HOLY SPIRIT (GHOST)-Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngHoly Spirit—If someone asked you who or what the Holy Spirit is, what would you tell them? Would you be able to give them an absolute essential definition of the HS? Likely not and the reason is readily clear. Before anyone can describe the essence of the HS, he/she must first be able do define the essence of God. Since no one ever before me has defined the essence of God in irrefutable terms, it would be impossible for any person to do so. Most likely, there would be a regurgitation of all the attributes of the HS learned in catechism classes or in bible studies, but no essential definition would be forth coming. So there could not and would not be a clear verbal picture of the essence of HS. One could no more define the essence of the HS than could they define the essence of God unless they had come to the same realization as I did several years ago. In my little book Wilderness Cry- a Scientific and Philosophical Approach to Understanding God and the Universe, I do in fact define the essence of God, and in so doing I am able to define the essence of the second person of the Trinity as well as the HS. God is a perfect rational being. That essential definition says it all—nothing can be added or subtracted. Of course a perfect intellect reflecting upon itself sees itself as a perfect mirror image. Since in the supernatural all things are living, that mirror image is alive. So now we have two perfect intellects viewing each other—what choice do they have but to choose, love, accept, will each other? That perpetual choosing, loving, accepting, willing each other is the Will of God, The Holy Spirit. So now, if someone asks you to tell them about the HS, you can speak with authority—no stuttering, jabbering, and spewing euphemisms of no consequence—just the plain, straightforward, factual truth. So now you know. You IMG_1065would do yourself a great service by reading my little book, Wilderness Cry, as well as my soon to be released book, Peace in Spirituality—both published by Covenant Books and available on-line everywhere, as well as all e-books. As a footnote, I might add that none of the biblical writers understand what Jesus was saying—hence the use of the term Ghost. All of their religious concepts were built on superstition, myth, astrology (zodiac)—they still are, and are %100 incorrect. No wonder we have over 33,000 so-called Christian religions in the world—each claiming absolute authenticity. Read my books. Please comment if you like.

906242_Press Release for Wilderness Cry

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