CHURN-Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

Likely, most of you may think of the word CHURN as indicating a wild, uncontrolled admixing of whatever; people, clouds, ocean swells and the likes. However, there is another type of churn which is a tool used mostly for making butter. I remember very well, as a kid growing up on a small farm, ‘churning’ the cream, extracting the butter. For those of you who don’t know, a churn was a stone jar about eighteen inches tall and about nine inches in diameter. The neck rim was inset with a 3/4″ shoulder which accommodated a round wooden top which had a 1″ hole in the center. It was fitted with a wooden paddle about 7″ in diameter which was attached to a wood stem that projected about 2′ through the hole in the top. It was used thusly: about I/2-1 gallon of cream was poured into churn, the top and paddle were installed and the paddle was worked up and down until the butter began to congeal and adhere to the paddle. Once that process of congealing began, it was completed rather rapidly, usually 2-3 minutes. The butter was then scraped from the paddle and washed repeatedly to remove any residual milk (blue john), placed in a mold, cooled and served. Now,IMG_0082 I’m going to apply that concept of churn to our world condition. What we observe on a moment to moment basis is an entire world churning wildly with hostilities and uncertainties. The obvious reason for that discord is gross differences in ideologies and religions. There are hostilities and wars or threats thereof on almost every inhabited continent. Observing that perpetual condition for seventy five  years has compelled me to seek a solution. It took a while but finally it clicked in my head. The problem lay in the fact that no one had defined the essence of their God (Allah, Buddha, Brahma, Yahweh, etc.). By defining our common Supreme Being as ‘A PERFECT RATIONAL BEING’, I was able to  accomplish  two very important things. One, I was able to remove all the mystery previously imposed on us, and two, I was able to establish a universal commonality among all people. I was able to show that each of us is a mirror image of our Creator, and as such, are all brothers and sisters. With that understanding, we can, should, and must quell the churning of violence and discontent and come to a sudden quiet of love and peace. Therefore, I have called for recognition and acceptance of the “World-Wide Communion Of Spirituality”. Has anyone taken note? Does anyone care? If you do care and are looking for a rationality to support such an idea, my little book, Wilderness Cry, explains all. I strongly urge each and every one of you to read and understand it. It’s our only hope for peace. Amazon, Kindle ET AL. I want to hear your comments and discussions.


IMG_0082Why are people so reluctant to explore other possibilities of cause-effect events in their lives? I have studied and pondered that question for decades. After discussing with people of all cultures and religions, and observing their attitudes, the main reason seems clear to me. Psychologically, most of us have been indoctrinated with a specific set of values and understandings of the nature of our existence. Even though we are keenly aware that hundreds/thousands of differing religions and ideologies exist, most of us persist in accepting our indoctrination as the “one and true”. A certain percentage of us, have not been so intensely schooled, and therefore are not as “locked in” to a specific, rigid way of thought. Generally, that group seem to be more malleable concerning exploring different ideas, and, in fact. seem to be more likely to switch allegiances. I have concluded that the principle reason for the rigidity seen in many has to do with security. That sense of security seems to come from an indoctrinational idea that strict adherence guarantees success (salvation), while deviation guarantees failure (hell). So, it can rightly be seen as a “security blanket”. We often have heard the term “hard shelled” used to describe such people. It is, therefore, quite understandable how and why such attitudes exist. In itself, that attitude poses no problem. However, invariably, when two “hard shells” of different beliefs clash, the result, too frequently, is a “blood bath” of verbiage; sometimes with loss of friendship and even permanent hostility. And therein lies the horror of rigidity concerning our existence. Rather than being “open-minded” and willing to explore other views while searching for  common ground and thereby promoting love and peace, what we see is exactly the opposite; association is grudgingly accepted, common understanding is never obtained, and peace is never possible. Observing and studying that conundrum for years compelled me to seek a solution. It occurred to me that everyone was arguing about a being (God, Yahweh, Buddha, Allah, Brahma, etc.)as their Supreme Being, but not one of them had ever defined that being. After years of consideration, the definition occurred to me. Our universal Supreme Being must be defined as “A PERFECT RATIONAL BEING. That definition explained easily all the mysteries in our lives. It shows the Perfect Love of our Creator, negating any possibility of Hell. As rational beings all humans must recognize that the Spirit of our Supreme Being is imprinted on each of us; we all are common brothers and sisters. I was  able to arrive at those conclusions only by being flexible in my attitude. It was  mandatory that other ideas be explored in search of curative help. In recognition of our common spirituality I have called upon all religious leaders to accept the concept of the “World-Wide Communion Of Spirituality”. It is our only way to peace. I have described in detail my basis for such philosophy in my powerful little book Wilderness Cry. I encourage each of you to be open to exploration and avail yourselves of my book. Amazon, Kindle ET AL.  All comments encouraged.


