God’s Perfection- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L. hunt MD

Here’s a head-IMG_0082scratcher for you. Think on this; is God perfect? I think so. Well, what does perfect mean? To me it means wholeness, completeness. It is incorruptible, meaning no change is possible. I really hate to “bust anyone’s bubble”, but in light of our definition of God as “A Perfect Rational Being”, many of the things we’ve been lead to believe have to be myth. If we accept that everything in this universe is the direct result of God’s perfect Intellect imagining it and His Will (Holy Spirit) achieving and maintaining its perfection, then we must conclude the following: miracles, as we understand them to be (God’s direct intervention), are impossible; Jesus’ virgin birth, resurrection, ascension likewise are impossible. I am able and mandated to say that because all those events would require a “change” in God’s nature. Since God is Perfect, change is not possible. Change requires an element of time, and since God exists in Eternity, no time is possible. So where does that leave us. In my opinion, it leaves us with a natural born genius Jesus who saw through the universal evil of all things by virtue of everything’s universal selfishness. He recognized the “need” for God’s Perfect love to be attained and demonstrated. Since He was the only one to recognize that, He realized that He was the Messiah; the One to “pay the price”. It was His death that was the ultimate Sacrifice of accomplishment. His resurrection and ascension were not necessary nor possible. For a complete understanding of how and why the “myths” were created by biblical writers, you must read my powerful little book Wilderness Cry, which explains all in irrefutable, scientific, historical and philosophic terms. WE are rapidly approaching Christmas, a glorious time when we celebrate the birth of Our Savior. That celebration should be based on reality, not on myth. Jesus is the Savior of the “entirety” of God’s creation! Amazon and all 0n-line book retailers $10.95; locally autographed by me $10.00 + postage if needed.

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