God and Science-Wilderness Cry-Hilary L Hunt M.D.

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngThe basic problem that exists in all three Abrahamic religions, which generates perpetual hostilities, is their concept of God. All three follow the aristillian philosophy that God exists in substantial form separate from all other existences (creation). Science has shown us clearly that all substantial existences are composed of the same identical particles of energy collectively known as quanta. Each of its kind is perfect in form and function. Additionally, not one more or less exists today that did not exist from the inception of the universe. That knowledge, of course, alludes to the perfection of its creator and the perfect  intelligence which imagined them and the perfect will which maintains them. That understanding not only justifies but demands my definition of the essence of God. God is a perfect rational being. That understanding demands that the Spirit (Will, Brand) of God is imprinted on each particle, and obviously demands the recognition and acceptance that God is not separate from his creation, but rather is intimately connected to it. In fact, it demands recognition and acceptance that God is his creation in all its environs. We humans and all creation are one in God—we all have the same essence as God. Our specific identity comes from our individual accidents which make any two identicals impossible. Such understanding and acceptance makes all religion totally misguided, but also demonstrates the cause of perpetual hostilities generated by religion. Each religion professes a better way to “appease” God than all others. Do you see that fallacy? Is it possible that God needs to appease himself?—I think not. Since God exists in everything in existence, there is perfect order in the natural universe because God is nature.   God is not here  and his creation over there. God is the universal creation. So obviously all the bible thumpers and sacrificial worshipers are off the deep end. Once we come to that understanding, we become spiritual, and not until. It is only through universal spirituality that Peace can be achieved. I have spelled these concepts out exhaustively in my book, Wilderness Cry, and my soon to be released book Peace in Spirituality. Both are published by Covenant Books and are available world-wide.

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