RADIANT- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngNothing is more radiant than the Love (Acceptance) of God. His love permeates the deepest recesses of every quantum of His creation. His love generates a brilliant, all encompassing, glow of indescribable proportion and impossible duplication. The reason is that God’s Love is His Holy Will, The Holy Spirit. It represents the absolute choice by His Perfect Will of the vision generated by His Perfect Intellect. Therefore, everything in existence is joined in a common Spirituality. As such we all are brothers and sisters in the Likeness of our Creator. Why is it that we supposedly rational humans have never once been able to discern and accept that simple concept. The reason is clear. Religion and Ideology. Ideology generally places no stock in the existence of God. Religion is selfish and cultist, pitting one group against all others; all for power, money and control. Accepting such a universal concept would obviate the need for religion. Therefore I have called for recognition and acceptance of God’s radiant Love through the “World-Wide Communion Of Spirituality”. It is the only way peace will ever be achieved. In my powerful little book, Wilderness Cry, I have spelled out in complete detail all of the detrimental elements radiating from religion. Likewise I have shown the unbelievable radiating beauty of God’s Love by demonstrating conclusively, both scientifically and philosophically, that God’s Image is imprinted on every quantum of energy in this universe; that imprint, of course, is the Holy Spirit. Amazon, Kindle, ET AL.  All comments welcomed.

BETRAYED- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngBETRAYED- Today marks the anniversary of the day Jesus was betrayed. Reportedly, even His closest friend didn’t know and/or trust Him. Some even report that His betrayal was contrived; that Judas was the only apostle who really recognized Jesus and His mission, and His Betrayal was planed by Jesus so His mission could be completed. Whatever the case, it is an historical event verified by secular history. What eventuated afterwards, I consider to be the betrayal of the entire human race. We don’t now, and likely never will, know the exact history of what transpired from the day of Jesus crucifixion until the year 325 AD. What we do know is that when Constantine, Emperor of the Roman Empire, called the first Council At Nicaea, The followers of Jesus were already splintered into many fighting factions. Because of their squabbling, little production for the state was being accomplished. In spite of being a pagan himself, Constantine reasoned that he would never be able to control the Jesus masses without relinquishing to their wishes. Accordingly, He convened the bishops for a Council. Of the 1800 bishops in his empire, only 280-300 attended. He commissioned them to come to a compromise, and formulate a unified religion of their choice which would be the official religion of the entire Roman Empire. Dissenters had a choice of beheading or exile. That commission is where the great betrayal of mankind came into play. Those bishops did formulate a religion which in no way resembled the teaching of Jesus, Love. It did, however, put them in total control, and was formulated to maintain that control by teaching a religion of guilt, fear and damnation. Jesus taught Love. As a consequence, humanity has been demonized every way imaginable from being declared witches, to being possessed by evil spirits. Women were declared intrinsically evil because they carried all the incitement to sin by virtue of their sex. Rational people, observing those atrocities, eventually began to break away from the “Mother Church” and form churches (religions) of their own design. Consequently, we now have 33,000 different so-called Christian religions world-wide, each preaching a different “version” of Jesus. What a “betrayal” !!!! . In my little book, Wilderness Cry, I make some rational philosophical sense of this mess by going back to the “root Jesus” and His message of Love. I expose religion for what it is, a HOAX. I define our Supreme Being as A PERFECT RATIONAL BEING. In doing so, so, I am able to wipe away all the mysteries in our lives. I show that God’s perfection must include Perfect Love (acceptance without conditions). That love was executed and perfected by the death of Jesus. Perfect Love precludes any possibility of Hell, but rather guarantees our eventual union with the Perfect Spirit of our Creator, a “REAL HEAVEN”, and in no way reminiscent of the humanistic heaven fabricated by the Council of Nicaea. I am vigorously trying to rectify our betrayal by presenting you with an irrefutable philosophy. Wilderness Cry is available at Amazon, Kindle, ET AL.  All comments welcomed..

