ARCHAIC- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngARCHAIC: It’s been a while since I was able to post; been running everywhere for graduations for last several weeks, plus working hard in my charity vegetable gardens. Things have settled down now, finally, and my time can be shared as desired. The prompt word of the day, “archaic”, caught my eye in a flash. I am no dummy. I have total awareness that each of us has been indoctrinated with some form of religious belief usually associated with a religious book (Bible, Quran, etc.). With that understanding, simple perusal of history plus observation of everyday events, shows us clearly that our methods have failed miserably. My contention is that our reference books of Spirituality are extremely archaic. I can hear you now shrieking in anger and dismay; such heretical language. Each person and/or group is dug-in like badgers protection their turfs while all the time attempting to expand their domains. With that observation, the simple question immediately arises. Why? My humble opinion suggests that the original premises upon which those books were written were terribly mistaken and misguided. The writers of those books had absolutely no scientific understanding of our existence nor of the universe in which they lived. Their superstitions led them to conjure up all sorts of ideations and perceptions which became reality to them. Later on, when Jesus appeared on the scene, they neither understood nor wanted to understand what he was telling them. Different writers about His life and sayings contradict themselves repeatedly, and usually about subjects used by the Church as doctrinal teachings. A couple of examples: In describing the circumstances surrounding Jesus birth, Luke says the Holy Family returned to Nazareth almost immediately while Matthew, describes astrologers (Magi, Wise men) coming in search of the New King after observing His star. This triggered an entire list of undesirable events including the “murder of the holy innocents”, Joseph and Mary being warned in a dream fleeing the country for as long as maybe twelve years. Consequently the Church created an entire set of rituals and feast Day of The Epiphany: in describing Jesus’ crucifixion, Luke presents a picture of two insurgents crucified with Jesus. One of them kept berating Jesus while the other asked Him to remember him when He came into His kingdom. Jesus says to him; “this day you shall be with Me in paradise”. Now during Lent and certain other occasions, the “sacrificial” Christians say the Apostles’ Creed which clearly states that Jesus died, descended into hell, and rose again on the third day; Matthew’s version shows both insurgents continuing to berate Him: Luke wrote the Acts of the Apostles (mostly what Paul did) some fifteen-twenty years after Paul had written very descriptively  his own activities in multiple letters to his constituents. When put side by side for comparison, Luke writes a “romantic” version to his own liking. Garry Wells, Emeritus Professor of History at Northwestern Univ., in his book, What Paul Meant, shows that Luke is a veritable liar. Hardly a single word in Acts is the correct account of activities as they actually occurrerd.  These few but very meaningful discrepancies in biblical writing discredit the Bible as a reliable source of Jesus’ activities and/or teachings.  Furthermore, it has been copied so many thousand times, all from one singular copy of copies surviving 200-300 years, there could be little doubt that multiple errors both intentional and unintentional have been made in the process. Also, we know from reliable sources, that the Quran has been reinterpreted to suit the desires of certain groups. In my opinion, to expect that multiple versions of Jesus’ life and words could have been written by multiple individuals and preserved in exact context is pure idiocy. Bart Ehrman, Professor of Bible, NCU, in one of his books (I believe, Jesus Interrupted), states matter-of-factly, that the KING JAMES VERSION of the Bible is the most corrupted of all. My point is this. If we are ever to have understanding and peace we must get off our archaic understanding of “sacred scriptures”. WE must all come to a rational understanding of common sense. The very first, and most important thing that must be done is to change our child-like understanding of the nature of our Divine Creator. Until that is done, peace can never come. Our Creator is not some Grizzled old man exotically robed and sitting on a throne in some inexplicable place “somewhere up-there”. Our Creator is simply and most importantly “a perfect rational being”. That understanding of the “essence” of our Supreme Being leads to no possibility of misunderstanding of who It is. I use the word It advisedly; our Creator has no “gender”. The word and description of God as our Father is the very, very, very prejudicial patristic attitude held about women forever. Men were the “superior” species; females were the enticement to all sin and, indeed, the first sinner, according to the simplistic ideation of creation as spelled out in the book of Genesis. The essence of the creator and manager of our entire universe must, by necessity, have a perfect intellect and a perfect will. Perfect means unchangeable, and for that reason, we have been duped forever into believing we can actually change Its mind. The Hebrews actually believed that they were bargaining with God, and consequently, dreamed up all sorts of schemes and scenarios to account for their delusional thinking. When Jesus came along with His message of Love (acceptance), they were dismayed, disappointed, and ultimately, disparaging. They had no interest in His message. All they wanted was their childish (Santa Claus), selfish, idea of a new paradise just for them alone to be fulfilled immediately. When Jesus told them that He had come to die for forgiveness of their iniquity, they were flabbergasted. Their Messiah had double-crossed them. So when they killed Him by hanging Him on a tree, they had to continue the drama by conjuring up a “second coming”. The Apostle Paul believed it to be imminent, maybe tomorrow, and told hid followers so. When it did not happen immediately, John Mark, Paul’s sidekick, who wrote the first Gospel fifteen to twenty years later, kicked the can down the road somewhat. He describes Jesus as saying it will all happen within the current generation (forty years). Well, can anyone bear the truth? It has been almost two thousand years since Mark wrote those words and no “second coming” yet. What does that mean. To me it means that the entire selfish idea was a myth from the beginning. It “aint” gonna happen. The reason is very clear. The basic premises upon which all those Old and New Testament stories were based are false.  