Perfect-Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt M.D.

r_P70491TA200411_cr_22441_FullPerfect: as promised, here is the next installment. Let us examine in detail each word in the definition of God’s essence. In this instance, when we say God, it is mandated that we accept the concept of  a God’s existence—the only faith  required (mind you I’m using the word God for convenience. That word encompasses all named and unnamed deities—a rose by any other name is still a rose).

When we say  is, that means God is always in the  ever present, not yesterday nor tomorrow.

A means singular, not multiple—triune in nature by philosophical mandate (I’ll elaborate on that later) but singular.

Perfect simply means complete and unchangeable—the ramifications of that concept are far, far reaching regarding our relationship with God.

Rational—the attributes of rationality are two; an intellect which perceives, and a will (spirit) which achieves. That understanding in the supernatural realm not only allows for but mandates  a concept of Trinity—more on that later.

Being refers to its existence.

So, now that we have defined the language in our definition of God’s essence, we are free to explore  the myriad ramifications of their meanings. Let us begin with an understanding of Trinity. As alluded to before, the concept of perfect intelligence mandates Trinity God. Allow me to draw you a simple graphic verbal picture. Ask yourself a simple question. What would a Perfect Intellect reflect upon? Quite obviously, something perfect, if available. The only perfect thing in existence is itself—so God looks inward (reflects) upon itself and what does it see?—a mirror image of itself, just as you see when you look into a mirror. Since everything in the supernatural is living, that mirror image is a real live being just as its generator—the second person of the Trinity. So now we have two Perfect intellects viewing each other. What choice do they have except to accept, choose, love, will each other. Could something Perfect not love something Perfect?—I think not. Since that perpetual loving, choosing, accepting, willing each other carries the image of its generators, it is identical  to them—it is the Holy Spirit, the Will of God—the third person of Trinity.

  So there you have a very clear graphic of the Trinity—the so-called mystery   of the Trinity has been abolished. Because of your previous indoctrination you might say in legitimate response, “well I thought Jesus was the second person of the Trinity”. And I say Jesus was the representative of you and me and everything in creation, all of which represent the reflection of the Perfect Intellect of God—a very important subject for another day. You may find a thorough explanation of these and many, many other important concepts in our lives with which we have been oppressed in my two books, Wilderness Cry, and Peace in Spirituality. Both available world-wide on-line, both hardcopy and e-books. Both published by Covenant Books. A Press release and video trailer for Wilderness Cry are attached. Similar communications will soon be available for Peace in Spirituality.

906242_Press Release for Wilderness Cry

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