What is a framer? A framer may be defined as anyone who forms or creates a plan, structure, working system, or concept upon which additional entities may be added. Some common examples would be: the framers of our constitution, who created the basic set of rigorous concepts upon which amendments could be added without changing the basic framework; in construction, we speak of ‘framing a house or other type building’, which means erecting the supporting skeleton upon which additional amenities such as plumbing, electrical, dry-wall, siding, etc. may be added; a picture-framer is one who makes rigid structures designed to support and/or display photographs, paintings, drawings, and the like—as a sidelight, when in med school during the summer of 1956, between my sophomore and junior years, I got a job making picture frames in Saint Louis, Mo— I could cut the pieces and assemble 500, 10″x12″, frames in an eight hour day—I got paid $0.05/each; in the case of more advanced living things, each has a supporting framework of bone or cartilage upon which its flesh and vitals are attached.

There are literally thousands of ways the word, framer, might be used, but the one I want to address today are the framers of religion. There are many known historical facts regarding such activity. As far as I can determine, the Egyptians are given credit for devising (framing) the first documented deity worship (religion).

So, what is religion? It is a ritualistic practice aimed at honoring, worshiping, and/or appeasing a presumed higher power (god). Noticing both good and bad events in their lives, the Egyptians attempted to explain those occurrences as being due to the influence of that/those power(s). They reasoned that those powers resided in, or were manifested in celestial bodies such as the sun, moon and stars. They connected the dots of certain stars to form twelve animal characters which were arranged in a circular pattern and the Zodiac was recognized. Seemingly, most of their religious understanding and practices emanated from that framework.

Without going into too much detail, according to the Greek historian, Herodotus (c. 484-425/413 BCE), the first recognized Egyptian god was a ‘bearded old creature’ named Geb. He was considered to be the primeval King of Egypt. He had a god-son Osiris and a god-grandson Horus. Osiris, was killed by by his god-brother, Set. Geb was also described as father of the mythological snake-goddess Nehebkau of primeval times. After Orisis died, he arose after three days. Geb then turned the throne over to Orisis (the Sun-Son). Geb then took over the role of Judge in the Divine Tribunal of Gods. It should be noted, however, that there were many ‘lesser’ gods’ who had specific functions. The Holy Ghost was vaguely recognized as the ‘life-imparting breath’ of some gods.

Later on, the Egyptians reasoned that the misfortunes they experienced in their lives must be due to their god-displeasing deeds. Therefore, their angry gods must be appeased—a scapegoat must be offered to those angry gods. That unfortunate critter usually was a bull, but may be any one of several animals. However, not just any animal would suffice—it must be a ‘perfect’ specimen. After a thorough examination to ascertain that perfection, it was selected . After first cutting the animal’s throat, it was then beheaded—the head was then mounted on a pole and sold to any Hellenes(Greeks) present; if none were present, it was cast into the Nile with the expectation that all evil spirits went with it. The remaining carcus, after due preparation, was burned as a sacrificial offering—a religion was thus framed. In addition, the Egyptians had already established Baptism—a ritual cleansing in the waters of the Nile river.

Now, fast forward to the great famine which prompted the Israelites to seek food from the Egyptians. Because they had no other recourse, the Israelites allowed themselves to be enslaved by the Egyptians for forty years. It seem without doubt that ,during those forty years, the Israelites accepted and adopted the Egyptian framework of worship as their own for their ‘sacrificial religion’ of appeasement of their ‘angry God’. In addition, the Hebrews also adopted the practice of ‘baptism’.

We all know the story of how ‘sin’ was created by Moses in order to control his subjects. His commands for good life and living were ignores by his flock. He lacked sufficient clout—after all, he was a murderer, and they knew it—how could he preach to them? So, he had to make the ultimate claim that such a framework for good living was a ‘direct order’ from God—any breacher would be severely punished by God.

As a sidelight, has anyone ever wondered about the Biblical story in Exodus concerning the Israelites ignoring Moses commands, and reverting to worshiping the ‘golden calf’. Remember, the Israelites were near starvation, having to depend on mana (a sort of hoarfrost) for their existence. How and where were they able to acquire the resources necessary to find, melt, and mold a golden calf?—mind you, they were in a desolate desert. You don’t suppose some ‘dreamer’ was attempting to frame a picture to ‘his liking’ when he wrote that story, do you?

