PHILOSOPHY-Wilderness Cry-Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngPHILOSOPHY-Boy! Did I just say a mouthful; a big word concerning as many subjects as there are ideas in the universe.. A philosophy is basically a set of definitive conclusions derived in a logical way from a set of known and/or presumed facts. If I were to diagram philosophy, I would put it in the form of a giant Christmas Tree. Each branch and/or sub-branch of knowledge is represented by an ornament. The most elementary subject ornaments hang at the very lowest ring  around the tree. Each progressively higher ring represents the next level of expanded  knowledge in any subject. At the very pinnacle is PHILOSOPHY (the star, if you will) atop the tree> Hence we say so and so attained a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) in such and such subject. That means, of course, that each branch of knowledge ultimately attains the “known”, and reaches for and aspires to the theoretical unknown. What that implies is that using the known, we reason to the possibility of the unknown. Repeated experimentation with exact outcomes allows for the establishment of a scientific law. When speaking of moral, spiritual, and religious matters, the plot becomes thicker; the reason being the gross differences in what is accepted or even presumed to be fundamental truth. For instance, the great philosopher Thomas Aquinas was in gross error in his conclusions about male masturbation, and copulation with the woman on top. The reason for his error was not in methodology, it was in factuality. He accepted as fact the gross scientific error that “all babies were in the male semen”. Consequently, he was mandated to reason philosophically that those two acts were the worst sins that could be committed because all the babies would be spilled to their deaths. So, having such awareness makes it mandatory for us to be very careful in philosophizing too freely (without knowing the facts). In my case, I have written and published a Philosophy book regarding God and His universe. The book’s primary title “Wilderness Cry” represents my voice crying out for Truth from a wilderness of Ignorance, Deceit, and Arrogance. The secondary title- A Scientific and Philosophical Approach to Understanding God and the Universe- represents my philosophy of how that is. It is my discovery of the truth and its’ explanation based on sound known facts and principles. The one caveat is simply that no one can either prove or disprove the existence of God. My one unprovable premise is the acceptance that “there is God”.  My book shows conclusively how religion and ideologies have been used and twisted by knaves for self-seeking causes, and thereby have made, and continue to make peace impossible. My book pleads for unity among Christians and all peoples by the acceptance of the two simple commands (suggestions for peace and happiness) that Jesus supposedly gave us; namely, Love God with our all and Love our neighbor as ourselves. Love unites us; Religion and ideology divide us. If interested my book is available Amazon, Kindle and all major book retailers.

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