cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngVIABLE- This word is used in so many contexts. In general it connotes the idea of ability to sustain life. That life may be in the form of cellular reproduction, or in the form of an idea or function. In the case of my book, Wilderness Cry, I believe the ideas put forth are “viable” because they are based on known science, history and sound logic. In total context, they represent generally a complete philosophy about God and how He operates in His universe(s). It describes in detail how we humans and all existences are evil by virtue of selfishness, but it also describes how we are completely exonerated by the death of Jesus. In delineating this philosophy, it lends credence to the concept of Gods perfection including perfect love. It is a must read for the serious minded who has ever questioned anything regarding his/her existence.  Amazon, Kindle, and major on-line book retailers. Autographed from me $10 plus postage (

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