cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngTEND-This interesting word seldom is used in a singular, active (verb) form,  such as “He will tend his flock daily”.  More commonly, its use expresses  a leaning toward, tendency, gravitational attitude, etc. I would like to point out what should, seemingly, be an obvious fact. World-wide, there is an extremely notable tendency toward skepticism and even hatred of our fellow man. Why is that? Why cant we get along and love one another as Jesus commanded? As I look at the “big Picture”, what do I see?  Right this minute, I see factions of Muslims fighting and killing each other; I see Muslims killing Jews and Christians; I see one nation vowing to exterminate Israel; I see 33,000 different so-called Christian denominations engaged in perpetual verbal war over religious interpretations; I see the continual and continuous unrelenting ideology of  Socialism attempting to overtake the world; I see Communism lying in wait like a giant python, lurking for the right opportunity to put a stranglehold on the entire planet. All of those entities are wreaking havoc on our earth in unrelenting fashion; worse yet, they always have. And why? Their unrelenting tendency for Power, Money, Control. On the other hand, I see Buddhist monks in solitary contemplation and prayer; I see holy, well intended, peace loving Muslims worshiping Allah in a loving attitude; I see holy, devout, peace-loving Jews praying to Yahweh; I see ancient and modern-day Hindu meditators contemplating the meaning of life, always with a peaceful and loving tendency; and yes, I see some, loving, understanding, accepting Christians trying desperately hard to accept God and their neighbor. Each group is contemplating a Supreme Being; each group knows that Being by a different name, but in the end, all are worship the same Being. By definition, there can be only one Supreme Being; “A rose by any other name is still a rose”. So observing both the various warring and and peace-loving groups, what is the answer to the earths problem? How do we have Peace? I can clearly see that the ONLY solution for attaining peace is a WORLD-WIDE, grass-roots, campaign of preaching and teaching the “UNIVERSAL COMMUNION OF SPIRITUALITY”. This campaign must recognize that each person is a “CHILD OF THE SUPREME BEING” who made it, and therefore Its “brand”, image, is imprinted in us  with Its Spirit which I call the Holy Spirit. Each of us tends to think of ourselves as individuals, and indeed we are from the standpoint of our “accidents” (those qualities that make us the specific individual we are). However we must develop an unrelenting tendency of recognizing and accepting our common essence (that quality which makes each of us identical to all others, our humanness). I say grass-roots because I know that Religious and Ideological leaders will never willingly relinquish their  power, and control. They must be coerced by peaceful resistance; by attitude change among us. The simplest method of bringing religious leaders to their knees is by stopping the money flow. That gets attention quickly. However, the most important of all considerations lies within us; each of us must have a complete change of tendency toward out neighbor, no matter who  nor where. We must begin seeing our neighbor as our mirror image, just as our “soul” is a mirror image of our “Supreme Being”, Creator. Observing the problems and pondering the solutions for decades compelled me to formulate a philosophy never before promulgated. It defines all of the so-called mysteries in our lives, while, at the same time, offering concrete solutions to those problems. If you have interest, WILDERNESS CRY is available at all major on-line book retailers. Comments welcome.                                              handg@comcast,net


cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngBewildered- is an interesting word generally meaning massive confusion about some circumstance or idea. All of us have undoubtedly experienced it many times in our lives. Frequently, it may concern work related issues. Other times it may relate to marital problems, recalcitrant child etc. In my particular case, my biggest bewilderment has concerned the historical discord in our world and its causes. My observations forced me to conclude the basic causes were related differences in ideology and religious beliefs. While I profess, in no way, to being an expert in ancient history, I have spent considerable time and energy studying the development of religious beliefs throughout the centuries. To my bewilderment and dismay, I discovered that essentially all religion, including Christianity, is based on the mythological study of the stars and presented in the form of the Zodiac. It began with the Egyptians, They had no scientific knowledge; all they knew was what they could observe. The earth was flat; the firmament reached from one edge of the earth to the other; The earth teetered on  five crooked legs; if it fell, it would topple into the netherworld below. Seeking to understand their existence, they presumed the sun, moon and stars to be influential in their existence , and thereby assigned to them the status of a god, some if course more powerful and important than others. They connected the dots of stars with lines to create creatures with names such as Aries, Aquarius , etc. Observing that the sun was low on the horizon during winter and high during summer, they concocted the idea of the sun being born, springing to health and fruitfulness and the gradually dying, only to rise again. They observed that each of the twelve members of the Zodiac would in turn be aligned with the sun, earth and certain stars for a time period of several hundred years. These time-frames they called “ages”. The entire cycle was calculated to last 25,000-26,000 years; hence the relatively modern-day song, “Age Of Aquarius”. The Jews of course being enslaved by the Egyptians adopted the “astrological” concept and developed a scheme of creation,albeit by a singular God. Seemingly, all so-called pagan religions did likewise. Fast-forward to Christianity. When Constantine convened the 1st Council at Nicaea in 325 AD, he commissioned the “bishops” on attendance to fashion a religion of their choice. That they did to the bewilderment and dissent of many. However, dissenters had only two undesirable choices; either accept the new state religion, or accept either exile or beheading. My family bible as a child clearly describes in Matthews gospel the eastern searchers for Jesus as “astrologers”. The next “version” changed the word astrologers to “Magi”. Magi, of course were sorcerers, magicians who did their tricks utilizing the stars. The latest “version” of the bible refers to them as “wise men”. Does anyone other than I see the blatant attempt to “sweep the mythology under the carpet”? Earliest paintings of Jesus and Mary made after the 325 AD Council of Nicaea, clearly show each of their heads encircled with a back-drop of the Zodiac. The Zodiac is embedded in stone in St Peter’s Square in Rome.  Until recently, all popes reportedly had an “astute astrologer” as a chief advisor. You might appreciate my bewilderment after learning of all this mythological influence on development of religion, including my own.  That knowledge compelled me to do something that, to my knowledge, has not been done before. I was forced to actually define God, Trinity, Holy Spirit, God’s Will, soul , eternity and much, much more. I recognized that the Jesus presented to us was a hoax, but at the same time I knew that Jesus was real. I again was forced to give Him His rightful due in a sound scientific and philosophical way. In doing so, I was able to instantly eliminate seventy five to eighty years of complete bewilderment created by irrational, mythical religion. I have shown conclusively how and why all of the worlds problems have always been caused by this irrationality. My powerful little book, Wilderness Cry- a Scientific and Philosophical Approach to Understanding God and the Universe is a must read for your complete peace of mind; abolishment of all your bewilderment about the meaning of life, and your relationship with the real God, Jesus, and their Combined Will, the Holy Spirit. It is available all major on-line book retailers.                         handg@comcast.net


cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngENROLL-this word means to join, enlist in, subscribe too etc. Probably each of us is enrolled in some activity, or organization of one type or another. Today, I want to plead for enrollment into an entirely different, new organization which I will dub “World Organization of Spiritual Union”. Currently, most of us are enrolled into some “religious” organization, which by its’ very nature pits itself against all other such organizations. Many others profess no religious affiliation at all. In fact, they deny the existence of a supreme being of any kind; no one can prove them wrong. However, the upshot of this all is simple to see. We all are divided by basic proclamation, “I am right and you are wrong”. Would it be asking too much for each of us to humble ourselves to the recognition of our one commonality, our humanness? Why is it that we must harbor actual hatred of each other because of differences in religious beliefs? Why must we first undergo a degree of indoctrination and ritualistic enrollment if we choose to accept a different religious viewpoint? Why do some megachurches require review of a person’s income tax return before admission is granted. (I will admit that I personally know of no such instance, but have heard anecdotally of many). Why do entire factions and even nations and/or geographic regions war and battle over religious differences? The answer seems clear to me. Number one, we, in our arrogance, simply cannot tolerate the notion that someone believes differently than we. More subtly, the reason frequently runs much deeper, money.  The greater the membership, the larger the money basket must be. Given all of that, why can’t we come to the sensible reality that if we are to survive as a species, we must unite in one common acceptance; we all are of one common generator; we all possess one common essence, humanness. If we all could humble ourselves into the knowledge and acceptance of our common “spirituality”, then religious differences would become immaterial. I subscribe to the belief that each and every religious organization in existence has something to offer in terms of understanding and accepting our common “spirituality”. So how about each of us, as singular individuals, enroll in the unchartered “World Organization of Spiritual Union”. I say unchartered because it needs no charter. It needs only the  humility of acceptance of equality with our fellow man. As a Christian, I recall such a directive as being Jesus’ only direct “command” to us; LOVE YOUR GOD WITH YOUR ALL AND LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF (paraphrased). I have published a complete, irrefutable philosophy regarding such matters , WILDERNESS CRY. I would strongly urge each of you to read it. Available all major on-line book retailers. God has blessed us all with our lives and redemption. Can’t we show a little thanksgiving and humility by graciously accepting His blessings?    handg@comcast.net


