Compass- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

IMG_1605As everyone knows, a compass gives us direction from our current location. It is used in various circumstances, and almost always, as a guide. That would represent a physical compass which is important indeed in our lives at various times and circumstances. There is another spiritual and/or moral compass that has been imposed upon mankind by governments and institutions throughout its’ history. That compass has been represented and imposed on us by various ideologies and/or religions. Each of those compasses point to a slightly or greatly different direction. Like a physical compass, these moral compasses impose serious consequences if not adhered to. If we ignore the direction given by  a physical compass, we become lost. If we ignore the direction of an ideology or spiritual compass, we are punished by either physical and/or psychological torment. The physical torment may be any combination of fines, incarceration, flogging, or execution; all of these are temporary and tolerable (this too shall pass). The psychological, however, is permanent; we are lead to believe that we are evil and that eternal punishment in the form of damnation is inevitable if the dictates of the specific “moral” compass are not followed. The problem arises and becomes astounding when we realize there are 33,000 Christian compasses alone on earth, to say nothing of all other religions. Each if those thousands and thousands of moral compasses are pointing in a different direction. Is it possible that any one of them is pointing due North? Possible but not likely. The reason is clear; not a single one of them is pointing at the dicta of Jesus the Christ. Those two dicta to Love God with your all and love (accept) your neighbor as yourself are too simple to preach. They impart no power, money nor control on the compass. For that simple reason alone, the world is filled with strife and, sadly, will stay that way. The only way to get on the straight and narrow of the correct compass is for all the religions and ideologies to “get off their high horses”, and humbly acknowledge Jesus” two commands. For a complete elucidation of that and many, many other concepts, please read my powerful little book, Wilderness Cry- a scientific and philosophical approach to understanding God and the universe; Amazon, Kindle and all on-line book retailers.

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