Mercy or Love- Wilderness Cry- A scientific and philosophical approach to understanding God and the Universe- Hilary L Hunt MD

We IMG_0918are constantly bombarded with exhortations to both beg and thank God for his mercy; in the next breath we are told that God loves us. If God loves us all equally, as we are told, why should anyone have to beg God for mercy? We are led to believe that those who, beg harder will be shown more mercy, but likely none will gain full pardon, mandating a varying time in purgatory. One can say indulgence bearing prayers to shorten that time in torment. There once was a time in church history when rich people could “buy” indulgences, and gain entry into heaven quicker than a poor peasant. All of that implies a God that is a string-pulling puppeteer who can be influenced and bought. If God is “perfect love”, and who can deny that He is?, it follows that He does, in fact, love each of us equally. He sent us Jesus who graciously died to ameliorate all our evil (selfishness), and He demanded NO recompense (Perfect Love means acceptance without conditions). Therefore God is All Loving, not All Merciful. He allowed everything in this universe to develop selfishly, so His universe could function. If there were no selfishness, there would be no need; with no need, there would be no change; with no change, there would be no time, and, of course, with no time, there would be only ETERNITY. So, what are we to do. I’m trying desperately to do as Jesus commanded (suggested) we do; Love my God with my all, and Love each of you everywhere as myself. I accept that my only justifiable prayer is “Thank You, Trinity God”. Don’t you think you should try the same? For a more complete elucidation of these and many, many more concepts, I would encourage you to read my powerful little, book Wilderness Cry; Autographed copies by me $10 plus postage, if needed; Amazon and all online book retailers $10.95.

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