cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngBewildered- is an interesting word generally meaning massive confusion about some circumstance or idea. All of us have undoubtedly experienced it many times in our lives. Frequently, it may concern work related issues. Other times it may relate to marital problems, recalcitrant child etc. In my particular case, my biggest bewilderment has concerned the historical discord in our world and its causes. My observations forced me to conclude the basic causes were related differences in ideology and religious beliefs. While I profess, in no way, to being an expert in ancient history, I have spent considerable time and energy studying the development of religious beliefs throughout the centuries. To my bewilderment and dismay, I discovered that essentially all religion, including Christianity, is based on the mythological study of the stars and presented in the form of the Zodiac. It began with the Egyptians, They had no scientific knowledge; all they knew was what they could observe. The earth was flat; the firmament reached from one edge of the earth to the other; The earth teetered on  five crooked legs; if it fell, it would topple into the netherworld below. Seeking to understand their existence, they presumed the sun, moon and stars to be influential in their existence , and thereby assigned to them the status of a god, some if course more powerful and important than others. They connected the dots of stars with lines to create creatures with names such as Aries, Aquarius , etc. Observing that the sun was low on the horizon during winter and high during summer, they concocted the idea of the sun being born, springing to health and fruitfulness and the gradually dying, only to rise again. They observed that each of the twelve members of the Zodiac would in turn be aligned with the sun, earth and certain stars for a time period of several hundred years. These time-frames they called “ages”. The entire cycle was calculated to last 25,000-26,000 years; hence the relatively modern-day song, “Age Of Aquarius”. The Jews of course being enslaved by the Egyptians adopted the “astrological” concept and developed a scheme of creation,albeit by a singular God. Seemingly, all so-called pagan religions did likewise. Fast-forward to Christianity. When Constantine convened the 1st Council at Nicaea in 325 AD, he commissioned the “bishops” on attendance to fashion a religion of their choice. That they did to the bewilderment and dissent of many. However, dissenters had only two undesirable choices; either accept the new state religion, or accept either exile or beheading. My family bible as a child clearly describes in Matthews gospel the eastern searchers for Jesus as “astrologers”. The next “version” changed the word astrologers to “Magi”. Magi, of course were sorcerers, magicians who did their tricks utilizing the stars. The latest “version” of the bible refers to them as “wise men”. Does anyone other than I see the blatant attempt to “sweep the mythology under the carpet”? Earliest paintings of Jesus and Mary made after the 325 AD Council of Nicaea, clearly show each of their heads encircled with a back-drop of the Zodiac. The Zodiac is embedded in stone in St Peter’s Square in Rome.  Until recently, all popes reportedly had an “astute astrologer” as a chief advisor. You might appreciate my bewilderment after learning of all this mythological influence on development of religion, including my own.  That knowledge compelled me to do something that, to my knowledge, has not been done before. I was forced to actually define God, Trinity, Holy Spirit, God’s Will, soul , eternity and much, much more. I recognized that the Jesus presented to us was a hoax, but at the same time I knew that Jesus was real. I again was forced to give Him His rightful due in a sound scientific and philosophical way. In doing so, I was able to instantly eliminate seventy five to eighty years of complete bewilderment created by irrational, mythical religion. I have shown conclusively how and why all of the worlds problems have always been caused by this irrationality. My powerful little book, Wilderness Cry- a Scientific and Philosophical Approach to Understanding God and the Universe is a must read for your complete peace of mind; abolishment of all your bewilderment about the meaning of life, and your relationship with the real God, Jesus, and their Combined Will, the Holy Spirit. It is available all major on-line book retailers.               

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