FRANTIC- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngFRANTIC- Now here’s a word that describes precisely the demeanor of the current R C Church. It means panic stricken, wild with fear and anxiety, distraught, etc. There are a few of us  alive today who can attest to the irrational rules imposed on Catholic Christians years ago. Those rules were not just suggestions; they were enforced  by the “hand of God” sending us straight to hell if ignored and not confessed. A few examples are in order. Concerning the Eucharist: only the priest could handle the communion host; now most hosts are distributed by lay people. Additionally, one must fast from midnight until time of receiving Communion; now no fasting period is required. Furthermore, deliberately touching host with teeth was a dire mortal sin; now recipients take host in own hand and chew like steak. Concerning marriage: marriage to a non-catholic was highly discouraged, could not take place inside church building (was done in rectory), and the non-catholic had to promise to raise all children as Catholic. All Catholic weddings were obligated to be performed in church at a Catholic Mass. Now mixed marriages are common as flies, and many weddings take place outside church. Concerning sex: the church has always been deathly afraid of sex. It was a “necessary evil” but grossly evil nonetheless. Women carried all the enticements to sin and were thereby intrinsically evil. During the Inquisition, thousands, maybe millions, of people were burned at the stake on suspicion of enjoying sex; it was to be performed in the abstract. Later on the Church relinquished those idiotic rules, but refuses to this day to give up total control. Artificial birth control of any kind was unthinkable and punishable by condemnation to hell. Concerning food: Catholics were required to abstain from eating meat on all Fridays of the year, and every day of Lenten season except Sundays. In addition, all between ages of 16-65 were required to fast (only one full meal per day) every day during Lent except Sundays; now the abstinence rule applies to Ash Wednesday and Fridays of Lent only. All of those rules were imposed under the guise of “making us more Christ-like”. The fact is that the Judaeo-Christian tradition has always controlled “the herd”, by hurling an angry God at them; a God that would shower all sorts of torment including pestilence, famine, property loss, defeat in wars , and even death in the case of the Jews; an even angrier God would send Christians to eternal damnation in hell-fire. So what we have is a religious tradition that has controlled peoples minds, extorted their wealth, abused their labor building empires all by the mechanism of “FEAR”. The schizoid attitude preached about God has, in my opinion and observation, generated a world filled with guilt-ridden, anxious, uncertain, fearful people. Schizoid in the sense that God loves you one minute, but would torture you forever the next because of an infraction. As is usual, homo sapiens will not be entrapped forever; like the fox, he’ll gnaw off a leg to escape a trap. By that I mean, people escape the torment very simply; they quit attending church services. That, of course, diminishes the money flow creating a FRANTIC PANIC TIME. A dramatic tug-of-war is evident. The hard-nosed conservative inner sanctum is unwilling to relinquish any control, while the liberal, in this case common sense, group wisely see moderation of rules more in line with human nature as desirable. It seems rather obvious to me that Pope Francis belongs to the liberal group. He senses that the flock is bolting; they no longer are afraid of “the big bad wolf”. So he has issued some rather astonishing statements and edicts. For instance, he has proclaimed that divorced people who remarry outside the Church may receive Holy Communion whereas before that was unthinkable. He has also proclaimed that couples should co-habitate for a year or two before getting married in order to ascertain their compatibility, thereby hopefully reducing divorce rate with its negative effect on children; a common sense, humanistic approach, but totally unthinkable before his papacy. He has also brought into question a part of the Lord’s Prayer, which has always seemed irrational to me. While the rule is “still on the books”, I haven’t heard the words birth control mentioned from any pulpit for the last 20-30 years. Why? Everyone is doing it, and demeaning them from the altar is certain to cause further bolting; less money. My observation is a very concerned Pope who is making a frantic attempt to keep the flock intact. Will it work? He has a lot of resistance. Observing all of this mess over a seventy five year span compelled me to find a solution to a seemingly very irrational problem. The problem was the obvious splintering of Christianity. There are 33,000 so-called Christian denominations in the world. That means there are at least 33,000 versions of Jesus and God alone in the Christian tradition. What about all the other people; Jews, Muslims, Buddhist Hindus etc? My reasoning tells me that there can be only one Supreme Being, and that all worship the same; call it by whatever name you will. My philosophy dictates an understanding  that each human who ever lived or ever will live is imprinted with the image of its maker, that singular Supreme being.  Universal acceptance of that understanding would eliminate the frantic activity seen in religion. We would come to an understanding that our Maker loves us with a Perfect Love, meaning It accepts us as we are without conditions. The frantic panic would disappear. Our guilt and shame would disappear; we would be free to be human without fear if reprisal. We could then be a universal loving society rather than a constantly warring one. With that in mind, I have called for recognition of the “WORLD-WIDE COMMUNION OF SPIRITUALITY”: our only way to world peace. My philosophy is laid out very precisely and concisely in my powerful little book Wilderness Cry. It is a “must read” for your peace of mind. Amazon, Kindle, ET AL  All comments welcomed and encouraged.

