RELATE- Wilderness Cry-Hilary L Hunt MD

IMG_1605The word relate means a general identity with someone, something, or some idea. I would like to talk today about how we relate to our Creator and to each other. Preachers of all sorts beat every word of the bible, both Old and New Testament, as though each word was the end all, be all, of everything. They hammer on each idea as though it were free standing and self sufficient for either our salvation or condemnation. Many of them concentrate on God’s mercy, which implies guilt on our part. What we are “guilty” of is being human; and who made us human? God. So how is it we are guilty of being what we were made to be? It all stems from the Old Testament concept of Justice: an eye for an eye and a tooth for  tooth. That concept was perpetuated by Christians in the form of “original sin” which makes us guilty from the moment of conception. Of course guilt demands punishment in like degree. However, if we beg (pray) hard enough (how much is enough ?), God may show us mercy, I believe all that is a contrivance aimed at controlling us and extracting money and services from us to further their cause. Now lets get back to RELATE. Jesus gave us only two dicta to abide by; Love your God with your all, and love your neighbor as yourself. What that means is we must relate (accept) God in whatever conceptualization we can, and we must relate, (accept) our neighbor as we would like to be accepted. Jesus recognized humanities universal evil (selfishness) instilled in everything by God so His universe could function. He recognized God’s need of Perfect Love. He brought that Perfect Love to fruition by His own death. Jesus related to everything in existence and He related to His own generator, Eternal God. So God does not and has not shown mercy, He has shown us Perfect Love by accepting (relating) to us through the sacrificial death of Jesus. For a complete elucidation of that and everything related to your existence, I would encourage you to read my powerful little book, Wilderness Cry- a Scientific and Philosophical Approach to Understanding God and the Universe: Amazon, Kindle and all on-line book retailers.

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