QUESTION–Everybody knows what a ‘question’ is; right? Yes, I suspect literally one hundred percent of ‘rational’ people do. Most people seem to be full of questions of all kinds. In fact, I daresay that, in any single twenty four hour period, there are billions of questions asked. The ‘real question’, however, is, ‘how many of those questions justify and/or receive a sound scientific and/or philosophically sound logical answer—the likelihood is, very few.

If your experience has been similar to mine, you have heard and observed questions of every sort and description being asked, but, more importantly, being answered in the most inane way—people call that ‘conversation’. I suppose it could logically be classified as conversation, but to me it’s senseless ‘chatter’.

What we frequently find emanating from such ‘conversations’ is misinformation (disinformation) spreading through society like ‘wild-fire’—one person says it ‘dogmatically’, and the next repeats it dutifully, or maybe with a little ‘flavor’ added just for emphasis. The consequence is that, in a very short time, the original ‘version’ is hardly recognizable . In fact, it gets so bad at times so as to give the ‘fact checkers’ a headache trying to follow the story-line. Why do you suppose that is?

I think it is a ‘personality trait’ engendered by an ignorant society and fostered by a ‘fear’ of not knowing. Somehow, we are ‘scared to death’ of saying, “I don’t know”—we are ‘deathly afraid of appearing ignorant amongst our peers. But where does that ‘ignorance’ come from? Plainly, ignorance exists when truth is not known. So, the mighty question arises, ‘how do we know truth?’

Quite obviously, if we want to know truth, we must learn it from two possible sources—by education in ‘known truths’, and by the ‘scientific process’. Known truths ‘came to be’ by way of the scientific process (method), and just what is that? It always involves ‘asking a question’ followed by proposing a possible answer with eventual experimentation to determine if the proposal was correct. If it proves to be correct, we must get the same result with multiple repeats of an identical experiment—if we do, we have a scientific law—if we don’t, we must propose a different solution and continue the repeating process until we ‘find’ the correct answer. Until and unless we do that, everything we propose is ‘pure speculation’ and likely meaningless. Now to education—

I am totally convinced that our education system is a ‘monumental failure’. I am allowed to say that for two main reasons. Number one in my eighty seven years, I have observed the near total demise of the meaningful education in the history of the human race. I might interject an old saying—‘those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it’. Number two, children are not being taught ‘how to think’. By that, I mean they are not being taught how to think ‘logically’. Logic demands that we must accept the consequences of factual observations. We simply cannot go about ‘willy-nilly’ saying what we please with no factual back-up and expect people to accept it.

If I were in charge of our educational system I would put into place two mandatory educational standards—‘Logic’ which would teach children ‘how they are allowed to think’ and ‘Psychology’ which would teach them ‘what they are allowed to think’. Psychology would teach them how each personality develops due to each persons different life experiences—therefore, each person has individual feelings and biases about any subject. Ultimately, each child would learn that ‘known truths ‘ exist and must be honored—‘unknown truths’ must be uncovered by the scientific process—question, propose, experiment, observe, repeat, honor results. Children need to understand this process at an early age—at least by fourth or fifth grade of elementary school.

I have written about ‘rationalization’ before—that is, using one known or presumed truth and applying it in an illogical manner to draw erroneous conclusions. Even semi-astute observers see that scenario play out on so-called national news programs, repeatedly, each day. Of course, the purpose of such chicanery is to influence the minds of the ill-advised and/or unlearned—ultimately, power and control over you and your pocket-book.

That exact ‘plan of attack’ has underscored the ‘playbook’ of organized religion from day one. In ancient Egypt, Kings and, later on, Pharos were considered to be ‘earth gods’—they owned all the land, collected taxes and waged wars to protect their land. In addition, they built monstrous edifices celebrating their own achievements, and conditioning themselves for death and a new life existence. Similar activities played-out in most of the ‘civilized world’—there were Kings and High priests who owned everything and the rest were basically peasants—same plan as Judaism.