As stated before, I’m no dummy. Anyone with “one eye and half sense” can see clearly that Religion is the largest moneymaking business and the most divisive business that the world has ever known. With 33,000 so-called Christian denominations in the world, and each claiming absolute and separate authenticity, it is clear that they are the culprits. Having said that, I am totally aware that, to many, religion is their most precious possession, because they have been told so and made to believe. Unwittingly, deep down however, most hold those of a different faith in some form of disregard, and, in many case downright disdain and even hatred. What a pity. And all profess goodness and kindness in the “face of the Lord”; a pure sham. I have heard snide remarks about other religions uttered from the pulpit of my church hundreds, maybe thousands of times in my eighty four years. How is that possible? Simply because the basic understanding of our Supreme Being has been in gross error throughout all recorded history. Now, I am aware that each of you will continue attending your church services because you have been disciplined to do so. However, as you listen to the constant haranguing over each little word of the “good book”, remember that your Creator is inestimably “greater” than anything you are hearing. The image of our Supreme Being is imprinted on each of us, and indeed, each entity in existence, just as free range cattle are branded. Jesus, our brother and representative, recognizing His and our inner being as a mirror image of our Creator, realized that it befell Him to “pay the price” for all the iniquity (selfishness) in the universe. He did so willingly but not without great fear and trepidation. That was the message He tried so desperately to get through the “thick skulls” of His apostles and others. Because He was human, He failed miserably on that attempt. He did not fail in His most important endeavor, the salvation of the entire universe. So, if genuine peace (acceptance of our fellow man as our equal) is ever to come, it is imperative that the ARCHAIC ideation of God instilled in each of us must be discarded. It must be replaced with “GOD IS A PERFECT RATIONAL BEING”. Ponder that for a while. While pondering, you will find great assistance in understanding those concepts in my little book, Wilderness Cry. I strongly urge you to read it; Amazon, Kindle et al.  All comments welcomed,

PREMATURE- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngSome, maybe many, might say it is premature to predict the imminent demise of all life on our planet. However, I believe them to be like ostriches with their heads buried in the sand. Never before has mankind had the tools for total self-destruction. In the event of nuclear war, it is likely that no area of the earth would be spared. And why should we be concerned (scared out of our wits)? Because of extreme ideological and/or religious differences that exist among nuclear-weapon-equipped nations. Foolishly, over the years, our leaders have “kicked the can of reconciliation down the road”, dreadfully close to the point of no return. And why do all of those ideological/religious differences exist? Simply, because no one of authority, to my knowledge, has taken “the bull by the horns” and demanded the recognition of “a least common denominator” of our Spirituality which all can accept. Of course, in doing so, millions of preachers, prelates, and princes would ‘be out of a job’; preaching religion is the major source of income for millions. Each is hammering his/her theme harder and harder attempting to garner a larger audience and, of course, at the same time a fuller collection basket. That singular selfishness is the greatest obstruction to basic reconciliation with each other and with our Creator. Religion and ideology (a form of religion), are the obstructionists to peace. We wouldn’t have needed nuclear weapons in the first instance were it not for irrational ideologies, one of which, Fascism, was supported by the Church in hopes of maintaining and even gaining more  influence. As a global community, we must rapidly come to understand that each of us is imprinted with the image of the identically same Creator (call that Creator what you may). Likely, divisiveness has progressed to the point of no return. I have yet to hear a preacher of any denomination of any religion preach a sermon exclusively about the singular message Jesus gave us, LOVE; love of God and love of neighbor. Love is the only healer, but, sadly, it will never be preached because there’s no money to be made preaching love. Only hellfire and damnation get peoples attention and their pocketbooks. I think my warning is definitely not premature. What do you think? You probably have heard the expression “dead right”. You may have the green light while driving though an intersection, but if you don’t take the precaution of looking for cross traffic, you may end up “dead and right”. Each preacher is certain of its valid message even though that message is at 90 degree angle to all others. The problem lies in the fact that the money lies in hammering the incidentals rather than the fundamentals (love). If we in the Western World cant reconcile Christianity, why would we expect to reconcile the entire world?  I have repeatedly called for, and will continue to call for the recognition of the World Wide Communion Of Spirituality. It is our only path to survival. You would benefit immensely by reading my little book, Wilderness Cry—Amazon, Kindle. et al.