INEFFICIENT- Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngINEFFICIENT- Just a short note today to demonstrate how truly meaningful the post-word of the day, “inefficient”, has become in our lives. Of course, the meaning of “inefficient” is basically “lack of ability in accomplishment”. While my purpose is not to demean, deride or otherwise offend anyone, it is to show how inefficient the Bible has been in attaining unity and peace. Presumably, the “written word of God” should be a uniting force. However, history proves otherwise. Mankind has always been at war for various reasons, not the least of which has been differences in ideologies and religions. I’m not certain just how long the Old Testament has been in existence (5-6,000 years?, but even it could not contain and maintain the attention and certainty of its originators, the Jews. Jewish friends of mine who attend their Synagogue, tell me that there are at least 3-4 major “branches” of Judaism, possibly more. Then, came Jesus, the Christ, the Messiah Who had been long awaited. The Jews anticipation had always been that the Messiah would bring an instant end to their long-suffering; He would instantly recreate Paradise just for them. When Jesus arrived preaching Love of neighbor as their “guiding star”, the Jews were perplexed, disappointed, and eventually angered to the point of executing Him. Of course, that fit right into Jesus’ “playbook”, because He knew His mission was exactly that; to die in atonement for all the evil in  the universe. His only command, which superseded all the Jewish commandments, was “Love God with your all, and Love your neighbor as yourself”, paraphrased. He knew His time would be short, explaining why Jesus was constantly tutoring His disciples to keep quiet about His activities. We have no realistic idea of what Jesus really did and said because our current “versions” of the bible stem from a copy of possibly hundreds of altered recopies made 200-300 yrs after the original. Therefore we truly cannot assess the efficiency of Jesus’ efforts. What we can attest to is the fact that the “bible(s)” has been, and still is, the most “inefficient” book ever written at uniting the world’s peoples. Rather its inefficiency has resulted in unbelievable splintering of God’s people. Seemingly, each person has a different interpretation. Those inclined have seized upon this division and dis-interpretation, as an excuse to start a “new church”; all for power, money and control. So, now we have 33,000 such, so-called, Christian churches world-wide. How inefficient is that at generating unity? While there may be a few “converts” to various forms of Christianity annually, a much greater number of existing Christians have become completely disenchanted and, thereby, have ceased attending a church of any kind; evidence of greater inefficiency. For some seventy odd years, I have been observing and pondering the “cause and cure” of this dysfunction and inefficiency. My studious reading of the Bible over the years has allowed me to make several critical observations: changes in wordings in critical areas with each subsequent edition, leading to different ideation; obvious contradictions from one author to another about the same story; just as importantly, the many different versions written over the centuries. Without doubt, there has been total inefficiency in preserving the original story. Just as importantly, and maybe more-so, the different interpretations applied by churches and preachers has produces a completely disjointed understanding of God, Jesus, and our universe. I have diagnosed the disease and its symptoms. In my book, Wilderness Cry, I prescribe and describe the “cure”. The first task in devising a cure was to define the “Essence of God”. Understanding that “GOD IS A PERFECT RATIONAL BEING” provides a one hundred percent efficient cure to this heretofore incurable disease. It removes all guilt from our being. At the same time, it removes all the so-called mystery in our lives. Understanding that God’s image is imprinted on everything in existence not only allowed but, rather, compelled me to call for recognition and acceptance of the World-Wide Communion Of Spirituality  among all people. This is the only efficient way to peace. Please, let us cease our total inefficiency. Amazon, Kindle ET ALL. All comments welcomed.