Fast forward to Jesus and Christianity—see any difference?—I don’t. The peculiar thing about all of that ‘religion and reign’ is this—no one but no one was allowed to ask a question. During the ‘Inquisition’ people were routinely burned to death for even suggesting that the earth was round. In fact, it was three years after Vasco da Gama sailed to India proving the earth was round, before the Pope lifted the prohibition. You will recall that Galileo saved his hide from the fire by recanting his scientific discovery that the sun was the center of the universe and not the earth which was mandated under penalty of ‘death by fire’. The great Greek philosopher, Socrates, was executed by the Greek elite because of his insistence that everyone be able to explain (defend) any statement they make—on his death mat, he advised his acolytes to ‘question everything’. His demand meant that if one cannot explain the exact meaning (essence) of a statement, the statement, in fact, has no meaning.

As a child, at a very young age, I began questioning certain tenets of my religion, Roman Catholicism. I was taught religion (Catholic catechism) with the same identical certainty as arithmetic and algebra. I was readily able to see the logic in all sciences. However, the ‘factual religion’ I was mandated to learn and the demands it imposed upon me seemed ‘illogical’ and ‘unreasonable’ in many areas. When I dared ask a question, I was told to ‘basically shut up’—don’t be asking questions. When I was twelve years old or so, after observing for several years that absolutely nothing which we, individually, or even as an entire parish collectively, prayed for ever came to fruition, I did ask my parish priest why that was—why wouldn’t God ‘answer our prayers? To my surprise, he did answer me—he said ‘it was God’s will’. So, even at that tender age, I determined ‘a logic’ there—if it were God’s will that he ‘never answered our prayers’, two things pertained—God’s will could not be changed and we were wasting our time and effort in begging him to do so.

That startling realization was frightening—it prompted many, many questions for which there were no obvious answers. I was bewildered—a feeling of ‘helplessness’. However, I became determined to not let it ‘get me down’—I would find the answers to all my questions ‘on my own’—the Church certainly was not going to help—later on, I realized that the Church couldn’t help—it was hopelessly mired in a system of mythology—it still is.

As a matter of fact, I have sensed a ‘slight inclination’ of a Church being forced to accept ‘scientific facts and gradually crawl out of its shell of mythology. However, I am certain that many generations will pass before any significant ‘morphing’ is achieved—there are simply too many people in any given generation who ‘remember’. My proclamation—‘it will change or it will die’.

After sixty plus years of determined investigation into the essence of God , I had the good fortune of ‘stumbling’ onto a course in Quantum Mechanics (particle physics). As I worked my way through that course, a ‘startling revelation’ came to light—bingo!—the answer to my eternal question was right before my eyes—Suddenly, I knew who God is. No longer did I have to quander over the meaning off a human-like God—a grizzled old man sitting in some mythical cloud in some mysterious place. Suddenly, my God was real—it was everywhere—in everything including me and you—in every grain of sand—in every leaf. Jesus had told us that already, but the church ignored him—“split a piece of wood and I’ll be there; lift a rock and find me there”(paraphrased).

The communion host of which we and many Christians partake, suddenly took on a different meaning. The word ‘communion’ means a ‘commonality with something or someone’. My question about Trinity God was suddenly answered—the Spirit (will) of God was in everything or it could not be. That ‘communion bread’ means that we have a ‘commonality’ with ‘everything in existence’.

God’s essence suddenly became obvious. For the first time in human existence, God’s essence could be defined—the eternal question finally could be answered—not only answered but answered irrefutably.

God is a Perfect Rational Being. That definition answers any and all questions about our existence, both temporal and eternal.

In light of that knowledge, two years ago, I called for the recognition and acceptance of ‘The Worldwide Communion of Spirituality, which simply means that we are in communion with everything in existence through the Spirit of God. That Spirit (Will) of God in necessarily ‘branded’ onto every quantum of energy of which every gravid object in existence is made, or nothing could exist.

Now, do you have ‘questions’? If so, I’ll guarantee that you will find the straightforward answers in my two books, Wilderness Cry and Peace in Spirituality.

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