WRONG JESUS–You may be wondering , already, ‘what on earth does he mean by ‘wrong Jesus?’. Well, I’ll tell you, but it won’t, necessarily, be a short answer.

To begin with, let’s take a look at the so-called Christian world—as of the year 2014, there were 33,000 listed, different Christian religions and/or sects on this planet. Any reasonable person would ask in wonderment, ‘how can that be?’ Again my explanation will not be a short ‘one-sentence-er’.

To begin with, we must look at the book of Genesis—therein lies the framework for all of our division and consternation. The scientific information we have today, in my opinion, proves the ‘Creation story’ to be pure mythology which was based on someone’s imaginary attempt at explaining the universes’ existence. That singular ‘false premise’ set the stage for everything following to be false—any conclusion which is based on false premises is, by its very logical nature, certain to be false.

So, given that original false narrative, the plot thickened and expanded from there—a continual and continuing ‘string of incorrect conclusions’ right up until the time of Jesus. The myth goes like this—

Mankind and, indeed, all animal life had been created into a state of ‘perfect harmony’—a paradise where all animals loved each other and snakes could talk. Genesis doesn’t tell us about any other animals talking—it makes sense that they all could and did—I would loved to have eavesdropped on their conversations.

Genesis does tell us that Eve and Adam disobeyed their Creator (God), and he, in turn, cast them, along with all the animals, out of Paradise and condemned then to a life of toil. No longer were the animals lovey-dovey with each other—can’t you just imagine how ‘all hell broke lose among them’? It’s a wonder that any of them survived—maybe the ‘sly weasel’. Ill bet that snake wished he’d kept his mouth shut.

By the way, how’s come Genesis doesn’t tell us how it came to be that all of a sudden the snake decided to ‘turn against God’ and tempt (lie) to Eve—maybe that was an ‘incidental triviality’ not worth mentioning. My take—I suspect that the mythology writer thought his story was convincing enough with no further explanations necessary—just let you ‘fill in the blanks’.

And, fill in the blanks, they did. They started with ‘frequent conversations’ with their God—their ‘bargaining sessions’ became often and sometimes lengthy.

Ultimately, their fantasy and ‘wishful thinking’ had to be satisfied. In one of their most famous bargaining sessions, they convinced God to send them a Messiah who would immediately ‘recreate paradise’ just for them—to hell with everyone else. So, they waited in ‘long suffering’ for that day. When it finally came, guess what?—they discovered that their period of waiting wasn’t over, after all. To their chagrin, Jesus told them that he first must die and then come back before their Kingdom of Paradise would be restored—what a disappointing ‘slap in the face’—2000 years now, and still waiting.

Well, we know the historical story—the Jews, themselves, killed Jesus because he was ‘teaching hearsay’ to their religion. Jesus followers, however, believed in his teaching—but what was his teaching? That’s the ‘sixty four thousand dollar question—that’s where the ‘rub’ comes in.

Remember, literally all of Jesus early followers were Jews—they were well aware of the Jewish religion. Consequently, from day one on, there was no consensus about what Jesus teaching really was. More importantly, there was no consensus about what his teaching meant. And there, my friends, is where all the trouble started.

Paul was the first known person to write a single word about Jesus some fifteen years after Jesus’ death. He freely admits that he has no idea of how he came by knowledge of Jesus’ teaching—in previous communication, I have opined that I am certain he got his information from those he was persecuting. When he suddenly realized that he may be/was persecuting God, himself, he had an overwhelming emotional (hysterical) reaction which prompted him to proclaim he did not know ‘whether he was in the body or out of the body (paraphrased)’. Be that as it may, Paul never agreed with Peter, James and John about the requirements of salvation. Paul preached a salvation by faith in Jesus whilst the others insisted on, not only faith but ‘works’ as requirement for salvation.

After three hundred years, the Christian community world wide was so divided as to prompt the Roman Emperor, Constantine, to call a general council of the worlds ‘bishops’ at Nicaea, and demanded that they formulate a singular religion of their liking—that, they did, and Roman Catholicism was born. That religion created a ‘high and mighty’ hierarchy, which eventually exhibited so much corruption as to prompt the ‘Protestant Reformation. That ‘break-up’ began a well-spring of Protestant religions. The Catholic Church, itself, had already split in to Roman and Eastern Churches by the mid-one-thousands.

So, why all the break-ups? They had to do with many factors, but two were outstanding—power struggles on the one hand, and theological on the other. The Roman Church was so bestraught with corrupt leaders and tainted practices—selling indulgences for profit, the ‘Inquisitions”, etc., as to prompt the Reformation. Once the Reformation began, the ‘cat was out of the bag’. Different “versions’ of the Bible were appearing often, and each version represented the theological whims of each writer.

Consequently, the mythology story of Genesis began, in earnest, to ‘play out on the giant, world stage’—Star Wars isn’t even ‘in the running’. Splinter sects of Christian religions sprang up like weeds, everywhere—they seem still to be. Why? None of them, of which I am aware, ‘knows Jesus‘. They each, in turn ‘paint him with a little different brush’—that brush gives them an ‘identity’—it destroys Jesus’ identity. Not a single, solitary one of them is willing or seemingly able to accept Jesus as he was /is. Not a single one is able or willing to accept the Jesus I know—Pure Love and nothing more. He gave his life that we may have life—can there be greater love? He commanded us, explicitly, to love—‘love our God and love our neighbor’. That’s the only, real Jesus I know.

Every preacher I have ever seen or heard has to ‘flavor’ Jesus’ teaching—they are compelled to ‘put words in his mouth’, and why?—I think I know—power, money, control.

So. I ask you, truthfully, ‘Which Jesus do you know?’ I know the Jesus who recognized and understood that the Spirit (Will) of God was in everything in existence. He knew that God was not separated from his creation—God was/is in all of his creation simultaneously. He knew that God was ‘Perfect Love’—therefore he could reject nothing—God is ‘all loving, all accepting.

In light of that understanding, two years ago I called for the recognition and acceptance of The World-wide Communion of Spirituality. That insight recognizes the presence (Spirit [Will]) of God in each and every particle of energy of which everything in physical existence is composed.

Please consult my two book’s, Wilderness Cry and Peace in Spirituality, for full understanding.

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