only eternity. God chose to demonstrate his Perfect Love by allowing a %100 evil universe of selfish need to come into existence so he could, simultaneously, ‘demonstrate’ and ‘be’ Perfect Love. Remember, love (acceptance) is an abstract concept. Active love requires ‘two to tango’— a lover and a lovee—enter Jesus.

Let’s consider a simple example of imbalance which equilibrates to selfish need. During its dormant state, a tree’s leaves cease to function—they stop absorbing CO2 and sunlight, the chemical laden sap departs them, and chlorophyll photosynthesis ceases—the leaves dry, turn brown and fall to the ground. The chemically supporting sap is already well on its way to the roots. In Springtime, when the days lengthen and temperatures warm, the tree awakens—it senses a sudden imbalanced demand for sap nutrients generated by the need of new buds which will eventually open into flowers and leaves. The flowers will form seed for reproduction, and the leaves will begin the process of photosynthesis which will support the overall growth and health of both the tree structure and the seed—and the cycle repeats itself annually until death. A similar process pertains in most living entities. It is that perpetual imbalance or disorder in the universe, known to scientists as entropy, which I believe God caused (willed) to happen so his universe could exist in a time/space framework of selfishness need, through which he could demonstrate his Perfect Love by the sacrificial death of his mirror image, Jesus.

Jesus did, in fact, tell us about God’s love—his only command was that we love our God with our all, and love our neighbor as ourselves—the self-serving Jewish hierarchy did not want to hear that. Love would have destroyed their ‘power base’ and their ‘money machine’—so, they killed him. They killed God’s mirror image, and our brother, because he told us who the ‘real God’ is. He knew they would—he tricked them into it. Thank God for his Perfect Love through Jesus.

We are now two thousand years past Jesus and his heroic death for us— has anything changed?—not that I can tell— Jesus’ mandate of love has been totally ignored. Religion is just as it was then—self-serving, controlling, gilt purveying, money machine. Remember Jesus’ overturning the money-changer’s tables? Wouldn’t it be nice if Jesus were here now?—probably not nice for him—very likely, he’d get killed again.

It is a general given that change is commonly resisted—we selfish humans become too comfortable with ‘having it our way’. However, it behooves us to be ever aware that change is God ordained, and for a very specific purpose—our salvation—any questions?

You will find the explicit answer to any and all relevant questions in my two little books, Wilderness Cry and Peace in Spirituality.

Wilderness Cry by Hilary L. Hunt, M.D. – YouTube

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