Every rational being knows what balance means. That word may have have multiple connotations but only one basic understanding and that is ‘equilibrium’. We may speak of balance in hundreds of different ways but always with the same ultimate meaning—well rounded, stable, equal on both sides etc. When we weigh something on a set of scales, what are we doing—we’re determining the weight of the object by measuring how much weight would need to be added to the other side in order to balance the scales. Likewise, everyone knows what ‘imbalance’ means. When something is imbalanced or ‘out of balance’ it is unsteady in it’s approach, unequal to an opposing force, unequal to the opposite side of an equation etc.

A very common example of balance/imbalance is two kids playing on a see-saw—one may be much heavier than the other—a total imbalance—what are they going to do. I’d vouch to say that even seven year-olds, would reason to the proper solution rather quickly. Instinctively they would experiment with changing the pivot point of the board until a proper balance was achieved. Unwittingly, they would be doing a ‘lever arm’ experiment in classical, physics—they won’t do any calculations— they will simply experiment until they ‘get it right; and on they would go, see-sawing away.

We know from observation that balance negates change—two equal forces applied in opposite directions cancel each other completely. Consider this; if the universe in which we live were completely balanced, it would be at a complete stand-still—there would be no time—only eternity.

We do know that our universe has ‘entropy’ which is another way of saying it has ‘disorder’ or ‘imbalance’. I have defined the essence of our universe’s creator as ‘A Perfect Rational Being’ which we call by many names—God, in the Christian world—but by hundreds, maybe thousands, of different names elsewhere and at other times.. We also know that every gravid object in existence is composed of identical, perfect particles of energy, which, by virtue of their perfection, already do, and always have, existed in eternity. So, why does ‘entropy’ exist?

I can explain why it exists on a ‘philosophical’ basis, but not on a ‘mathematical and quantum’ basis—I’m not smart enough. By that I mean, I’m not educated enough—likely, no one is yet. However, on a philosophical basis, I am proposing a scientific hypothesis, which by the way, may already have been advanced. It is this:

Without in any way attempting to explain or understand its quantum specifics. I am proposing a scientific hypothesis that the ‘particle universe’ exists in a state of ‘perfect imbalance’. That imbalance accounts for the existence of our ‘visible universe’ which exists in a state of change (time). It also accounts for the presence of ‘black holes’ which, presumably, will eventually coalesce into one singularity—a state of perfect balance with no change possible. Only our Perfect rational being could ever make that determination. We call that being Godunwittingly, others call, and have called, it by hundreds of different names—a rose by any other name is still a rose.

The fact that we and every living thing are here, alive and changing; the fact that every celestial body is in a state of continuous change, either by motion or combustion, demonstrates clearly the state of imbalance (entropy) in the universe. In the absence of entropy, the universe would be frozen in time—a state of eternity. I’ll necessarily have to leave the specifics of how and why that all works to the super-scientists who investigate such matters.

Then, of course, there is the complicating, poorly understood, subject of dark matter and dark energy. Some day, some bright person will elucidate their meaning—more of God’s perfection will be known and understood for the absolute truth that it is. I am compelled to remind you again that the word ‘science’ comes from the Latin word ‘scientia’, which means knowledge—knowledge is ‘truth’—truth is God.

I believe we should thank God with our every living breath for scientists, the ‘truth-seekers’—imagine what life would be like if we were to revert to the year 4,000 BC, or even 1,500 AD—what about 1900 AD. We knew literally nothing of major benefit to human existence compared with today, and guess what—we haven’t even scratched the surface of understanding God’s Perfection.

Anyone who has read my two philosophy books, Wilderness Cry and Peace in Spirituality, knows that I have completely disclaimed and discredited the mythical God presented to us in the Bible. That so-called God was a string-pulling puppeteer, who could and would change his mind in a split second, and, furthermore, do so on a whim. I have never known such a God—I tried because it was demanded of me. It was chocked down my throat, so to speak, by religious zealots who didn’t know any better—they had swallowed it a long time before I. But, I gagged on it—that wasn’t my God. I knew it wasn’t ‘my God’ but it took me forever to find the ‘real God’—the Perfectly Rational One. As I understand more and more about our existence and the universe in which it is taking place, the puzzle is gradually coming together for me. I am delighted to share it with any and all who care to look and listen.

Wilderness Cry by Hilary L. Hunt, M.D. – YouTube

Peace in Spirituality by Hilary L. Hunt, M.D. – YouTube

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