INFECT- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngINFECT: Humanity, in its entirety, is infected with a seemingly incurable disease, namely, “religion”. What is religion? In my opinion, it is a cultist practice derived from some mythical idea about some supernatural being(s). Almost all religions are founded on a perceived concept of a supreme being or its adversary, the devil. In the first instance, we have observed over the centuries how societies for at least 12,000 years have contemplated and deduced such entities using the stars and planets as their guiding points and sources of information. By studying the stars, astrologers were able to determine the motives, pleasures, and displeasures of their god(s). They were able to predict and interpret events in their lives by some magical astrological interpretations attributable to their god(s). As time went on, all sorts of gods with all sorts of qualifications and/or hierarchal rankings were discovered, proclaimed, and worshiped. All of those gods eventually became known as “pagan” gods. Suddenly, as if from nowhere, the Jews concocted their own version of One Living God who created everything including paradise and the first man. God couldn’t find a suitable mate for him, so He put that man (Adam) to sleep, stole one of his ribs and fashioned Eve, the first woman. Let it be known right here and now that Eve was also the first ever “sinner”. That stigma has persisted even to this day, since historically women have been considered to be little better than a dog. If they didn’t have the ability to care for men and all their needs, it is doubtful that they would be that highly esteemed. Of course Eve tempted Adam to “sin” and all hell broke loose. They were expelled from paradise; every animal became mortal enemies with each other; endless waves of pestilence, floods, enslavement, famine ensued. Sacrifice had to be offered to their angry God in appeasement and guess what—- religion was “really born again”. Of course, the pagans had been offering sacrifice to their gods for centuries before the Jews conjured up their magical scenario of existence. Then comes Jesus and all the stories concerning Him, many of which from even, so-called, eye witnesses were contradictory of each other. And, of course, more religions. In the so-called Christian world alone, there are 33,000 denominations, each with its own “version” of cultist practice. I have not attempted to research the number of sects and/or denominations of all the other religions of the world, but likely they would number in the tens, maybe, hundreds of thousands. Why do you suppose that is? The answer is crystal clear and extremely simple. Humanity from its beginning was infected with a mythical image of god(s). That infection has mutated so often that no one has been able to develop a suitable cure. Likely, no cure is desired among the rank and file purveyors of religion, because religion is, without doubt, the biggest money making racket the world has ever known, or ever will know. The more fervor with which the “religion physicians” prescribe their treatment, the more money they make. Is a “cure” really wanted? It seems likely not. As a result, the entire world is and has been in perpetual turmoil forever. In past times, we were able to kill a few thousand or million at a time, but now we have the distinct capability of exterminating every living entity on this planet. That indeed is a sobering thought. Do you think the religion doctors care? Not a chance. They don’t give one “continental damn” about anyone or anything except their own selfish greed. The earth does not and cannot tolerate religion. What it needs is a concept of “spirituality.  That concept can come only through understanding the “essence” of our Supreme Being”. No one before me has ever defined the essence of our Creator. We all have been painted a picture of God as an aged grey-haired man, robed in the finest and sitting on a magnificent throne somewhere “up there”. Did anyone ever stop to consider the implications of such imagery? Is God a man–does He have genitals–can and/or does He breed–if so, whom? No that imagery pales in the scientific understanding of our universe which is so vast that no human mind can grasp its scope. So our only hope is for the grass-roots children of our Creator to rise up in rebellion against religion and recognize the perfect nature of God (Allah etc). Our Supreme Being’s Essence is defined thusly: God is a perfect rational being. That means it knows all, is all, and wills (loves, accepts) all. Being perfect, as It reflects upon Itself, It sees a mirror-image of Itself, exact and perfect in every respect (2nd person of Trinity). As these, now, two perfect intellects perceive each other, what choice have they but to  love (will, choose, accept, desire) each other? None,  and that perpetual willing carries the image of Its generators—we call it the Holy Spirit (WILL Of GOD). Since everything in existence represents that Perfect Intellect’s reflection, all creation represents the Son. The brilliant Jesus recognized that fact. Hence He is truly our brother. He knew that God must be perfect love, and by accepting the burden of all the evil (selfishness) in the universe, He allowed God to be Perfect Love. Since everything in existence is a reflection of its creator, It carries Its Image or Brand (the Holy Spirit) which keeps it perfect. That is what I mean by recognizing our common Spirituality. That recognition negates any need for a concept of religion. Religion divides us: Spirituality unites us in mind and spirit with each other and with our Creator. I have called repeatedly for recognition of the World-Wide Communion Of Spirituality. There is no need for elaborate edifices, megachurches, televangelists etc. We need the one simple message in our daily lives to be honored and cherished as our source of peace with each other and with our Supreme Being. Please read my little book, Wilderness Cry For complete elaboration of this philosophy; Amazon, Kindle et al.

