cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngENROLL-this word means to join, enlist in, subscribe too etc. Probably each of us is enrolled in some activity, or organization of one type or another. Today, I want to plead for enrollment into an entirely different, new organization which I will dub “World Organization of Spiritual Union”. Currently, most of us are enrolled into some “religious” organization, which by its’ very nature pits itself against all other such organizations. Many others profess no religious affiliation at all. In fact, they deny the existence of a supreme being of any kind; no one can prove them wrong. However, the upshot of this all is simple to see. We all are divided by basic proclamation, “I am right and you are wrong”. Would it be asking too much for each of us to humble ourselves to the recognition of our one commonality, our humanness? Why is it that we must harbor actual hatred of each other because of differences in religious beliefs? Why must we first undergo a degree of indoctrination and ritualistic enrollment if we choose to accept a different religious viewpoint? Why do some megachurches require review of a person’s income tax return before admission is granted. (I will admit that I personally know of no such instance, but have heard anecdotally of many). Why do entire factions and even nations and/or geographic regions war and battle over religious differences? The answer seems clear to me. Number one, we, in our arrogance, simply cannot tolerate the notion that someone believes differently than we. More subtly, the reason frequently runs much deeper, money.  The greater the membership, the larger the money basket must be. Given all of that, why can’t we come to the sensible reality that if we are to survive as a species, we must unite in one common acceptance; we all are of one common generator; we all possess one common essence, humanness. If we all could humble ourselves into the knowledge and acceptance of our common “spirituality”, then religious differences would become immaterial. I subscribe to the belief that each and every religious organization in existence has something to offer in terms of understanding and accepting our common “spirituality”. So how about each of us, as singular individuals, enroll in the unchartered “World Organization of Spiritual Union”. I say unchartered because it needs no charter. It needs only the  humility of acceptance of equality with our fellow man. As a Christian, I recall such a directive as being Jesus’ only direct “command” to us; LOVE YOUR GOD WITH YOUR ALL AND LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF (paraphrased). I have published a complete, irrefutable philosophy regarding such matters , WILDERNESS CRY. I would strongly urge each of you to read it. Available all major on-line book retailers. God has blessed us all with our lives and redemption. Can’t we show a little thanksgiving and humility by graciously accepting His blessings?    handg@comcast.net

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