FOREIGN-Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngFOREIGN is a word denoting strange, unfamiliar, from another country, etc. We use it in may differing circumstances to indicate or imply a person, country, idea, attitude or circumstance. Today I want to talk about a general quote from the Book Of Genesis . After God’s angel intervenes in Abram’s willing adventure to slaughter his son Isaac, as a reward, God promises him literally the entire world. Moreover, God is quoted as telling Abram that He will make his decedents more numerous than the grains of sand on all the earths beaches. That sounds good on the surface, but when diligent thought is applied, that idea not only seems foreign but ridiculous. Even today, the estimated number of Jews worldwide is a generous 15-16 million, and very likely represents the most ever at any given time. I haven’t taken the time to calculate it out, but others have. The result is an astonishing 1 billion grains in a cubic foot of sand or about 50 pounds. Now if we allow 20 years for turnover, and allow 8,000 years since God’s proclamation, we get 400 generations times 15 million equals 6 billion people. That’s a little less than 1/5th of a cubic yard of sand. Of course, according to the Noah flood story, there was a time when the Jewish race was diminished to about 10 people or so. It would have taken an awful lot of breeding to build the race up to the millions mark. Even as a child, those readings in the Old Testament seemed far-fetched and foreign to me; much more-so now. Consider this: our Milky Way Galaxy contains about 250 billion suns (stars). It is 100,000 light years across; meaning that light traveling 186,000 miles/second requires 100,000 years to traverse it. Our nearest neighbor galaxy, Andromeda, is estimated to contain 1 trillion stars. The Hubble telescope has shown that our universe contains 2 trillion galaxies. Little wonder that light which has been traveling 13.7 billion years is just now reaching our earth. So, those numbers are so large as to be totally foreign and incomprehensible to the human mind. Now back to the Old Testament story; there are millions of preachers and lay people alike who “swear on a stack of bibles” that every word of the Bible is true and inerrant. One does not have to have the genius of Einstein to understand the fallaciousness of such proclamations. No wonder religion has been “deathly afraid” of mathematics and science. Science is totally foreign to the bible and biblical concepts of God. There is, however, a realistic, scientific, and philosophically sound concept of God (and the Supreme Being of all other world religions). The Jews in particular developed a minuscule, humanistic concept of God; they could control and bargain with Him. Note further that God was notated as a male figure (Father). That’s reasonable, because throughout history, women were considered just slightly better than a dog. Now, lets get down to reality. What we have is a universe(s) that is totally incomprehensible, that is made of identically the same perfect quanta (particles of energy), that is absolutely perfect in form and function. It exhibits perfect rationality in all aspects. So if we are to accept a concept of God (Supreme Being) that created, controls and maintains all of this, we must assign that Being’s “essence” as A PERFECT RATIONAL BEING. At the same time, we recognize that everything in the universe is evil by virtue of its selfishness. Everything is in motion and has “needs”. God made it that way so it could function. When needs cease, so will motion. When motion ceases, so will time; only Eternity remains.  God being Perfect is incapable of change; therefore It exists in Eternity. When we die and cease changing, so will we exist with God in Eternity. These ideas may seem, foreign to you at first glance. However, I believe with a little “open minded” consideration, you may find them not foreign at all. Enter Jesus; I believe without doubt that Jesus understood the concept of universal evil (selfishness). He saw Himself as a mirror image of God and Their Love relationship (God’s Will, the Holy Spirit). He knew the “price had to be paid” to ameliorate all the evil in the universe. He did so willingly but with great trepidation (Jesus was human). I develop this complete philosophy in my powerful little book, Wilderness Cry. Religion and ideologies don’t want to accept any of these concepts because by doing so, they would lose all power, money and influence. However, as the only way to PEACE, I have called for recognition of the World-Wide Communion Of Spirituality. This idea accepts the idea that as children of God, we each carry Its Brand, The Holy Spirit within us. As such, we are all brothers and sisters. We must cease fighting. No longer must we be foreigners to each other. WE all are united by the Holy Spirit (Love Of God).  Amazon, Kindle, ET AL.  All comments welcomed.