FORLORN-Wilderness Cry-Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngFORLORN- What an interesting word seldom seen in print. It generally means a feeling of sadness or hopelessness. I remember , as a small child, my mother reading to us a Zane Grey novel titled FORLORN RIVER. It was truly a Western Thriller that imparted many different moods to its readers (listeners); excitement, intrigue, happiness and eventual sadness. Some seventy five to eighty years later, I can’t remember the exact plot, but I do remember two distinct events in the life of the main character, Ben Ide. The opening line “HONK, HONK, HONK”; the sound of wild geese migrating awakened Ben to the days reality of traveling adventure. Migrating wild geese make a lonesome, sometimes eerie, sound as they wing their way southward in giant V-formation. Their seemingly half-hearted calls sound muffled and weary and lonesome; those effects created by their great height. Secondly, the books ending, which imparts a feeling of sadness, was deliberately created to cause readers to buy and read its’ sequel THUNDER MOUNTAIN. Ben had come to idolize Nevada, the book’s other main character, and he was deeply saddened to learn of Nevada’s departure. In many ways our lives take the twists and turns of a forlorn river. We have moments of exhilaration but also moments of doubt, worry, anxiousness, and fear; a general sense of uneasiness in our lives. Most of us have been schooled in the concept of a vengeful God who would do us eternal harm if we break His laws. Those laws have been painted for us in direct opposition to our God-given nature. That fact, of course, means that we are in constant sin and subject to God’s wrath. However God will show us “mercy” if we beg Him enough, but more importantly follow the dictates of one of the 33,000 christian religions in the world. Each one of those, of course, claims to have the correct formula for success. Each of those religions seemingly ignore the only commands Jesus gave us; Love our God with our all, and Love our neighbor as ourselves. The reason for that is simple; no power, money or control emanating from those two commands. Those two dicta bring us together through Love. Religion and ideologies divide us. You are encouraged to read my little book Wilderness Cry-a Scientific and Philosophical Approach to Understanding God and His Universe for complete elucidation of that and many, many more concepts. It is a complete philosophy of life. Amazon, Kindle, and all major on-line book retailers

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