CORE-Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngCORE: A word that will ‘knock your socks off’. It means, of course, the basic INTERNAL ELEMENT  of anything. In the field of philosophy and/or religion, we have never had a purely defined core of our existence. Neither have we ever had a “clearly defined” definition of the essence of our Creator/Prime Mover/ Supreme Being. All the human race has ever been exposed to is biased OPINIONS, AND MYTHOLOGICAL IMAGES, concerning such a being. That realization forced me to wrestle with that TRUTH, and determine the essence of such a being. That I have done in no uncertain nor irrefutable terms. I have done something never before done; I have defined the “core essence” of our Supreme Being (SB), which goes by many names, the most common of which are God, Allah, Yahweh, Buddha, Brahma, Etc. As I read and study history, I have discovered many intelligent people who wrestled with the idea of God’s (SB’s) essence, but none were ever able to offer a complete definition. Humanity has always recognized the likelihood of a higher power, but because of ignorance of science, geography, and literally everything, none were able to attach a suitable definition. Each society visualized a higher power but the only capacity known to them  was a “humanistic” type of being; one with a kingdom of some sort. We all know the innumerable stories concocted even thousands of years ago when the earth was flat and rocking on five crooked legs in danger of teetering in the netherworld below. With that core understanding, religion was born. All sorts of interpretations were applied to their everyday lives. Almost all required ‘sacrificial offerings’ of one kind or another; sometimes human sacrifice was deemed necessary as appeasement of an extremely angry God. We all know the rest of the story. The stars were the main ‘guiding light’ to understanding God and His kingdom. So fast-forward to today; what do we have? We have a complete earthly world totally divided into innumerable religious (cultist) practices, and all based on the same FALSE CORE of a humanistic type God (etc.). Christianity alone has been fragmented into 33,000 known denominations, each claiming authenticity. Likewise, Islam also is fragmented as is Judaism and Hinduism. I am not extremely familiar with the different divisions of Buddhism, however, antidotally, there are different versions. Buddhists seem to be the most peace-loving, and contemplative followed by various Hindu divisions. In any event, all of the present controversy which has existed throughout all of history is due to one singular cause; failure to have an acceptable definition of the essence of our Creator. I have given that irrefutable definition: G0D IS A PERFECT RATIONAL BEING. That “essential” definition removes all the mystery from our lives and gives a definitive “CORE” from which to enlarge our understanding of that CORE INTILLIGENCE. Peace will never be attained without a common recognition and acceptance of the concept that nothing can exist without the imprint (brand) of that Perfect Intelligence being on it. That imprint I label as the Will of God (Holy Spirit). For that reason I have called for recognition and acceptance of the WORLD-WIDE COMMUNION OF SPIRITUALITY. That means that everyone must accept the concept that we all are the product of the same identical Supreme Being. Therefore, all are brothers and sisters. Why then are we constantly fighting?  Please read my little book, Wilderness Cry, for complete  understanding: Amazon, Kindle, etc.

REBEL- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngREBEL: This is a fitting word for needed action of the world-wide masses in a major peace offensive. The entire planet is divided immeasurably by what I consider to be irrational concepts of our supreme Being. Consequently, we are in a constant state of war and terror. We must submit to the idea that our SB is the same for everyone, regardless of what name we apply to It (a rose by any other name is still a rose). We must rebel against the idea that our God is different from your Buddha, or Allah, or whatever name we are accustomed to use. It is imperative that we become “rebels” against conventional religions which present us with a human-like Deity. Our Creator and Supreme Being (SB) is so much more than presented to us by all religions. Our SB is A PERFECT RATIONALO BEING which knows all and is ALL. Everything in existence is imprinted with Its Image and therefore is perfect in form and function. We need desperately to be at peace with each other if we are to survive. Please read my little book Wilderness Cry for better understanding.

