How often we hear priests and preachers mention God’s love, but more importantly, how do we react to, or understand, what they mean. I suspect each person has a different understanding. In fact, I suspect each priest and preacher has a different understanding. Why do you suppose that is? It seems to me that their presentation of God’s love is sort of schizophrenic—they tell us in one breath that God loves us, but in the next breath they say God hates us and will send us to hell in a flash.

Have you ever heard a preacher speak of God’s Perfect Love? Neither have I. There is a very specific reason for that—none of them knows who God is. The God they all speak of is the mythical God of the Old Testament—the God manufactured in the mirror image of man—no man has perfect love.

So, just what is perfect love? It is acceptance without condition. That love certainly does not fit the mold of the biblical God—that God’s love was always conditional. And why should his love not be conditional? —he was patterned exactly after man who always has conditions attached to his love.

My God is Perfect Love which means his love is completely unconditional. That Perfect Love stems from the fact that God is a Perfect Rational Being, and that Perfect Rationality mandates Perfect love. More importantly, his Perfect Rationality mandates God to be residing in everything in existence, unlike the God of Abraham who was sitting on a throne somewhere in the clouds totally separated from his creation, but always overlording—a dualist God. My God is everything—nothing can be without God being in it, or better said, without it being in God. So, no preacher knows my God—the real God. No preacher understands perfect love because none knows the science of God’s Love.  Once upon a time, they had an opportunity to know God’s Perfect Love, but they rejected Jesus’ telling them about it. In fact, they killed him for preaching it. Later, the framers of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, in the show of total hypocrisy, completely ignored Jesus’ teaching and reverted to the God of the Jews. They claimed their newfound church represented Jesus’—it most certainly did not—neither does it still.

At the same time the Hebrews were manufacturing their man-like God, the more contemplative Far Easterners were creating gods like Brahma and Buddha. Later, Allah appeared in the minds of the Muslims.

Jesus knew no science because none was known at his time, but his rationality told him that the Love of God pervaded everything, or it could not be. He told his apostles that ‘the kingdom of God was spread out all over the world around them, and they didn’t see it’ (paraphrased). The framers of the new religion ignored Jesus’ teaching, but they capitalized on his name.

Now to the ‘science’ of God’s love and to the ‘why’ of its perfection. Once upon a time, prior to roughly 13.8 billion tears ago, the universe we live in was void—only God existed in eternity, a state of being in which no change or time exists. With his Perfect Rational Intellect God reflected upon himself and visualized his energy in the form of Perfect particles of different varieties and duties. With his Perfect Will he said, ‘I love that, I will that, I choose that’, and immediately, all the particles of energy, which constitute everything in existence, were released into that void universe in an event which scientists have dubbed ‘The Big Bang’. Each particle is known as a quantum, which is the smallest particle that cannot be further subdivided. There are many different varieties of particles, but each of its kind is indistinguishable from its counterparts, each is perfect in form and function, and each is unchanging and unchangeable. Therefore, they exist in eternity—they are God. Immediately upon release, they began performing their commissioned task. Their first task was to assimilate into the protons and neutrons, which along with electrons, make up all the atoms in the universe—the first consequence. The atoms of hydrogen formed massive gas clouds which became so dense as to form ‘star nurseries’ and eventually stars(suns) were born and light was released in the form of photons, one of the several forms of quanta (pleural for quantum). As suns were born, some were so dense internally as to cause fusion reactions which caused the formation of all other atoms in existence. As suns burned out and exploded, they released all the heavy metal atoms in the universe. Each and all those events were perfect consequences of all the consequences which went before. Over the 13.8 billion years those perfect consequences have continued and will continue until the end of time—scientists have predicted that will be another 75 billion years.

One of the trillions and trillions of perfect consequences was the evolutionary development of man. Each homo sapiens is a consequence of its own—therefore, each is different. Based on its different experiences and resultant consequences, each has a different personality which dictates different values. In fact, every living entity of any kind has a different personality based on its different life experiences and consequences. Mind you, each of those personalities are perfect for their individual set of perfect consequential events—each dictated by the Perfect Rationality residing in them, God.

Fast-forwards to the time when humans became ‘legalistic’. Moses was the first to proclaim the first laws in God’s name so he might be able to control his tribe and coerce them into submissive cooperation with his wishes. Now fast-forward till today. We see and hear of every conceivable evil being perpetrated on and by our fellow man—we wonder why. The ‘why’ is easy to understand. Those criminals were not born criminals—they developed that way due to an infinitely different set of perfect consequences from the conformists in society. Yet God is in them—God is they. Had they been exposed to a different regimen of events and consequences in their developing years, they would not be criminals at all—they are to be pitied. They are destined to be incarcerated with all its associated indignities and torment. As a rational human race, we have decided that those unfortunate individuals must be removed from society until and if they can be reprogrammed and made fit for society. We certainly do not like what they do to us, but we cannot legitimately hate them—after all, God’s Perfect Love is in them. God loves, accepts, wills them just as all others—can God reject himself? I don’t think so—do you?

If we can ever come to The Worldwide Communion of Spirituality that I called for several years ago, which means we recognize and accept the fact that everything in existence is comprised of God’s Perfect Rational particles of energy, we can have peace. Until then, sadly, we will have to listen to priests and preachers alike tell us about the schizophrenic, mythical god of the Jews—sadder yet, all for power, control, money, and endless worldwide strife.

If you have not done so, please read my little philosophy books, Wilderness Cry, Peace in Spirituality, and Provocative Catholic. In addition, Growing Up in Fancy Farm Kentucky might be a fun and nostalgic read for you.

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