IMG_1605PERMIT-This word means to allow a course of action. Permits are issued and authorized for all sorts of legal and/or civic activities. Likewise, requests for permits may be denied for multiple and varied reasons. In the case of religion, Christians have been denied permission to perform as sorts of activities throughout the ages. Some classic examples, probably not known about by the younger set, were the multiple prohibitions regarding fasting, eating flesh of warm-blooded animals, taking communion etc. For instance, Catholics were not permitted to eat more than one full meal per day during the forty days of Lent; Sundays being the exception. Likewise Catholics were not permitted to eat meat (flesh of warm-blooded animals) any day during Lent except Sunday; neither were they allowed to eat such meat on any Friday throughout the year.  Likewise Catholics were not permitted to take the Eucharist (Holy Communion) if they had eaten anything or taken even the tinniest sip of any liquid after midnight the night before. With the advent of the second Vatican council, many of those restrictions were lifted and/or altered significantly. Whereas in former days Catholics were prohibited from “receiving” if they were not completely fasting after midnight, and neither were they  permitted to allow their teeth to touch the communion host under “pain of Mortal sin”, nowadays no fasting at all is required; likewise we are encouraged to vigorously chew the communion host as though eating a hamburger. In the realm of reproduction and sex, in former days the pulpits riled against artificial birth control of any kind except the hapless so-called “rhythm system”. The word “abortion” was so horrific as to be seldom even mentioned. Non-fertile couples were never allowed to even consider outside scientific assistance such as in-vitro fertilization in attaining pregnancy. To my knowledge, not one of those prohibitions has been officially eliminated. However, the only one ever mentioned is abortion. The reason is very clear to ascertain; persistent riling against common-sense practices drive the faithful away from the church. Of course, that would be the greatest catastrophe of all; not because of moral implications but, rather, because of the loss of  POWER, MONEY, AND CONTROL of the masses. The loss of money is obviously the most important consideration. As in almost any organization, there are Conservative and Liberal factions. The Conservatives in the Catholic hierarchy, demand iron-fisted rules and regulations aimed at keeping the constituents under absolute central, dictatorial, control. Liberals, on the other hand, seek to return the the practice of Christian worship to local governance. Also, and just as important, if not more-so, they seek to be more, if not, all- inclusive in their membership. They seek to unite under one communion of spirituality; that being, of course, the recognition by all that each of us is the mirror image of our common creator. In that sense we all are irretrievably united in one common spirituality, The Spirit of God (The Holy Spirit). Under the supreme theocratic dictatorship of the Vatican and like High-holy places around the globe, such union would never be permitted. I have expressed this complete philosophy in my powerful little book, Wilderness Cry. It is available all major on-line book vendors, hard-copy and digital. I strongly urge your consideration for the preservation of the human race.  handg@comcast.net.


cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngCREATURE-This word typically describes some animal, human or otherwise, more often than not, in a scary or frightening way. Other usages include describing some entity(s) as “creatures of habit”. My comments today intend to show how, in the case of religion, seemingly, most of us are “creatures of habit.  What that means is that most people I observe and converse with show and relate similar stories. Typically, while having coffee or breakfast after Sunday service, and the subject of the day’s sermon is addressed, most will give the same “blank” stare. They have absolutely no recollection of anything the preacher or priest said.  Many will say something like “I read the bulletin”, or “I was watching the birds out the church window”, or  “I was thinking about my golf swing” etc. Why do you suppose that is? I have concluded that the reason is simple; religion has become more and more irrelevant in their lives. Truly, most wouldn’t be in the  church building in the first instance had they not been forced to attend and made “creatures of habit” from childhood on. They sense that their “religion” experience, has become ritualistic and cultist, and therefore meaningless. Most of us long for some meaningful “spiritual” identity but sadly, none is to be found attending such “services”; hence lack of attention and concern. If we, as rational homo sapiens, ever are able to “scrape the scales” from our eyes and see “clearly”, we will surely see that we are not Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jew etc. We will recognize our individual identity as a “child of God”. We all are God’s children united by the same spirituality, the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God. You may shriek in horror and shout “blasphemy”. But are we not all made by the same God? He may go by different names but still is the One Singular God. “A rose by any other name is still a rose”. As a people united under one singular God, we each share in a singular spirituality and communion. No longer would we wander aimlessly as “creatures of habit”, but rather we would each “march forthright as united brothers and sisters” under the one and only uniting banner, LOVE. My powerful little book outlines a clear and complete philosophy regarding these most important considerations. Be no longer aimless creatures, but rather determined, united, loving, rational, individuals united in love. All major on-line book retailers.  handg@comcast.net


cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngSYMPATHIZE-This word means to feel and/or express compassion, sorrow, regret etc. toward someone or group. Likely, we all have had many occasions to feel or express sympathy toward others. One would be heartless not to sympathize with the the victims of terrible hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, war torn migrants etc. Likewise we feel deep sadness for families experiencing terrible disease such as cancer. The list of events and situations obliging sympathy seemingly is endless. one major elicitor of sympathy for the informed is the endless set of atrocities perpetrated on the human race by organized religion. From the earliest days of recorded history, some “religious” group or another has committed merciless torture, exile and even death on individuals, groups and  entire nations. In relative “modern times”, 325 AD on, the main culprits have been Christians, Jews and Muslims. As generic groups, they have been embattled incessantly during this time-frame. Prior to that period, so-called Pagan groups of one stripe or another were engaged in similar activity. Atrocities committed by Christians against their own were truly barbaric, and all in the name of Jesus. Heretics had to be put down. Witches required extermination. The Holy Land had to be reconquered for God. Even today, as always, free philosophical thought by theologians expressing any contrarian ideas to didactic Catholicism, is met with rapid harsh treatment, defrocking priests and religious sisters, and frequently with excommunication. This knowledge should evoke gushing tears of sympathy for all such victims. If we could describe the outward demeanor and expressive behavior of Jesus with one word, it would be non-bellicose. So all of this known history exposes the absolute tyrannical nature of the so-called Christianity to which we have been exposed. Jesus wouldn’t “harm a flea”, and he never once subscribed to violence. Our Christianity is and always has been a “sham”, all for Power, Money, Control. Jesus taught one simple message, LOVE. Realizing each of us is a distinct, unique individual, Jesus commanded that we must love (accept) each other as He has loved (accepted) us. If any group ever deserved sympathy, it is the entire world-wide Christian community (33,000 denominations deep). I have elucidated this and many more philosophical considerations, based on history and science and sound philosophical reasoning, in my powerful little book, Wilderness Cry. It is available at all major on-line book retailers.   handg@comcast.net

PUZZLED-Wilderness Cry- Hilary L Hunt MD

cropped-img_0360-1-e1509913859388.pngPUZZLED-This word means lack of understanding. It application is as “common as house flies”. As we wander and grope our way through our lives, we find puzzlement everywhere we turn. Frequently, our puzzlement concerns something not directly concerning us; “I can’t understand why she would wear those shoes with that outfit”, and the likes. Many times it pertains to inability to solve a real problem; why your mower wont start etc. In the realm of Religion and Ideology, we are seemingly perpetually puzzled by apparent contradictions and/or lack of complete answers to our legitimate queries. The answer to the latter seems clear to me. Those who have assumed responsibility for our moral and religious instruction frequently are at odds among themselves concerning such matters. For that and other reasons (power, money, control) there are 33,000 so-called Christian religions alone as of 2014. The total lack of conformity and agreement among so-called religious leaders make answers to legitimate questions impossible.  Most often our questions are  met wit some bible quote or some other vague, evasive answer; we are left puzzled because we get on meaningful answer. Priests and preachers alike rant on and on about entities they cannot define. They preach to us about a “mythical” God. Enduring that irrational exposure all of my life compelled me to put my rationality to work and solve the puzzle. I did so by actually defining God, Trinity, Holy Spirit, God’s Will and much more . I show irrefutably how and why the death of Jesus absolved all the evil (selfishness) in the universe. I show that the Perfect Love Of God (acceptance without conditions) precludes any possibility of “hell”, but rather guarantees our eternal bliss with our Creator through the sacrificial death of Jesus. I have put that complete philosophy concerning every aspect of our existence into a powerful little book, Wilderness Cry. It is available at all major on-line book retailers. You may want to read  it for your complete peace of mind and spirit.  handg@comcast.net