From the beginning of recorded history, we have noted the development of ‘accepted truths’ based solely on astrology and the secondary myths associated with it. Lacking the benefit of any knowledge, in their desire to explain to themselves the meaning of life and its associated events, mankind steadfastly developed a philosophical and pseudoscientific explanation for all. They could see the sun, moon, and stars and observe their apparent movements. Likewise, they observed and experienced both the usual good and distasteful events that occur in all lives. They reasoned that all such events must be under some higher power’s control and direction. Accordingly, they ascribed various events and expectations to specific celestial bodies.

 Eventually, fourteen thousand years age, the Egyptians connected the dots between certain stars to form different animal figures. The twelve figures so formed were arranged in circular pattern and became known as the Zodiac. They observed what appeared to be movement of each figure from one position of prominence to another. The period of time each figure was most prominent became known as an ‘age’. They calculated the total time for all ages to be about twenty-six thousand years—surprisingly close to reality—they called it a ‘Great Year’. In addition, they ascribed certain effects upon themselves and the earth. What they didn’t know was the apparent ‘age change’ was caused by the earth’s toggle or wobble—the period for a complete wobble is about 26,000 years.

But all they had to go on was their imagination and ‘imagine’ they did. Their imaginations became ‘their reality’, but ‘their reality’ was/is pure myth. That mattered little to them as all their understandings about their universe were pure mythology. Their imaginations ran wild. They conceived ideas of every imaginable god who had specific attributes and functions. Eventually, the Hebrews recognized one God who was responsible for everything. The only problem was, they pictured their God exactly as they were, except, he had power they did not have—he could be bargained with, though—he could and did change his mind on a whim.

Then Jesus came along. John Mark, who was a companion of Paul, wrote the first Gospel some twenty to thirty years after Jesus’ death. He did not mention anything about Jesus’ birth, childhood, Herod’s murder of the innocents etc. Neither did his original version address Jesus’ appearances after his death, or his ascension. Luke, who never saw nor knew Jesus, clearly seems to have taken what Mark had written and embellishes it on both ends. Also, he contradicts Matthew’s story of the astrologers from the East seeing Jesus’ star and coming to Herod inquiring about the newborn king, thereby prompting Herod to order slaughter of the innocents, and prompting Joseph to flee to Egypt to escape Herod’s wrath after being warned in a dream to do so—Luke says the Holy Family went directly back to Nazareth after the forty days of purification.

It seems clear to me that, literally, nothing about any of these stories can be trusted as factual. There is simply too much contradiction, astrology, and mythology involved, beginning with Adam and Eve, progressing to Noah and the Ark, and ending with the mythology about Jesus.

As I have explained many times before, God is a Perfect Rational Being. That Perfect Rationality completely negates any possibility of any such activity occurring. Of course, as is the usual case, when a ‘fairy tale is told just once, it will never be told again exactly as the original—it almost always gets embellished to make it even better. Undoubtedly, that is exactly what happened with the Jesus story. That exact embellishment spread like wildfire among Christian communities as they developed westward into North Africa and Europe, and that set the stage for the constant squabbling and in-fighting among Christian communities and prompted Emperor Constantine to call the first Council of Nicaea—the Holy Roman Catholic Church was born. I believe without significant doubt, it was formed in an astrological and mythological mold. It has been torn and shredded into at least thirty-three thousand embellished pieces—each storyteller’s tale must be better to ‘justify’ its existence.

Everything said or imagined about God is pure mythology unless it is based on a thorough understanding that God is A Perfect Rational Being, and, as such, cannot possibly change his nature. Everything we as Christians have been taught about God is irrational because it demonstrates a clear concept that God has always changed his nature, and usually at our request.

God’s Perfect Rationality demands that everything perceived by his Intellect is Truth—truth never changes. Likewise, everything willed by his Perfect Will, the Holy Spirit, must be a loving, choice of what that Perfect Intellect presented to it 13.8 billion years ago—no change of mind possible.

All religion is now, and always has been, the mythical imagination of an ignorant and arrogant homo sapiens—all based on influences of celestial bodies and imaginary gods—each of those gods patterned exactly after the mythological thinking of man. Of course, they could not possibly have imagined the ‘real god’ with a divine nature. All they could imagine was a god or gods with the only nature they knew—human nature with its fickleness.

I’m not suggesting that we all quit going to church and cease congregating as a community—we desperately need each other. What I am suggesting is that we all cease setting ourselves up for continued disappointment by asking in the first instance, and believing in the second instance, that God will answer our begging and perform a miracle just for us—’it ain’t gonna happen’.

Yes, the fooler comes when we pray for something to happen that can reasonably be expected to happen naturally, and then claim ‘miracle’ when it happens. Yet in the same breath, so to speak, we pray for God to cure grandma’s cancer, or save Johnny from death by unrelenting shock after an auto accident, and both die anyway. What to think then? — God didn’t like us? —we didn’t pray hard enough?

I am here to suggest that all occurrences of any kind are the direct consequence of all foregoing occurrences, and furthermore, are always perfect for their set of circumstances. They are the direct consequence of God’s perfection which was demonstrated and initiated for us at the moment of the Big Bang 13.8 billion years ago. Asking God to change his nature just for us is blasphemous. All perceived miracles are nothing more than God’s Perfect Nature doing exactly as it is designed to do—that is science which is knowledge which is truth. Some things we have not perceived the scientific understanding (knowledgebase) to explain yet—in time, as we understand God’s perfect truth better, we will. Then we’ll feel stupid and simpleminded. Remember when the earth was flat? —we know better now.

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I would firmly suggest that you gain a full understanding of this irrefutable philosophy by reading my little books, Wilderness Cry, Peace in Spirituality, and Provocative Catholic. In addition, you will learn a lot about me and my upbringing by reading, Growing Up in Fancy Farm Kentucky—Amazon-Kindle and

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