Now, lets fast-forward again to the Nazarene, Jesus. He was a traitor to the Hebrew religion. They had adopted the Egyptian playbook (framework) of appeasing a vengeful God by making ‘perfect’ offerings to him. Just as the Egyptians, not just any ‘Tom, Dick, or Harry’ could make those offerings or, even, provide them —it could only be done by the High Priest, and always at the price of a ‘pretty penny’. Such a framework was soooo lucrative for the Jewish ‘royalty’. Jesus readily recognized the fallacy in such ‘pagan’ exercises, he also understood the ultimate cynicism demonstrated in their performance—‘all pigs are equal, but some are more equal than others’.

Jesus taught that the only thing needed and required was Love—he commanded us to love our ‘One True God’, and to love our neighbor—that framework got him killed. Jesus despised religion. Jesus condemned no one. He commanded his apostles to go into the world and tell them the ‘good news’ (gospel)—and what was that good news?—‘that I have come to die for you as the one and only ultimate sacrifice in atonement for your sins’—relax, be joyous, be happy—give thanks to your God for my sacrifice on your behalf—that is the only ‘Gospel’.

Now, we hasten to fast-forward to the year 325AD. The Roman Empire was in chaos because or infighting among the so-called Christians. Each group was attempting to frame Jesus’ teachings differently, and why?—either they didn’t understand or they didn’t care, but ultimately, it was for the benefit of the Bishops. Emperor Constantine, recognizing the reason for that mass conflagration, called the Bishops into conclave at Nicaea. Once assembled, he commissioned them to frame a religion of ‘their liking’—it would become the official religion of the entire Roman Empire. They did and it was—the official Catholic (universal) Church was born.

I will submit to you that the Church framers have twisted, turned, and asqued that frame incessantly since its beginning. However, parts of that framework have persisted, and have never deviated—Hierarchal control, sacrificial rites, and Baptism—straight off the blueprint of the Egyptian-Hebrew framers—a complete mockery of Jesus.

I know, without doubt, those words ‘burn a lot of ears’—no rational person wants to admit he has been duped—but duped we have been. Remember the old saying, “It’s the truth that hurts.”? It certainly does, but we must take it like a dose of ‘Castor oil’—otherwise, we, as a living entity, are doomed—likely, not we old dudes , but our children and their progeny—I sincerely feel for them. Just glance over your shoulder at the world around you—there are a multitude of framers busying themselves constructing a cage framework of enslavement for you all of humanity.

We, in this country are so divided by our petty differences, most of which are based on long-standing religious biases, that we, as a nation, are becoming emasculated by the minute. To make matters worse many of our European allies present an air of ‘la belle indifference’—the exact attitude which convinced Hitler he could destroy them—he did.

No one before me, except Jesus, has ever conclusively and completely defined (framed) the essence of God. Jesus told us that God, our Father, is all love and all truth. That understanding demands that God knows all, and accepts all. I framed that definition thus: God is a Perfect Rational Being. That definition completely frames God—a perfect picture. It translates into a Living Being who knows all Truth because he created it, and he Loves (accepts) all Truth because he created it. If you can add or subtract from the definition rationally, I will gladly accept and ‘stand corrected’—I’m waiting.

All religions, known to me, which admits to my definition, admits to their ‘total lack of meaningful purpose’—all have a ‘self-serving purpose’—power, money, control. That framework, and those framers are gradually destroying any chance of humanity’s self-directed survival.

The cage-makers are watching—they’re biding their time—I sense it’s getting near—the hatred and divisiveness in this country are almost unbearable. We are the only protectors of the ‘free world’—when we go down, everyone goes down. The atmosphere in this country, right this minute, may be likened to two tumble-bugs struggling with each other over a dung-ball, whilst being never-aware of the horse’s hoof poised above them, about to squash them into eternity—ultimately, because of indoctrination into religion, which is rooted in mythology, astrology and superstition from fourteen thousand years ago.

Does anyone understand that we must become united in our acceptance of God’s essence? That union would, indeed, destroy the ‘religion-based’ economy—it would, however, save us, our economy, and the world.

Where is Jesus and Love?

If you have any doubts or concerns about what I just said, I sincerely urge you to read my two little books, Wilderness Cry, and Peace in Spirituality.

Wilderness Cry by Hilary L. Hunt, M.D. – YouTube

Peace in Spirituality by Hilary L. Hunt, M.D. – YouTube

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