FLAUNT- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

FLAcropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngUNT: Continuing our discussion about our Supreme Being’s (SB) Perfection, and the inestimable ramifications of that perfection, we are faced with an overwhelming landslide of biblical preaching and doctrinal teachings, none of which are in harmony with philosophical truth of “perfection”. Each preacher and/or priest flaunts his/her “twist” of so-called truth, while proclaiming it to be the only truth, and all the time demeaning each and every one of the other millions of preachers. And for what reason?—of course, to save souls. That reason in itself is disgraceful and sanctimonious, because the ultimate reason for most is to make money while maintaining and attaining control and influence over the masses. The unavoidable, irrefutable, unmistakable truth needs no elaborate edifice or dramatic purveyor for delivery. It only needs humble acceptance as Jesus preached–love our God with our all and love our neighbor as ourselves. Simple philosophical analysis shows without flaunting that the Spirit (WILL, IMPRINT) of our Devine SB must, by necessity, be present on every entity in existence—otherwise it could not be. Having that understanding shows us that everyone’s SB (Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist, etc.) is the identical same ONE. As such we all are brothers and sisters–all are children of the same SB. So why are we fighting? Simply stated, we are fighting because of ignorance and a “selfish” lack of understanding. The result is continued chaos. One by one, more and more  dramatic preachers take to the airways, megachurches, cathedrals, etc. flaunting “their wares”, but always extorting greenbacks from their entrapped viewers and listeners–“come into my parlor said the spider to the fly”. This activity, in my opinion, represents the greatest curse humanity has ever known—most likely will lead to our complete demise. Our SB ‘loved us to the death” through our brother Jesus. If His death was/is not satisfactory for our salvation, we all are doomed. I don’t think so. A concept of HELL is an impossibility. Our SB”s ‘Perfect Love’ means It accepts (loves) us without expectations. That is the “GOSPEL” (GOOD NEWS) Jesus told us about, and told His disciples to tell the world about—relax and be happy; I have died for your eternal salvation. Give thanks (Eucharist), and “Be Happy”. This is the massage that needs flaunting—regrettably, it wont be. If you have any interest in understanding this philosophy completely, please read my little book, Wilderness Cry—-Amazon, Kindle, et al.

ABRUPT- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

ABRcropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngUPT: As promised yesterday, I will continue to develop my philosophy concerning our creator and supreme Being. The word abrupt is very apropos, because my philosophy demands an abrupt change of thought process and understanding. Consider this; if we define our Supreme Being (SB) as “A PERFECT RATIONAL BEING”, then we are committed to the concept that change of that SB is impossible. By its very nature, something perfect cannot possibly be changed; if so it would no longer be perfect. It can neither be pleased nor displeased. Also, It would no longer exist in Eternity, because change = time, and since there is no time in Eternity, change for our SB is impossible. Neither can so-called miracles happen at the hand of our SB; a true miracle would require our SB to change Its nature; there again requiring change.  All the so-called miracles described in the bible and elsewhere, are by necessity either illusions or deliberate deceptions, or possibly misinterpretations of the facts at hand. Every event of every occurrence since the beginning of time is and has been the result of every preceding event since the original creation. Ignorant people in biblical and prehistoric times interpreted events in their lives based on unscientific perceptions (perception is reality). They had  absolutely no scientific understanding of the universe in which they existed. To their credit, they tried but failed more miserably than a blind man looking for a needle in a hay stack the size of the empire state building. They conjured up ideas of an “ambivalent” deity (God). They assumed that when things were going well in their lives, they were ‘finding favor’ with this God. Contrarily, when they experienced failures and/or disasters, they automatically assumed that their God didn’t approve of their behavior and showered them with distress. They even went so far as to decide which activities (sins) God disliked. Of course all those activities were exactly what God had instilled in them in the first place (human-animal nature). They reasoned that their God must be appeased in reparation for their sins so as to escape more harsh punishment. Consequently. the world has been shackled with the idea of “sacrifice” in one form or another  since. Here again, they and we (present-day people) still hold to the irrational idea that our SB can be changed. The ramifications of conceptualizing our SB as A PERFECT RATIONAL BEING—a definition which no one can refute—are immeasurable. At this point it should be noted for the billionth time that all the discord and wars the world has ever known have, for the most part, been prompted by religion and/or ideologies. Religion is the singular culprit. It is undoubtedly the largest “business” the universe has ever known. With 33,000 Christian denominations alone world-wide, and each calming authenticity over the others, there is little wonder discord escalates. This world desperately needs an ABRUPT change in philosophical understanding and acceptance of our SB if we as a people are to survive. If you care to know the full story, my little book Wilderness Cry, will lay it out for you in no uncertain terms.  Amazon, Kindle, et al.  To be continued.