Chemistry, Psychology, Philosophy- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

IMG_1171 (1)Chemistry is what makes/allows the universe to tic/function. Psychology is what allows/determines how rational beings tic/function. Philosophy is a System Of Ideas, derived from known and/or presumed facts, set into a concrete pattern by psychologically derived rational beings. Whew!What a mouth-full. So What? the what is that all of us so-called Christians are afflicted by a psychologically deranged personality which has been prejudiced by erroneous philosophy. That philosophy was derived from false scientific premises which presumed many fallacies. Those included the concept that women were intrinsically inferior to men, that they contained all the inherent enticement to sin, and that they were not the generators of babies, only the incubators; all babies were in the man’s semen. That allowed Thomas Aquinas to conclude that male masturbation as well as sex with woman on top were the worst sins that could be committed. The reason being that all the babies were being spilled to their death. Also, he sought desperately to explain the Church’s idea of God being some human-like figure sitting on a throne in heaven separate from His creation. Therefore he concocted the concepts of Natural Law and Divine Law. Not knowing any chemistry, biology, physics, quantum mechanics etc. allowed him to assume that God was separate from His creation; He simply made it to work like a machine but was not embedded in it. In that way Aquinas could conveniently perpetuate the Jews and Christian idea of a God separate from His creation. That was the Biblical God, which, of course, was created by the early Jewish writers. Now fast forward 2000 years. Chemistry: we know or seem to know exactly what the universe is made of (identical tiniest particles of energy, quanta, with different names, but each of its’ kind perfect in form and function. My contention (philosophy) is that those particles could not be nor stay perfect without the Perfect Spirit (Holy Spirit ) being embedded in them. Now, psychologically speaking, I am the product of each of my entire life’s experiences, beginning with my basic genetic make-up until this very moment; so are you. Hence each of us is similar but very, very different. We each have been prejudiced by influences beyond our control. Each of us has been inflicted with undue feelings of guilt by well=meaning parents, teachers and preachers. Those prejudices and feelings always influence our decision making and set us apart. I believe without doubt that Jesus understood the psychology (He didn’t know the chemistry), and for that reason, he suggested that we must love (accept) each other as ourselves if we are to be happy. So there you have it: because I know so many important facts unknown to Aquinas, I am able and mandated to develop a philosophy completely different from his while using the same logic techniques. Before I could begin the development of a comprehensive philosophy, I had to define God; no one else has. Explicitly stated, “God Is A Perfect Rational Being”. From that definition flows all logic. My powerful little book Wilderness Cry explains all; a must read. Amazon and all on-line book retailers $10.95; autographed from me $10.00 + postage if applicable. A perfect Christmas gift!

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