Essence-Hilary L. Hunt M.D.

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngDo you know what a ‘thing-a-ma-jig’ is? Well, specifically speaking, neither do I. But I’d bet my last dollar that if you were to eavesdrop on a group of West Kentucky farmers sitting around a pot-bellied stove, you wouldn’t have to listen very long until you heard the term, thing-a-ma-jig. Each one, in turn, sooner or later is likely to utter the term during an attempt to explain a solution to some farm or machinery problem. However, not one of his listeners have the foggiest notion of what the other’s thing-a-ma-jig is, but true to the usual, each pretends to know exactly what he means.

Now that scenario is ‘common as house flies’, but more importantly represents the exact basis for most everyday conversation—everyone talks in undefined terms, and all the listeners, pretending to understand, learn nothing. Then each, in turn, spurts forth a barrage of ill- or undefined terms that no one truly understands but seldom questions—and they call that conversation.

IMG_0082I believe it was the famous Greek philosopher, Socrates, who, being continually annoyed by such jargonistic speech, counselled his acolytes to “question everything”. The hoity-toity Greeks didn’t want to be ‘questioned’—so they killed him.  What he meant was, ‘if one cannot define his/her terms, they likely are meaningless. Do not waste your time engaging in meaningless talk’.

So that brings us back to the thing-a-ma-jig. If one does not, nor cannot define the essence of his/her terms, they are meaningless to everyone except him/her. That, of course, means that everyone’s thing-a-ma-jig is theirs alone—just like Santa Claus. So what is essence anyway. Essence may be defined as that singular quality that makes something what it basically is. Without that ‘essential’ understanding of terms, conversation has no real meaning.

So it is with God and love—likely the two most used (misused) nouns in language. In the case of  ‘love’, it is used to express delight in something or someone, whereas, in reality, it means acceptance—its synonyms could be will, choice, spirit. The word ‘like’ which means to generate sensual pleasure should more appropriately be used.

In the case of God, it typically refers to a supreme being. However, since that supreme being has never been defined, it basically is a thing-a-ma-jig—everyone’s God is his/hers alone with no possibility of any two being exact—no one can tell anyone else  what the exact essence of their god is.

IMG_1065I mentioned that the essence of God has never been defined—that is until August of 2016 when I published the first of my two philosophy books, Wilderness Cry. After fifty to sixty years of intense study and pondering, and with the explicit help of Particle Physics (Quantum Mechanics), I came to the startling realization of what and who God is. God’s ‘absolute essence’ can be summed up in six simple words—God is a Perfect Rational Being. That essential definition says it all—absolutely nothing can be added nor deleted. God’s perfect intellect perceives all, and his perfect will (love) achieves and maintains all. That perfect Love precludes any possibility of a ‘hell’—simultaneously, Gods perfect nature precludes any possibility of ‘physical miracles’. A physical miracle would require a ‘change’ of God’s perfect nature—since Gods nature is perfect, change is impossible.

So I would encourage you to read my two books, Wilderness Cry and Peace in Spirituality. In their reading, you will instantly be able to eliminate the ‘thing-a-ma-jigs’, in your life—you will instantly have a clear understanding of God and his workings.

I have included Covenant Books’  press releases and short video trailers for each of my books. I trust you will review them.

906242_Press Release for Wilderness Cry

Press Release for Peace in Spiritiality

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