cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngSIMPLIFY- What a beautiful word to describe what is desperately needed in our world if we are ever to attain peace. This word means to make easy, reduce to least common denominator, etc. One casual glance at our world society will reveal how complicated and distorted it is Ideologically, Politically, and Religiously. Because of that gross, obtuse distortion, there exists constant and perpetual discord among families, communities, cities, states and nations. Why is that? My assessment reveals one “simple” reason; total lack of unanimity concerning recognition of the basic meaning of our existence. Throughout the ages of recorded history, people have surmised and devised differing schemes of understanding . Literally all, seemingly, have been related in one way or another to the ancient Egyptian scheme of the Zodiac. Each generation and culture , in turn, have recognized a greater power than themselves as an accounting for their existence. Each has devised its own paradigm for understanding their relationship with that “greater power”. Literally all have equilibrated any success in their lives with “finding favor” with that power. In contrast, they deemed any failure to be a sign of anger and/or displeasure they have generated with that “greater power”. Consequently, to this very day, sacrificial offerings are being made to that Power as a form of appeasement. Each group has its own prejudicial view of what or who that Power might be, and sometimes with extreme differences. Some groups have decided that no such power exists at all. One might think that awareness of all those differences with their resultant derived discord would bring civilization to recognition of the desperate need for simplification. Likely that is so, but why can it not be achieved? The answer is as simple as “the nose on your face”; each ideology and/or religion professes absolute authenticity and is desperate to impose their understanding on the rest of the world, even resorting to constant wars in the attempt. Having noted all that, what is the solution? How do we simplify our lives and bring them into one accord? Regardless of what our “religious” profession or our ideological zeal may be, we all must submit to the one singular, simple, intellectual fact; we all are of the same “essence”. We all are “human”. As such, each of us possesses a singular attribute equal to, but not greater than, every other individual. As a God accepting individual, I categorize that attribute as “spirituality”. Each of us is powered by the same spirit (higher power) whom I call the Holy Spirit. With that understanding you may recognize the validity of my call for “World-wide Communion of Spirituality”. No concept can be more simple. That removes all the guess-work about our attitudes and interactions. Such a simple concept demands mutual “acceptance and respect”. With such attitudes, wars and discords are impossible. Of course, such an idea is completely “utopian”; so was Jesus’ command for us to Love (accept) our neighbor as ourselves. It is the only way peace can be attained and maintained. In my powerful little book, Wilderness Cry, I outline a philosophy never before promulgated by doing something never before done. I actually define the “Supreme Being” (Allah, Yahweh, Buddha, God etc.). I also define clearly the Trinity, Holy Spirit, God’s Will, Soul, Eternity and much much more. I simplify our understanding of literally everything affecting our existence. I clearly simplify our relationship with our Eternal Supreme Being. In no uncertain terms, I show how all those thousands of religions and ideologies have been the “destructive” forces in our lives, but more importantly, I give concrete simple solutions. You may purchase my powerful little book, if interested, from all major on-line book retailers.       Comments welcomed.

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