The word selfishness may conjure up all sorts of ideas in one’s mind. The thought that frequently comes to my mind is a ‘spoiled brat’ who has to be first for everything. You may think of a specific non-sharing person, while others may generate an innumerable variety of ideas demonstrating selfishness. The ultimate truth demands acceptance of the reality that everything in our universal existence is selfish, and why?—God made it to be that way.

When we analyze selfishness, we must conclude that it pertains to anything directed at self, Likely, most of us don’t think of it that way but all gravitational activity is selfish—something pushing or pulling in order to make more room for itself. A chair in your living room is bearing down on the floor while at the same time the floor is pushing back. If the floor were rotted and weak, the chair might accomplish its goal and break through the floor where it would meet an irresistible force, the earth. Mother Earth then accomplishes her goal of selfish enrichment as the chair gradually decays and is incorporated into her crust.

Selfishness then always involves an element of change. Humans have devised metrics for measuring change and we call them time. So, why would God create a universe of selfish change (time) when he , himself, exists in Eternity—a state of being where there is no time, and therefore no change is possible?

I pondered that question for years before it struck me that God, being perfect in all respects, needed a love object in order to demonstrate his perfect love which has been defined as ‘acceptance without conditions’. What better ‘love object’ to accept unconditionally than an entire universe of selfish evil—a universe so vast that no human mind can comprehend it?—enter Jesus.

Jesus recognized the presence of the Spirit of God in every entity in existence. Likewise, he recognized the selfish evil of said entities. Realizing that his existence giving principle (soul) as well as the soul of all existences, mirrored God , led him to believe that he (God) must suffer and die in total atonement. That, he graciously did so the terrible persecuting blanket of guilt would be removed from everything forever—Christianity was born.

So-called Christians, worldwide, celebrate the remembrance of that heroic event this week. Sadly, no two of the 33,000 Christian denominations and sects have the exact same understanding of those events. Each group (religion) is continually attempting to selfishly convert other group’s members to their war of thinking, and thereby enroll them into their own flock—the absolute opposite of what Jesus taught us and showed us—love of God and love of neighbor.

For full understanding of this philosophy, please read Wilderness Cry-A Scientific and Philosophical Approach To Understanding God and The Universe—Amazon, Kindle e-books.

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